Here is an exclusive unseen interview that all of my fashion readers will enjoy . I had the pleasure of interviewing one of my good friends and DMV native , Michael Jachuku Howard , 20, about his style , aspirations , future goals and more . Read more below !

Dasia : Tell me something about yourself ?
Michael : I am a fashion design student at Marymount university, Co-founder of Eternal DC, Poet, Aspiring musical artist and your local black boy with locks trying to make it in America. I love anime,adventures, incense and white wine.
Dasia : What inspired you to get into fashion ?
Michael : There really was not just one thing in particular, Fashion in a way just came to me. I always liked clothes but I was never able to buy them. My parents wanted me to invest more time into my mind rather than my outer appearance, so going shopping was a big thing for me back in the day. The only times I could go would be when my mom went thrifting or for my birthday.  As you can probably tell this made it pretty hard to accumulate clothes. Things got a little more serious in high school when everything is about clothes! If I had to give a source of my inspiration I would have to say Ian Connor unfortunately. He just was able to shatter so many ideas and barriers with his style and look alone. Even though his personality is highly debatable. However at the end of the day the longing to express myself in a way that was different than others is what pushed  me to redesign my self every day with every outfit to see who I could become and who I was myself.

Dasia : How would you describe your style ?
I never really try to describe or put my style into a sub category. I say this mainly because I do multiple things consistently rather than just one specific thing consistently. Often people will call me Asap Rocky, some call me Rick James , some call me Lenny Kravitz and of course every member of the Migos. I guess my style is somewhere in between there or just call me a jack of all trades if you want to give me a title at all.
Dasia : How do you think men fashion evolved from over the years ?
Michael : I don’t think it has really evolved that much to be honest with you if we are looking at fashion from a eurocentric standpoint. For a very long time men have focused their everyday fashion to suits. If we look to the 1700s to pretty far into the 1900s fashion was based on suiting and professional wear. Slack, button downs , polos, blazer. Besides color and patterns, these clothing staples have not been altered that much. Now that our everyday fashion has been focused more on sportswear or what would be considered streetwear we have taken more liberty to experiment with shapes and forms. This has given us the ability to evolve to some degree . I feel like a major shift in the ways in which we identify a shape as aesthetic is when male fashion and fashion in general will evolve and continue to grow.

You have to be open to let certain blessings fall into your life ! – Howard

Dasia : What are some of your favorite trends ?
Michael : I like that baggy is coming back as a trend! I think graphic tees are forever a classic so they will never die! I love that even though everyone isn’t exploring fashion as a society I think we’ve became little more open about accepting and critiquing fashion which is a good steep in the future as well. I’m also very into the grunge and punk influence, as we are starting to pick up it makes me feel very powerful when I wear my choker or my creepers.
Dasia : Tell me about Eternal DC . How are you affiliated ?
Michael : Eternal DC is a clothing line I co-founded with my best friend Jamaal Franklin. We wanted to make something that would mean something to us and other people which launched our idea for the brand. I have worked different parts of the brand from event planning to designing, marketing ,editing , pretty much everything except photography.

I’m just your local black boy with locks trying to make it in America. – Howard

Dasia : What are you going to school for ? What are your plans after you graduate ?
Michael: I am in school for Fashion Design, Hopefully when I leave school I can work for a creative company or design house. These are things I would definitely enjoy doing something of that nature.
Dasia : Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years ?
Michael : In 5 years I will have a solid platform for myself and be making a income off of my craft. In five years I will be happy. I can not give concrete ideas about where I will be in the end because life changes. You should have a direction and a focus but that does not mean things can not and will not change. You have to be open to let certain blessings fall into your life !

Stay updated with Michael on IG @conscious_brother
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Ashanti came through with this one . We’re loving her new single ft Ty Dolla Sign – Say Less

Check out preview below !

Download and listen to “Say Less” Ashanti ft Ty Dolla Sign available everywhere !

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Beyoncé has done it with this one . Over the Halloween weekend , Bey and Jay attended Kelly Rowland’s Costume Party as Notorious B.I.G and Lil Kim


But that wasn’t it . Beyonce literally gave the world their life after she slayed four more Lil Kim outfit costumes 😩🙌🏾 !!!

Which costume did Bey slay the best ? Comment below !

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Wassup Fxshnjunke supporters, readers and followers . I wanna talk about the obvious changes that have been made with the blog . As some of you may or may not have seen , the logo and name has been changed from Fxshnjunke to Fxshnjunkeblog and I wanted to take my time to explain a little more in detail about what's going on so let's just start from the top …..


My background story: Ever since I was 5 years old dance has always been apart of my life… Every week I would go to some type dance practice whether if its at school, church, or at a studio with a dance company I was with. Over the years I've been trained in ballet , tap , modern , liturgical , contemporary, hip hop , jazz , African dance and more just to name a few . The last time I took a dance class was in 2014 when I was in college .


In 2014 when I was 19 years old I was in my sophomore year at my community college as a undecided major taking my basic academic classes to eventually transfer to a university to major in Fashion Merchandising . My initial plan was to become an entrepreneur and sell things in my store , which happened!! And if you been following me for a while then you would have known ! But at that time while I was just taking those classes I wanted to do more in the fashion industry and I wanted to learn how to style and create cute outfits so something sparked in my head and I came up with this crazy idea that if I post really cute outfits everyday it will train me on how to put together dope outfits for myself but nope I went above and beyond my expectations.


The next year in 2015 I took only one class and decided to change my major from undecided to entrepreneurship while on the other hand that made it a year for me posting on Fxshnjunke ( still posting regular outfits ) but then before the semester could even start I thought long and hard about "What if God gave me this idea to actually become my own my boss ?" . So  I decided to drop out of school to focus solely on Fxshnjunke and work jobs to invest into it. As I was still researching and learning what it really means to be a "blogger" I learned that it is a possible way for me to make money being a blogger so I did what I thought was the next step for me to become professional. I taught myself how to build my website and after I done that I was brainstorming on what content I should produce to get traffic on my website. In my head I was thinking" What would my website be about, if all I'm doing is posting people and their outfits?" and then it clicked ! I came up with an idea of interviewing some of these people I would post different types of people whether if they have a huge social media following or is an aspiring blogger, artist, youtuber, etc. I wanted to showcase and learn about how these people started their businesses, or whatever it is they do because I thought it was dope and I felt like I could be that person to provide this content for my readers, followers and supporters.


So then I started to do some bomb blog interviews with people from all over the world as well as create some great content like my post on the, TOP PLACES TO SHOP ONLINE ( which is one of my top posts on my website ) I started to see how many people read the blog from over 100 countries which still amazes me til this day. While this was going on, I opened my online store called StationTwenty8 and I was amazed at how many views I got on the store website and the sells I was making. This is when everything was going so great. When 2016 came around that's when things went left, I changed the store name to FxshnjunkeStore because I felt that StationTwenty8 wasn't a "brand name" I mean lemme keep a 100, I named it StationTwenty8 out spite because the job I was working at the time was at a call center and I literally was sitting at Station 28 and it was sooo boring sitting at the cubicle waiting for people to answer the phone and I already was in the process of trying to open up my store but I was having a hard time finding a name then BOOM! Station Twenty 8 became a win- win situation.


My initial dream to start my online store actually came true but I wasn't doing it right. Even though I was making sells, shipping off packages to my customers from all over the world I wasn't being smart with my profits and making poor business decisions. I eventually had to shut down my store because I kept making the same decisions and it just wasn't right. So fast forward to the present day in 2017 after I closed my store down, I decided to invest more into the blog because I wanted to level up so I invested into my camera so I can do video interviews which has been a great learning experience for me. You can check out my latest interviews here .


So here I am, now almost at the end of 2017 and as I sit down and really got to analyze these past 3 years being a blogger, I realized that something was still missing, so as of now I've decided that I need to get back to how things use to be. I started noticing how every time I would try to talk to my followers or do a Q+A nobody would send me any questions or barely send me DMs unless if it was for me to post them. I feel like one of the reasons that my followers wasn't responding to me was because they didn't know what to ask me and it might have been because they don't know me. I never really let anyone in on my personal life which is a good thing lol but I didn't give my followers a chance to get to know me as a person or the person who is behind Fxshjunke. I wasn't being my brand like I was suppose to be and that's my fault and as crazy as it sounds it took me 3 years to finally realize it but hey, you gotta go live and learn and go through trial and error when owning your own business or just simply trying to figure life out.


With everything that has been going on in my life I feel like God has been sending me signs for me to get dance back into my life and use everything that I've learn from starting Fxshnjunke to my advantage . I feel like Fxshnjunke was my college and I'm starting to realize that I have to get back to what makes me happy. Other than writing, Dance has always been my gift that I was blessed with and also a way for me to express my feelings, my emotions,  or just something I know how to do and can do for fun. Over the years, I've learned so much from my mentors and dance teachers and I pretty much took a break from it when I started the blog and looking back on it I should've never neglected what God gave me. I should've connected dance into the blog a long time ago but it's NEVER too late to start something new .


Fxshnjunke will always remain Fxshnjunke, I have big plans for what I really want to do with the blog. At this time I definitely need a break to get my life back on track and just CREATE! I will still be blogging , creating content, posting , editing , recording , and doing interviews but it just wont be an everyday thing. I want to focus on being myself, living my truth and relaunching my online store and I hope everyone that supports me and Fxshnjunke will continue to follow this journey with me. Thank you guys so much for everything

-@dasiatheceo 💕



Are you here for these new pieces from the #FentyxPuma SS18 collection ? Rihanna out did herself with this show for this years New York Fashion Week . The show featured a motor cross themed sporty collection opening with professional FMX bike riders doing crazy tricks over the pink sand mountains along with Rihanna and some of the models riding on the back of the bikes .

Check out some of the featured looks of the collection below

What are your thoughts ? Comment below !

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Today's Fxshnjunke Spotlight features a bomb fashion killer , originally from Minnesota but now living it up in LA . Brett aka "Sektual" talks with us about his eclectic style , being a fashion curator and more ! Read more below 

cough cough I kinda feel like I'm forever 25 – Brett 

Dasia : Talk to me about how your love for fashion became your passion? 

Brett : I have always been super into fashion. I started modeling and loved how an outfit could transform you into a different personal ! 

Dasia : I've been posting you for a long time and you've always showed so such support to Fxshnjunke, how do you describe your style ? 

Brett : My style is very eclectic with a rock edge. I have always been a collector of vintage t-shirts…I have recently launched a website selling vintage t-shirts SHOPsektual.com. I love mixing old with the new, and high and the low [end]. I will wear H&M pants with Saint Laurent shoes. I love the juxtaposition! And my leather jacket is basically my second skin!  

Dasia : Describe what a fashion curator is . 

Brett : A fashion curator is a fancy name for a stylist. Putting together looks. I live by the mentality that "just because it's designer, doesn't mean it's good." You can have all the money and clothes in the world, but if you don't know how to put a look together, you are gonna look like trash.

Dasia : LOL I love that ! How did you get into blogging ?

Brett : I have always been very interested in fashion, photography, and have always had a strong voice, so blogging was a way to kinda mash them all together and give me a creative outlet! …And I was spending too much time online shopping, so it's a bit of a cheaper hobby 😉

Dasia : Talk to me about your name, Sektual ? lol because I'm sure when people first see your name they automatically think its pronounced "Sexual", where did this name come from ?

Brett :LOL That is exactly what I want people to think! Back in the day, when I was young and dumb, I got the nickname "Sexual" from my friends…It just kinda stuck! An oversensitive Instagram account later… it was modestly modified to "@SEKTUAL. -And METROsektual.com stemmed from that –Metrosexual!

Dasia : I read that you actually started out modeling, what was it like when you first started ? 

Brett : I started modeling when I was 15. It gave me the opportunity to travel and see the world. I am a creative person so I loved the aspect of creating images.

Dasia : How many companies have you worked with so far  ?

Brett : Too many to count!

Dasia : How do you deal with the attention you get on social media ? 

Brett : You know, there are some real angry people out there. But I get so many beautiful letters, and comments, and messages, that it makes it easy to brush off the bitter trolls!

Dasia : If anyone visits your blog metrosektual.com, what can they expect to see ? 

Brett : Naturally, I am a bit controversial, as you can expect from my IG name… but I want people to relate and get a couple laughs while they are there.. and since it's a fashion blog hopefully get some style inspiration too 😉

Dasia : Where are some of your favorites places to shop ? 

Brett : I have a weak spot (in my wallet) for Saint Laurent & Barney's NY. But I get some great vintage t-shirts at my go to store here in LA, Wasteland!

Dasia :What some dope places to check out in Los Angeles ?

Brett : Abbot Kinney, Chateau Marmont, Runyon Canyon, Gjelina, and I've never met a 7-Eleven I didn't like LOL

Dasia : What is the fashion community like in LA ?

Brett : Pretty lazy, everyone wears workout clothes everywhere and it drives me crazy. I know 90 percent of these people did not step foot in a gym and def didn't work up a sweat all day… They aren't fooling me in those Lululemon pants!

Dasia : In your own words, what does it take to be a male fashion blogger ? 

Brett : A lot of dedication! It's so much work! You have to shop to find the clothes, then put together looks, then find a place to shoot, then edit the pictures, then write for the blog, then push it on all social platforms. It's a full-time job.  and I already work a full-time job…so I spend my free time sleeping! Oh and you need to have style. So many male bloggers have zero style game, but are popular because they have muscles….Wearing a Hanes tshirt that's 2 sizes too small to show off your guns doesn't constitute as a "fashion".

Dasia : LOL I'm loving this interview already ! What do you think about Fxshnjunke ? 

Brett : I love Fxshnjunke! You constantly inspire me with outfit ideas and I love how you cover a wide array of fashion trends! -And I love when I'm featured on it 😉

Dasia : Yesss 😏 . Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years ? 

Brett : I would love to be working with a magazine as a fashion editor or correspondent. Hopefully METROsektual.com and SHOPsektual.com are both still thriving… and hopefully I'm really happy!

Make sure to follow Brett on IG : @sektual and visit his blog at METROsektual.com and shop SHOPsektual.com 

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