Even since I was in the third grade I have been suffering from acne prone skin. Over the years I have tried using different products to clear my face up and as I get older my face has gotten much much better but it is still a working progress. In this video I tried something new, I’m trying the Nature Republic’s Aloe Vera Soothing Gel for 5 days . What are some remedies you tried to clear your face ? Comment below

Quick Aloe Vera Gel Benefits 🍃🌱 :

▪️Anti inflammation

▪️Anti aging

▪️Lightens scars and blemishes

▪️Treats acne

▪️Soothes sunburn

▪️Treats sunburn

▪️Treats dry skin

Ps : I am no expert whatsoever . I researched everything and tried these products for my own purposes

Check out my video below to see how the aloe vera gel did .