If yall wasn’t hip at first then you sure are now, Simon malls will be having a Tax Free shopping weekend for a limited time throughout August. This event happens once a year and you can save so much with popular stores like Champs, Forever 21, Steve Madden, Macy’s , H&M and more !

The only items that will be exempt from sales tax are clothing, footwear and school supplies

If you’re in the DMV area here the dates of some of local malls that will be participating in Tax Free shopping weekend :

Fashion Centre at Pentagon City:  August 4-6

Apple Blossom Mall: August 4-6

Leesburg Premium Outlets: August 4-6

Norfolk Premium Outlets: August 4-6

Potomac Mills: August 4-6

Williamsburg Premium Outlets; August 4-6

Arundel Mills Mall : August 13-19

St Charlers Towne Center: August 13-19

Clarksburgs Premium Outlets: August 13-19

Hagerstown Premium Outlets: August 13-19

Queenstown Premium Outlets: August 13-19

If your not in the DMV area check your local Simon malls for the Tax Free Shopping dates at here

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A black owned beauty supply store opens its first store in Brownsville in Brooklyn, New York. Jeffery’s Beauty Supply was opened by Jeffrey and Sade after they discovered a market niche in the Brownsville area where there were only few pharmacies and only certain neighborhoods would carry hair and skin products.


Jeffrey’s Beauty Supply carries weaves, wigs, braids , and other accessories. Sade states that ” 85 percent of the product targets African American customers”. We all know that  the hair and beauty industry is a very dominating billion dollar industry and the products most beauty supply stores are owned by Korean- Americans .

What are your thoughts on black owned beauty supply stores ?  


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Kim Kardashian West launched her cosmetic line KKWBeauty today on June 21,2017.After the beauty collaboration with little sister Kylie Jenner : KKW X KYLIE Creme Liquid Lipsticks by Kylie Cosmetics, Kim then released her own line featuring original KKWBeauty Créme Contour and Highlight Kits which has sold out within its first 6 hours. A restock of  the KKW x Kylie lipstick collection sets were also being sold.  Check out more below !


The kits are all dual ended two shade contour sticks for contouring , two dual ended highlighters that had a matte and shimmer highlight , and a dual ended brush and sponge for blending . 

[Update 6/22/17] : It is also reported that KKW made $14 million in one day of launching . 


Comes in shades : Light , Medium , Dark , and Deep Dark

KKW x Kylie Créme Liquid Lipsticks are also available. 

Shop KKW Beauty now at

Have you gotten yours yet ? What do you think about Kim having her own cosmetic line just like Kylie ? Comment below



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OMG ! Have you heard ?! 😱 . Riri stays on the grind and is a living fashion icon . With the success of her clothing line ( #FentyxPuma) in colloaboration with PUMA , she never seems to disappoint her fans. Rihanna announced via Twitter and Instagram that her new beauty line,  Fenty Beauty , will be the new generation of the makeup industry . The line is expected to launch in Fall 2017 .

Fans are ecstatic! The official @FentyBeauty Twitter page is already verified and has 13K followers along with its Instagram page with 51K followers .

You can also head over to the official website to join the mailing list .

What do you guys think ? Comment below !

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The official Rihanna #FentyxPuma jelly slippers have released May 25, 2017 as a new edition to the Spring/Summer 17 collection featuring colors black , pink , and blue .

Did you know that these slides also come in men sizes ? Yes ! These are retailing for $90 , which is $10 more from the $80 original fur slides . Are you coppin a pair ? Is it even worth it ? Let us know !

Shop the Rihanna #FentyxPuma Jelly Slide at


This is a big OMG moment for me ! First is was Rasheeda , she follows Fxshnjunke on IG now Kelly Rowland ?!?! 😱. Even though it’s cut off , she posted the same photo I REPOSTED of her from the Fxshnjunke page ! This is the most exciting news I’ve gotten this year so far !!!

Everyone tag @fxshnjunke under her photo !! Thanks so much for all of your support !!
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Hey everyone !

I know I haven’t posted on Fxshnjunke in like a full week and that’s because I’ve been on vacation and I decided that I needed time for myself to clear my head, This past weekend I took a trip to Ocean City, MD which is about a 2 hour drive ( it actually took an 1 hour and a half , cause I was speedin lmao ) from where I am in PG County MD. Most of you who have keepin up with my twitter testimonials that I post, should have seen that I’ve been getting discouraged ALOT lately because its been soooo much stuff going on with me personally , financially and business wise. So, I just wanted to give you guys a little update about whats been going on.

I came to the conclusion that I have really bad anxiety when things go south or when something comes up and I’m not able to pay for it or have to struggle to get where I need to be. I also been really frustrated trying to figure out my next move as far as my business because as some of you may know that I do have a part time job which I really like because the hours are so flexible but its just not enough for me. To keep it real I kind of want to leave that job only because I’m paid enough, I know it may sound selfish and ungrateful, but as of now , I’m getting to the point where I’m not trying to settle for less when what I’m worth,  every since I left college and started working all of these different jobs and I created so much experience for myself where I’m in a position to get almost any job I want but most jobs that I’m qualified for that pay good you have to have a “degree” -___-  which is bullshit !

On the other hand as some of you may can see, I’m trying to create my own empire with Fxshnjunke and become a full time entrepreneur. I nowhere where I want to be in life yet and I know it take time , hard work and dedication, but its just sooooo hard for me right now cause I’m responsible for alot. Earlier this year I set 4 major goals which was to buy my first car, cancel my LLC which was $100 so I wont have to pay personal property taxes for my business , book my trip for OC , and to start over my online store. I’m sooo happy and very thankful that I got my very first car on my own, with EVERYTHING in my name , I was so determined to get my car this year . I literally cracked down on my spending worked my ass off and I would take a portion of my checks to save every paycheck for my car and by far it was the best investment I could ever make,  Sadly I had to shut down FXSHNJUNKE STORE because now that I am responsible for my car note,  car insurance , phone bill, and making sure I eat everyday it kind of gotten hard for me to pay monthly just to keep my store open and to restock on new items so I had no other choice but to close the store down.

When tax time came around I was blessed enough to book a trip to OC cause I haven’t been on a vacation in 2 years and I felt like it was well deserved . I’m actually going to be traveling alot this year which I am happy about but then again, I’m still solely depending on this ONE job to help pay everything and its just not enough .  Finally on my last goal of the year as you guess it, Unfortunately , I haven’t been able to start my store over because of my funds and now I’m just at a point where I’m asking myself “WTF are you going to do now Dasia ?” . Now its time for a change, although I love my job and my co workers, I have to face it and move on. If that means going to a full time job and giving up my weekends again then that’s what Imma have to do because next year will be my Jordan year ( 23 ) and I HAVE  to be my own my boss , its no other option. I’m not saying working for somebody else is bad but my passion and heart is somewhere else which is being a full time blogger, interviewing some bomb and dope ass people around the world, selling my clothes, creating jobs for other aspiring bosses, putting together events, creating new business. etc
I started Fxshnjunke my sophmore year at Howard Community College in Columbia ,MD and left my sophmore year to focus on pursuing it and becoming my own boss. Technically this year ( 2017 ) was suppose to be the year I graduate college but to be honest I would have gradated a year or two later because of starting at a community college and being behind in classes and switching my major . Last year I promised myself that this year was going to be my year since I knew I wasn’t graduating college I wanted to graduate with life. I guess you can say I kind of did that since I brought my first car on my own and I moved out my parents house. I have so much growing to do and if it wasn’t for the supporters I have I wouldn’t have 13K people following my blog. I truly appreciate you guys so much words cant even describe.


I’ll start back posting again next week , I have some really dope content comin out on my Youtube Channel : FXSHNJUNKEBLOGTV . Be sure to subscribe ! Also more Fxshnjunke Spotlight and more other dope posts. I’m looking forward on working with some really dope people in my area and around the world soon. If you’re reading this and have been feeling discouraged about life and why your business isn’t growing they way you want it to YOU ARE NOT ALONE ! I feel the same way, but we cant let our negative thoughts keep us down because if we do we definitely are not going to get anywhere ! Stay strong, pray and GRIND !!! Thank you guys so much for supporting me and Fxshnjunke. I’ll see you in my next post, video, or whatever I put out next lol

Dasia ❤

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