Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight features New Jersey native and fashion killer , Danielle Gray owner of StyleMeGray. In our interview we talk the origins of her name , different passions outside of fashion , and more ! Read below !

Dasia : Who is StyleMeGray

Danielle : StyleMeGray is a women who expresses her love for fashion and beauty through being creative and unique. And looks for inspiration threw anything that touches her mind and soul. 

Dasia : How did you come up with the name? 

Danielle : Well, I was driving in my car praying about a good name for my blog and one of my now favorite songs came on “Shades of Gray” by Delilah.. and at the end of the song I had a “ah ha ” moment and the name StyleMeGray came to my head. 

Dasia : What motivated you to become a blogger ?

Danielle : My Instagram viewers were the ones that motivated me. I would get dms and messages all the time to start a blog so I did lol. 

Dasia : How long have you been blogging ?

Danielle : Almost 4 years 

Dasia : Do you blog fulltime ?

Danielle : I do not blog full time, but I would love to in the future.

Dasia : Your style is sooo bomb ! In your own words , how would you describe your personal style ?

Danielle : Thank you soo much!!! I would describe my style as being the layer queen lol.. in most of my looks I have layers on whether it is spring/summer and fall/winter. I love to have a few simple layers then add a dope statement piece to make my looks stand out. 

Dasia : What are some of your favorite trends ?


Danielle : My favorite trends are long robes and kimonos. I love anything long or sheer that cascades off my body. 

Dasia : I started noticing you a while ago which made me start posting you on Fxshnjunke’s IG ( @fxshnjunke) , what do you think takes to become a blogger ?

Danielle : Consistency is key (something I am still working on) lol and being creative/unique with your content. 

Dasia : Outside of creating outfits, what other activities do you like doing ?

Danielle : My second love to fashion is hair and beauty.. I actually just finished cosmetology school a week ago. So you will be seeing more of that on my blog soon!!! 

Dasia : Yesss , Can’t wait ! Have you ever heard of Fxshnjunke before noticing yourself on the page ? 

Danielle : No, I did not hear of Fxshnjunke before you posted. But once you did I fell in love with your page. The support and love you give to bloggers is awesome. Thank you and I appreciate everything! 

Dasia : Thank you !! 💕 Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years ?  

Danielle : I would love to have a personal styling company, hair salon, and much more. But mainly I see myself happy and fully in my purpose for what God has for me. 

Make sure to follow Danielle on IG @stylemegray and visit her blog site at

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edited by @dasiatheceo