Formally known as FXSHNJUNKEBLOG


Hey everyone ! My name is Dasia and I am an aspiring Blogger, Entrepreneur and Youtuber.  I got my start into the blogging industry in 2014 when I created a Instagram based fashion blog called ” Fxshnjunke ( fashion-junkie) ” where I posted cute outfits from your favorite social media influencers, bloggers, artists etc. I created this website a year later and named it I wanted to connect with my supporters and give them a different taste on what Fxshnjunke could offer by creating fresh content,  collaborating and interviewing with social media gurus, fashion stylists, music artists, youtube personalities , and more. In 2019,  I came into a hard decision to delete Fxshnjunke’s Instagram page and start over fresh and create a lifestyle brand called AlwaysDasia based on my everyday life struggles, accomplishments , etc.


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