Here is an exclusive unseen interview that all of my fashion readers will enjoy . I had the pleasure of interviewing one of my good friends and DMV native , Michael Jachuku Howard , 20, about his style , aspirations , future goals and more . Read more below !

Dasia : Tell me something about yourself ?
Michael : I am a fashion design student at Marymount university, Co-founder of Eternal DC, Poet, Aspiring musical artist and your local black boy with locks trying to make it in America. I love anime,adventures, incense and white wine.
Dasia : What inspired you to get into fashion ?
Michael : There really was not just one thing in particular, Fashion in a way just came to me. I always liked clothes but I was never able to buy them. My parents wanted me to invest more time into my mind rather than my outer appearance, so going shopping was a big thing for me back in the day. The only times I could go would be when my mom went thrifting or for my birthday.  As you can probably tell this made it pretty hard to accumulate clothes. Things got a little more serious in high school when everything is about clothes! If I had to give a source of my inspiration I would have to say Ian Connor unfortunately. He just was able to shatter so many ideas and barriers with his style and look alone. Even though his personality is highly debatable. However at the end of the day the longing to express myself in a way that was different than others is what pushed  me to redesign my self every day with every outfit to see who I could become and who I was myself.

Dasia : How would you describe your style ?
I never really try to describe or put my style into a sub category. I say this mainly because I do multiple things consistently rather than just one specific thing consistently. Often people will call me Asap Rocky, some call me Rick James , some call me Lenny Kravitz and of course every member of the Migos. I guess my style is somewhere in between there or just call me a jack of all trades if you want to give me a title at all.
Dasia : How do you think men fashion evolved from over the years ?
Michael : I don’t think it has really evolved that much to be honest with you if we are looking at fashion from a eurocentric standpoint. For a very long time men have focused their everyday fashion to suits. If we look to the 1700s to pretty far into the 1900s fashion was based on suiting and professional wear. Slack, button downs , polos, blazer. Besides color and patterns, these clothing staples have not been altered that much. Now that our everyday fashion has been focused more on sportswear or what would be considered streetwear we have taken more liberty to experiment with shapes and forms. This has given us the ability to evolve to some degree . I feel like a major shift in the ways in which we identify a shape as aesthetic is when male fashion and fashion in general will evolve and continue to grow.

You have to be open to let certain blessings fall into your life ! – Howard

Dasia : What are some of your favorite trends ?
Michael : I like that baggy is coming back as a trend! I think graphic tees are forever a classic so they will never die! I love that even though everyone isn’t exploring fashion as a society I think we’ve became little more open about accepting and critiquing fashion which is a good steep in the future as well. I’m also very into the grunge and punk influence, as we are starting to pick up it makes me feel very powerful when I wear my choker or my creepers.
Dasia : Tell me about Eternal DC . How are you affiliated ?
Michael : Eternal DC is a clothing line I co-founded with my best friend Jamaal Franklin. We wanted to make something that would mean something to us and other people which launched our idea for the brand. I have worked different parts of the brand from event planning to designing, marketing ,editing , pretty much everything except photography.

I’m just your local black boy with locks trying to make it in America. – Howard

Dasia : What are you going to school for ? What are your plans after you graduate ?
Michael: I am in school for Fashion Design, Hopefully when I leave school I can work for a creative company or design house. These are things I would definitely enjoy doing something of that nature.
Dasia : Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years ?
Michael : In 5 years I will have a solid platform for myself and be making a income off of my craft. In five years I will be happy. I can not give concrete ideas about where I will be in the end because life changes. You should have a direction and a focus but that does not mean things can not and will not change. You have to be open to let certain blessings fall into your life !

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Written by @dasiatheceo