Today's Fxshnjunke Spotlight features a bomb fashion killer , originally from Minnesota but now living it up in LA . Brett aka "Sektual" talks with us about his eclectic style , being a fashion curator and more ! Read more below 

cough cough I kinda feel like I'm forever 25 – Brett 

Dasia : Talk to me about how your love for fashion became your passion? 

Brett : I have always been super into fashion. I started modeling and loved how an outfit could transform you into a different personal ! 

Dasia : I've been posting you for a long time and you've always showed so such support to Fxshnjunke, how do you describe your style ? 

Brett : My style is very eclectic with a rock edge. I have always been a collector of vintage t-shirts…I have recently launched a website selling vintage t-shirts I love mixing old with the new, and high and the low [end]. I will wear H&M pants with Saint Laurent shoes. I love the juxtaposition! And my leather jacket is basically my second skin!  

Dasia : Describe what a fashion curator is . 

Brett : A fashion curator is a fancy name for a stylist. Putting together looks. I live by the mentality that "just because it's designer, doesn't mean it's good." You can have all the money and clothes in the world, but if you don't know how to put a look together, you are gonna look like trash.

Dasia : LOL I love that ! How did you get into blogging ?

Brett : I have always been very interested in fashion, photography, and have always had a strong voice, so blogging was a way to kinda mash them all together and give me a creative outlet! …And I was spending too much time online shopping, so it's a bit of a cheaper hobby 😉

Dasia : Talk to me about your name, Sektual ? lol because I'm sure when people first see your name they automatically think its pronounced "Sexual", where did this name come from ?

Brett :LOL That is exactly what I want people to think! Back in the day, when I was young and dumb, I got the nickname "Sexual" from my friends…It just kinda stuck! An oversensitive Instagram account later… it was modestly modified to "@SEKTUAL. -And stemmed from that –Metrosexual!

Dasia : I read that you actually started out modeling, what was it like when you first started ? 

Brett : I started modeling when I was 15. It gave me the opportunity to travel and see the world. I am a creative person so I loved the aspect of creating images.

Dasia : How many companies have you worked with so far  ?

Brett : Too many to count!

Dasia : How do you deal with the attention you get on social media ? 

Brett : You know, there are some real angry people out there. But I get so many beautiful letters, and comments, and messages, that it makes it easy to brush off the bitter trolls!

Dasia : If anyone visits your blog, what can they expect to see ? 

Brett : Naturally, I am a bit controversial, as you can expect from my IG name… but I want people to relate and get a couple laughs while they are there.. and since it's a fashion blog hopefully get some style inspiration too 😉

Dasia : Where are some of your favorites places to shop ? 

Brett : I have a weak spot (in my wallet) for Saint Laurent & Barney's NY. But I get some great vintage t-shirts at my go to store here in LA, Wasteland!

Dasia :What some dope places to check out in Los Angeles ?

Brett : Abbot Kinney, Chateau Marmont, Runyon Canyon, Gjelina, and I've never met a 7-Eleven I didn't like LOL

Dasia : What is the fashion community like in LA ?

Brett : Pretty lazy, everyone wears workout clothes everywhere and it drives me crazy. I know 90 percent of these people did not step foot in a gym and def didn't work up a sweat all day… They aren't fooling me in those Lululemon pants!

Dasia : In your own words, what does it take to be a male fashion blogger ? 

Brett : A lot of dedication! It's so much work! You have to shop to find the clothes, then put together looks, then find a place to shoot, then edit the pictures, then write for the blog, then push it on all social platforms. It's a full-time job.  and I already work a full-time job…so I spend my free time sleeping! Oh and you need to have style. So many male bloggers have zero style game, but are popular because they have muscles….Wearing a Hanes tshirt that's 2 sizes too small to show off your guns doesn't constitute as a "fashion".

Dasia : LOL I'm loving this interview already ! What do you think about Fxshnjunke ? 

Brett : I love Fxshnjunke! You constantly inspire me with outfit ideas and I love how you cover a wide array of fashion trends! -And I love when I'm featured on it 😉

Dasia : Yesss 😏 . Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years ? 

Brett : I would love to be working with a magazine as a fashion editor or correspondent. Hopefully and are both still thriving… and hopefully I'm really happy!

Make sure to follow Brett on IG : @sektual and visit his blog at and shop 

edited by @dasiatheceo