Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight features Grace Maleka a 22 year old fashion blogger from Berlin. Grace talks to us about becoming a blogger , her style and more ! Read our one on one below . 

Dasia : How did you get into fashion ? 

Grace : My brother is a well-known fashion blogger (@newkissontheblog) and was the reason for me to start my own blog. I always admired him and how he changed the fashion industry, and soon wanted to achieve similar goals. He saw my love for fashion and encouraged me to grow ands nourish it, just like he did. Eventually I decided to create a professional Instagram account started my blog. 

Dasia : What motivated you to become a fashion blogger?

Grace : Fashion is a way to express myself, and I just love the fact that I can influence people with what I do. Having a voice and creating content/outfits was just always something that fascinated and motivated me. Plus, the fact that you can actually live off of blogging makes it so much easier to hustle and work hard. 

Dasia : How long have you been blogging ?

Grace : I started blogging April 2016.

Dasia : How do you feel about having a social presence and people being inspired by your outfits ?

Grace :I absolutely love it. It is such a blessing to have a voice and to have people react positively to what you do. It’s crazy to me that I actually inspire people, and I am thankful for every single person that supports what I do, because at the end of the day it would not be possible without them. 

Dasia : It’s crazy how many countries view and follow Fxshnjunke, and Germany is one of them which is also where you are from, what is it like living in Berlin ?

Grace : I am in love with Berlin. This city is the place I was born and raised, and a place that will always have a special place in my heart! Berlin gives me great vibes. No matter what you look like or where you are from, you’ll always feel welcome here in Berlin because of its diversity and cultural understanding. People come together and have a great time, thats what Berlin is all about. 

Dasia : How active is the fashion community in Berlin ?

Grace : Berlin is known for its fashion community. We have tons of bloggers and fashion lovers, and also host the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week twice a year. You can literally wear whatever you want, people do not stare or make you feel uncomfortable because the sense for fashion is just different and very accepting. 

Dasia : I would love to travel to Germany one day, What are some places you recommend for shopping, eating, and visiting ?

Grace : Germany has beautiful cities, as well as breathtaking natural landscapes. Berlin, Munich and Hamburg are my favorite cities because they are so different. Munich is what you would consider as more ‘traditionally’ German, and is known for its typically German cuisine and the ‘Oktoberfest’. Hamburg is a seaport and known for its beautiful architecture and seafood. Last but not least, Berlin is more urban known for its unique flair, diversity, and history. You can literally find any restaurant from any country, and we have great museums and historical buildings and sights. When it comes to shopping, you could go anywhere. We have great shops and especially great thrift shops which are one of my favorite places to shop. 

Dasia : I loooove your outfits ! How would you describe your style ?

Grace : Thanks girl! Good question, I never really thought about describing it. I usually just wear whatever feels right and what represents my mood. One day I would dress urban and wear a huge denim jacket with some pilot sunnies, and another day I would dress classy and wear some heels and a body con dress. I love mixing styles! However, I always try to keep it clean. I am not a fan of too much jewelry or accessories. 

Dasia : Where are some of your favorite places to shop ?

Grace : I am a total online shopper. I love shops like Fashion Nova, Missguided, but also smaller online shops like Glambyjp. If I ever feel like physically shopping, thrifts shops are the way to go for me because you can always find unique pieces!

Dasia : In your words how would you describe what a girl boss is ?

Grace : A girl boss is a confident, hard working woman that hustles is silence, stays humble and always has the urge to become better physically, mentally and spiritually. 

Dasia : What/who are you inspired by ?

Grace : My mother inspires me every single day. She is the definition of a true queen, works hard every day and always puts others first. Growing up she did not have much, but she created her own empire, always having a positive attitude and never giving up. Its inspiring!

Dasia : Have you worked any fashion brands ? If so, who were they ?

Grace : I was blessed enough to work with some of my favorite brands, including Missyempire, Glambyjp, and Amiclubwear. I love working with fashion brands, but I also create content for other brands. Recently I worked with London Virgin Hair, TruSelfOrganics and Avène. 

Dasia : You also have a Youtube Channel showcasing your outfit looks, what inspired to start a channel ?

Grace : Becoming a Youtuber was always a childhood dream. Although pictures are great to showcase fashion, it is even easier to express yourself through videos because you can add Music and cut it a certain way to create a certain vibe. 

Dasia : If you could collab with any other blogger who would it be ?

Grace : I would love to collaborate with my brother (Newkissontheblog)! We never had a project together and I just love his work ethic and style. Although our styles are quite different, I’m sure we will make something work in the future. 

Dasia : Where do you see yourself in the future ?

Grace:Traveling the world, creating content and doing what I love is where I see myself. I am working hard to become an established youtuber and really want to live off of blogging. 

Dasia : Have you heard of Fxshnjunke before ?

Grace : YES!! I’ve been following you guys since I started my Instagram. Love the concept!! 

Dasia : What are some of your goals for the rest of 2017 ?

Grace : My goals for the rest of the year are to create some dope Youtube videos and to establish a name on Youtube! On top of that, I just want to work with great companies and to keep on hustling. I’ll soon be moving into a new apartment here in Berlin, so thats also on my list.