Wassup Fxshnjunke supporters, readers and followers . I wanna talk about the obvious changes that have been made with the blog . As some of you may or may not have seen , the logo and name has been changed from Fxshnjunke to Fxshnjunkeblog and I wanted to take my time to explain a little more in detail about what's going on so let's just start from the top …..


My background story: Ever since I was 5 years old dance has always been apart of my life… Every week I would go to some type dance practice whether if its at school, church, or at a studio with a dance company I was with. Over the years I've been trained in ballet , tap , modern , liturgical , contemporary, hip hop , jazz , African dance and more just to name a few . The last time I took a dance class was in 2014 when I was in college .


In 2014 when I was 19 years old I was in my sophomore year at my community college as a undecided major taking my basic academic classes to eventually transfer to a university to major in Fashion Merchandising . My initial plan was to become an entrepreneur and sell things in my store , which happened!! And if you been following me for a while then you would have known ! But at that time while I was just taking those classes I wanted to do more in the fashion industry and I wanted to learn how to style and create cute outfits so something sparked in my head and I came up with this crazy idea that if I post really cute outfits everyday it will train me on how to put together dope outfits for myself but nope I went above and beyond my expectations.


The next year in 2015 I took only one class and decided to change my major from undecided to entrepreneurship while on the other hand that made it a year for me posting on Fxshnjunke ( still posting regular outfits ) but then before the semester could even start I thought long and hard about "What if God gave me this idea to actually become my own my boss ?" . So  I decided to drop out of school to focus solely on Fxshnjunke and work jobs to invest into it. As I was still researching and learning what it really means to be a "blogger" I learned that it is a possible way for me to make money being a blogger so I did what I thought was the next step for me to become professional. I taught myself how to build my website and after I done that I was brainstorming on what content I should produce to get traffic on my website. In my head I was thinking" What would my website be about, if all I'm doing is posting people and their outfits?" and then it clicked ! I came up with an idea of interviewing some of these people I would post different types of people whether if they have a huge social media following or is an aspiring blogger, artist, youtuber, etc. I wanted to showcase and learn about how these people started their businesses, or whatever it is they do because I thought it was dope and I felt like I could be that person to provide this content for my readers, followers and supporters.


So then I started to do some bomb blog interviews with people from all over the world as well as create some great content like my post on the, TOP PLACES TO SHOP ONLINE ( which is one of my top posts on my website ) I started to see how many people read the blog from over 100 countries which still amazes me til this day. While this was going on, I opened my online store called StationTwenty8 and I was amazed at how many views I got on the store website and the sells I was making. This is when everything was going so great. When 2016 came around that's when things went left, I changed the store name to FxshnjunkeStore because I felt that StationTwenty8 wasn't a "brand name" I mean lemme keep a 100, I named it StationTwenty8 out spite because the job I was working at the time was at a call center and I literally was sitting at Station 28 and it was sooo boring sitting at the cubicle waiting for people to answer the phone and I already was in the process of trying to open up my store but I was having a hard time finding a name then BOOM! Station Twenty 8 became a win- win situation.


My initial dream to start my online store actually came true but I wasn't doing it right. Even though I was making sells, shipping off packages to my customers from all over the world I wasn't being smart with my profits and making poor business decisions. I eventually had to shut down my store because I kept making the same decisions and it just wasn't right. So fast forward to the present day in 2017 after I closed my store down, I decided to invest more into the blog because I wanted to level up so I invested into my camera so I can do video interviews which has been a great learning experience for me. You can check out my latest interviews here .


So here I am, now almost at the end of 2017 and as I sit down and really got to analyze these past 3 years being a blogger, I realized that something was still missing, so as of now I've decided that I need to get back to how things use to be. I started noticing how every time I would try to talk to my followers or do a Q+A nobody would send me any questions or barely send me DMs unless if it was for me to post them. I feel like one of the reasons that my followers wasn't responding to me was because they didn't know what to ask me and it might have been because they don't know me. I never really let anyone in on my personal life which is a good thing lol but I didn't give my followers a chance to get to know me as a person or the person who is behind Fxshjunke. I wasn't being my brand like I was suppose to be and that's my fault and as crazy as it sounds it took me 3 years to finally realize it but hey, you gotta go live and learn and go through trial and error when owning your own business or just simply trying to figure life out.


With everything that has been going on in my life I feel like God has been sending me signs for me to get dance back into my life and use everything that I've learn from starting Fxshnjunke to my advantage . I feel like Fxshnjunke was my college and I'm starting to realize that I have to get back to what makes me happy. Other than writing, Dance has always been my gift that I was blessed with and also a way for me to express my feelings, my emotions,  or just something I know how to do and can do for fun. Over the years, I've learned so much from my mentors and dance teachers and I pretty much took a break from it when I started the blog and looking back on it I should've never neglected what God gave me. I should've connected dance into the blog a long time ago but it's NEVER too late to start something new .


Fxshnjunke will always remain Fxshnjunke, I have big plans for what I really want to do with the blog. At this time I definitely need a break to get my life back on track and just CREATE! I will still be blogging , creating content, posting , editing , recording , and doing interviews but it just wont be an everyday thing. I want to focus on being myself, living my truth and relaunching my online store and I hope everyone that supports me and Fxshnjunke will continue to follow this journey with me. Thank you guys so much for everything

-@dasiatheceo 💕




This just in ! A new collection featuring one of my favorite Beauty Gurus and Youtuber , Aaliyah Jay and popular online store BOOHOO has released a collaborative collection for the upcoming Halloween season and so far these pieces are bomb !! Take a look at some of the featured items below .

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The official Rihanna #FentyxPuma jelly slippers have released May 25, 2017 as a new edition to the Spring/Summer 17 collection featuring colors black , pink , and blue .

Did you know that these slides also come in men sizes ? Yes ! These are retailing for $90 , which is $10 more from the $80 original fur slides . Are you coppin a pair ? Is it even worth it ? Let us know !

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Hey everyone !

I know I haven’t posted on Fxshnjunke in like a full week and that’s because I’ve been on vacation and I decided that I needed time for myself to clear my head, This past weekend I took a trip to Ocean City, MD which is about a 2 hour drive ( it actually took an 1 hour and a half , cause I was speedin lmao ) from where I am in PG County MD. Most of you who have keepin up with my twitter testimonials that I post, should have seen that I’ve been getting discouraged ALOT lately because its been soooo much stuff going on with me personally , financially and business wise. So, I just wanted to give you guys a little update about whats been going on.

I came to the conclusion that I have really bad anxiety when things go south or when something comes up and I’m not able to pay for it or have to struggle to get where I need to be. I also been really frustrated trying to figure out my next move as far as my business because as some of you may know that I do have a part time job which I really like because the hours are so flexible but its just not enough for me. To keep it real I kind of want to leave that job only because I’m paid enough, I know it may sound selfish and ungrateful, but as of now , I’m getting to the point where I’m not trying to settle for less when what I’m worth,  every since I left college and started working all of these different jobs and I created so much experience for myself where I’m in a position to get almost any job I want but most jobs that I’m qualified for that pay good you have to have a “degree” -___-  which is bullshit !

On the other hand as some of you may can see, I’m trying to create my own empire with Fxshnjunke and become a full time entrepreneur. I nowhere where I want to be in life yet and I know it take time , hard work and dedication, but its just sooooo hard for me right now cause I’m responsible for alot. Earlier this year I set 4 major goals which was to buy my first car, cancel my LLC which was $100 so I wont have to pay personal property taxes for my business , book my trip for OC , and to start over my online store. I’m sooo happy and very thankful that I got my very first car on my own, with EVERYTHING in my name , I was so determined to get my car this year . I literally cracked down on my spending worked my ass off and I would take a portion of my checks to save every paycheck for my car and by far it was the best investment I could ever make,  Sadly I had to shut down FXSHNJUNKE STORE because now that I am responsible for my car note,  car insurance , phone bill, and making sure I eat everyday it kind of gotten hard for me to pay monthly just to keep my store open and to restock on new items so I had no other choice but to close the store down.

When tax time came around I was blessed enough to book a trip to OC cause I haven’t been on a vacation in 2 years and I felt like it was well deserved . I’m actually going to be traveling alot this year which I am happy about but then again, I’m still solely depending on this ONE job to help pay everything and its just not enough .  Finally on my last goal of the year as you guess it, Unfortunately , I haven’t been able to start my store over because of my funds and now I’m just at a point where I’m asking myself “WTF are you going to do now Dasia ?” . Now its time for a change, although I love my job and my co workers, I have to face it and move on. If that means going to a full time job and giving up my weekends again then that’s what Imma have to do because next year will be my Jordan year ( 23 ) and I HAVE  to be my own my boss , its no other option. I’m not saying working for somebody else is bad but my passion and heart is somewhere else which is being a full time blogger, interviewing some bomb and dope ass people around the world, selling my clothes, creating jobs for other aspiring bosses, putting together events, creating new business. etc
I started Fxshnjunke my sophmore year at Howard Community College in Columbia ,MD and left my sophmore year to focus on pursuing it and becoming my own boss. Technically this year ( 2017 ) was suppose to be the year I graduate college but to be honest I would have gradated a year or two later because of starting at a community college and being behind in classes and switching my major . Last year I promised myself that this year was going to be my year since I knew I wasn’t graduating college I wanted to graduate with life. I guess you can say I kind of did that since I brought my first car on my own and I moved out my parents house. I have so much growing to do and if it wasn’t for the supporters I have I wouldn’t have 13K people following my blog. I truly appreciate you guys so much words cant even describe.


I’ll start back posting again next week , I have some really dope content comin out on my Youtube Channel : FXSHNJUNKEBLOGTV . Be sure to subscribe ! Also more Fxshnjunke Spotlight and more other dope posts. I’m looking forward on working with some really dope people in my area and around the world soon. If you’re reading this and have been feeling discouraged about life and why your business isn’t growing they way you want it to YOU ARE NOT ALONE ! I feel the same way, but we cant let our negative thoughts keep us down because if we do we definitely are not going to get anywhere ! Stay strong, pray and GRIND !!! Thank you guys so much for supporting me and Fxshnjunke. I’ll see you in my next post, video, or whatever I put out next lol

Dasia ❤

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Every since reading the #GIRLBOSS book by Sophia Amoruso, Founder of Nasty Gal I ultimately became inspired because I have gone through similar trials and errors during my journey running my online boutique FXSHNJUNKESTORE , whereas in Sophia’s case she was running an eBay store which is now one the most successful fashion companies .

When news got out that there was going to be an official show based off the book I couldn’t wait ! . On April 21st 2017 , the television show Girlboss launched and it is so bomb that I’m already waiting on Season 2 !

What are you thoughts on show so far ? Comment below! 

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Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight features 23 year old upcoming Youtuber , beauty influencer and freelance model , Brooklyn , NYC native Hikari Fleurr. We linked up with Hikari to talk makeup , starting her YouTube channel , and more !

Dasia: What inspired you to become a model?

Hikari: Watching America’s Next Top Model as a young girl inspired me to experiment with new looks and start taking pictures. At one point in my life, my friend and I would wake up extremely early in the morning just to get to the park before it got crowded, so we could take pictures. The camera we used wasn’t even high quality, but I didn’t care, because I found taking pictures to be so much fun.

Dasia: How long have you been modeling?

Hikari: I had my very first photoshoot when I was 17 years old. However, I didn’t start getting booked for actual paid shoots until I turned 19 years old. When you first start out modeling, your portfolio isn’t that strong. Your portfolio gets stronger as time goes by. As I got older, I grew out of my comfort zone and branched out to start networking with new people.

Dasia: We all know that you are a makeup lover and you slay all the time ! What are your favorite makeup brands?

Hikari: First off, if you know me, you know that I love Kylie Jenner! I love her Kylie Cosmetics line. I have over 15 of her lippies. I also love Benefit Cosmetics, especially their “They’re Real” mascara! As far as lashes, Bretman Rock’s Eyeris Beauty lashes are the BOMB! Anastasia Beverly Hills is one of my favs as well. I’m currently obsessed with their foundation sticks!


Dasia: What do you think most of your followers know you for?

Hikari: For my photoshoot pictures and my viral beauty tutorial videos. A lot of beauty pages and brands tend to repost my makeup tutorials, so I usually get a lot of followers from that. I’ve been posted on large following pages such as @HudaBeauty, @AnastasiaBeverlyHills, & @Wakeupandmakeup.

Dasia: Who are some of your favorite photographers to work with?

Hikari: I have a lot of photographers I enjoy working with, but my favs right now would have to be @nyarko_photography, @orensiddophotography & @rome_god .

Dasia: Where are your favorite places to shop ?

Hikari: FASHION NOVA & FOREVER 21!!! 🙂

Dasia: What motivated you to start a Youtube channel? 

Hikari: Seeing beauty bloggers like @Itsmyrayeraye being able to get paid for having fun and being able to travel for beauty events just seemed so amazing to me! I thought, I love makeup, people are always asking me for beauty advice, and I definitely do promotions on instagram, so why not make a channel and put all this content into YouTube videos. I never really wanted to be a lawyer, teacher or doctor. I was always into the arts. I love fashion, beauty and creativity. With Youtube, you can do whatever you please. Its your easel, you paint what you want.

Dasia: What can new subscribers expect from you on your channel?

Hikari: New subscribers can expect more and more creative videos to come! I’m definitely trying to have my content stand out, because I believe that’s what usually makes my videos go viral. I want to start incorporating more relatable ideas to my channel, that way my viewers feel they can connect with me. I feel like there is sooo much more about me that my viewers still have yet to learn, so I definitely want to open up more to them about my interests, beliefs, everyday life, childhood, etc.

Dasia: For anyone who wants to become a model, what are some tips that you can give them?

Hikari: Quality over quantity is soo important! A lot of beginner models like to shoot for free with upcoming photographers. I believe sometimes its just better to pay a more advanced and well known photographer, that way you build a strong portfolio and you get great exposure.

Dasia: Have you heard of Fxshnjunke before? If not ,what did you think about it ?

Hikari: No I haven’t. When I first took a look at it, I thought it was a dope site and I was so surprised to see so many artists/creators on there that I was familiar with.

Dasia: What are some of your goals for 2017?

Hikari: For 2017, I want to hit at least 100K subscribers  on my YouTube channel and I want to get officially signed to a modeling agency. I also want to start traveling more and vlogging for my viewers.

Dasia: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years ?

Hikari: In the next 5 years I see myself as a famous YouTuber, consistently traveling. I see myself owning my own company and making huge entrepreneur moves.I also see myself being officiated signed and featured in numerous magazine spreads and company websites. Overall, in the next 5 years, i want to be a huge inspiration to many young girls in the world. 

Be sure to follow Hikari @missfleurr and subscribe to her channel here
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Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight features Miami,Fl native and  bomb fashion killer Stephanie Cosmopolitan. We caught up with her to talk about how she started her blogging journey and what her future plans are.

Dasia: How did you come up with the name Stephanie Cosmopolitan?

Stephanie : I have always loved visiting metropolitan cities were I am exposed to different cultures and experiences. Therefore, I needed a name that would match my knack for life!
Dasia: What inspired you to start blogging?

Stephanie: I fell in love with the world of refined detail and impeccable style, but having extensive knowledge of the designer market did not mean I could afford it. I launched The Loft to show luxury beyond a brand name and price tag. Showing my audience that loving life and personal style can open up the gateway of a luxurious lifestyle.


Dasia: How long have you been blogging?

Stephanie: Two years.
Dasia: What do you like most about fashion?

Stephanie: The ability of giving yourself a genuine identity. Whether someone agrees with your style or not, fashion will always be a form of self expression and individuality.
Dasia: Where are your top favorite places to shop?

Stephanie: I honestly do not have one favorite place. If I love it, I buy it.
Dasia: What are you current favorite fall trends?

Stephanie: Velvet, fur, and OTK boots!
Dasia: How has being in Miami has helped you as a blogger?

Stephanie: Miami just recently started becoming a metropolitan city and the fashion scene is new and fresh.Therefore, a lot of brands are looking at influencers as new faces, opening up many doors for awesome collaborations!
My life motto is God will take you places if you have courage and kindness.- Stephanie
Dasia: Looove your pictures, what camera do you use?

Stephanie: I use a Sony a5100.
Dasia: Where are you favorite places to go (eat,shop, etc) in Miami?

Stephanie: Miami Design District, Aventura, and Brickell City Center.
Dasia: When did you notice Fxshnjunke?

Stephanie: Browsing through fashion hashtags.
Dasia: What are two fun facts about you that nobody knows?

Stephanie: I can dance very well and I love commercials.
Dasia: What are some of your goals for 2017?

Stephanie: Reaching my audience on a personal level, starting my YouTube channel, and working as a TV corespondent.
Dasia: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Stephanie: Working as a full time blogger with my own office and a team. Here, we will create amazing content and campaign for well known brands.
Be sure to follow our girl Stephanie on IG @stephaniecosmopolitan for more of her cute looks. Visit her blog at

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Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight features 20 year old DMV native Nicole aka :”Christina Cole” . Currently in her junior year at Towson University and a Youtuber where she specializes in hair tutorials, tips and more.
Fun Fact: I met Nicole back in elementary school and we were both in the Before and After Care program 🙂 – Dasia
Dasia:   Tell me something about yourself:

Nicole: Some characteristics that describe me are: spontaneous, goofball, entrepreneurial, and a foodie. I love food! I love traveling, and I love learning. As geeky as that sounds I like learning how to do new things that visually appeal to me. I am a junior at Towson University studying Psychology and Marketing. And “I’m Happy To Be Here” – what most people say when introducing themselves at a new job lol. 

Dasia: What inspired you to start doing hair ?

Nicole: Definitely my mother. She taught me how to braid when i was growing up. When she would braiding my hair when I was younger I would braid my infamous BRATZ Dolls hair. Even one time in middle school I cut 3 inches of my hair off thinking I knew what I was doing. BIG MISTAKE. My mom was so mad, but that moment made me want to be better and really take doing hair seriously. 
Dasia: How long have you been doing hair ?

Nicole: I have been doing hair since high school. I started on my friends and just continued to improve. When it came to the point in choosing between cosmetology and culinary my stomach spoke louder. I really regret this. But at least now I know how to make crabbed stuffed fish and baked Alaska. 

Dasia: What kind of hair do you prefer virgin hair, crotchet, or braids ?

Nicole: Personally I LOVE virgin hair.#Bundles for life. I am not personally big on natural hair styles on my own head, but I live for the wigs and virgin hair life. But I have a lot of clients that have natural hair and prefer protective styles, which I enjoy doing. 

Dasia: What are some hair care tips you can give anyone who needs helps keeping their hair healthy?

Nicole: Moisturize! The worst thing is having dry brittle hair. Find a hair care regime that works for you and stick to it. Its best to have a winter routine and a summer routine. 

Dasia: What motivated you to start your Youtube Channel ?

Nicole: I have been watching youtube faithfully since I my freshman year in high school. I looked up to the beautiful women in youtube because they were about to teach and inspire others all over the world. I also used youtube as my search engine. When ever I need to learn how to do something I would go to Youtube. I want to teach, inspire and connect with people from all over. This is what really motivated me. 

Dasia: Your most poppin video is your Crotchet Feed In Braid video with over 300Kviews, what was your reaction seeing that many views on one of your videos ?

Nicole: As odd as it sounds I knew it was going to be popping. I literally had a dream about me doing that hair style and did it the next day. Now almost at half a million views and thousands of subbies later I feel like I can really put more of my passion into youtube. 

Dasia: What are some of your goals for 2017?

Nicole: Some of my goals for 2017 would be to grow my brand with youtube as well as improving my hair and makeup skills. There is always room for learning and improvement. Grow my bank account, drink more water and have health glowing skin – these of which I feel like should be everyone’s goals. 

Dasia: Have you ever heard of or seen Fxshnjunke before ?

Nicole: YESS! Girl you know we go back to Clinton Grove days. You were always stylish and I remember you and your little brother. We had so much fun in before and after care.
Dasia: Yesss girl we go way back ! I miss those days so much in B+A ( before and after care) , Where do you see yourself in the next five years ?

Nicole: In the next five years I still see myself grinding to become better, I will be a licensed cosmetologist, and my brand will have expanded. I will have graduated and will be on someones beach drinking sangria. 
Subscribe to my girl Nicole ‘s Channel here and follow her on IG @christina.colee
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Let’s take an inside look at a cute and affordable Toronto based online store ” Baditude The Label” . We caught up with 24 year old owner Kristen Jessica on how she started her own business and where she sees Badtitude in the future.

Dasia: Tell me a little bit more about yourself?

Kristen: Well my name is Kristen Jessica and I’m a Fashion Design Graduate. I’ve always had an interest for creating my own clothes and accessories ever since the second grade. I started to take it more seriously after high school and received my Diploma in Fashion Design in 2013. Since then I’ve been involved in many fashion shows and featured in Flare Magazine.

Dasia: What inspired you to start your own business?

Kristen: In addition to my fashion background, I’ve always wanted to gain more knowledge on the business side of fashion. So throughout years I’ve created a small business venture such as Baditude to gain hands on experience.

Dasia: How long has it been since launching?

Kristen: I launched Baditude in March of 2016 so it’s been almost year since we’ve been in business.

Dasia: How did you come up with the name Baditude The Label?

Kristen: I’ve always had a thing for combining words and creating meanings for them. Baditude was formed by combining “Baddie” and “Attitude” together. Hence our slogan: “It’s always a good day to be a Baddie with an Attitude”.

Dasia: For new customers that are shopping, what kind of products can they expect to see?

Kristen: As any designer who wants to run a successful business, many of my product ideas are derived from my target customers interest. If you follow me on social media, you’ll see that I run many polls on clothing and accessories. I ask my followers which item they would prefer which gives me insight of what products I should create and stock for my store.

( Above: Customers in Baditude products, @vicmram, @sleeepyzee, @gemmabarrettmua @poeticdrugs )

Dasia: What/who are some of your inspirations?

Kristen: Most of my inspiration comes from businesses who are similar to me and are very successful. It helps a lot to make connections with them and ask them for their advice on running a business.

Dasia: What are some of the obstacles that you’ve faced when starting your business?

Kristen: Everyday is a learning experience. I come across many situations that I never thought I would have to deal with but I always come up a solution that not only satisfies my customer but also protect my business. The most common obstacle I face always involves shipping issues. Many customers expect for you to have the same shipping standards of bigger companies. However, small businesses are usually only operated by the business owner and/or a small team. When you receive an influx of orders after a huge sale or around the holiday season, it can be difficult to keep up. I find that as long as I communicate regularly with my customers, for the most part they’ll be understanding.

Dasia: What is the message Baditude wants their customers to know?

Kristen: When you purchase from a small business, you’re not only receiving an amazing product but you’re helping to bring someone’s vision and dream to life. Although Baditude has been very successful, I intend on using the funds I gained from this business venture to create a larger fashion empire.

Dasia: What can customers expect from Baditude this year?

Kristen: To be honest, I didn’t think Baditude would last this long because when I started it was more of a small project to sell trendy dad hats. I quickly realized that it could be so much more. Many of my customers are between the age of 16-23 and are looking for accessories that they can afford on a budget. So I plan to keep providing trendy accessories at an affordable price.

Dasia: Have you ever heard of Fxshjunke before ? If not what are your thoughts?

Kristen: Yes, in fact one of my friends, Jalen Nelson/Lick My Fashion, was featured before. So I was extremely honored when you reached out to have my business featured 🙂

Dasia: Yess I love Jalen ! ( Check out Jalen’s interview here ). Aside from that ,. What are some of your own personal goals for this year?

Kristen: As I mentioned earlier, I started Baditude The Label as a learning venture. So I plan to use my experience as a stepping stone towards having a bigger brand and platform in the fashion industry.

Dasia: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Kristen: I usually don’t plan that far ahead as a lot can change in that time but I do hope to see myself fully self-employed and designing for a larger clientele.


Make sure to shop Baditude at and Follow them on Instagram @baditudethelabel and on Twitter @baditudelabel


Written by @dasiatheceo