Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight features one of our girl bosses from Richmond,VA , Kayla who is the Founder and Creator of a female empowerment modeling group, Still Shot Girls. Kayla talks with us about her creative team, what happens every week and how Still Shot Girls helps woman in different areas of fashion, self motivation and more ! 

FJ: Tell us something about yourself :

Kayla: I am Kayla known as @hernameiskayy on Instagram. I am the owner/founder of the Still Shot Girls

FJ: Tell us about the business/brand that you have.

Kayla: 8 models , a glam team with 3 makeup artist and 2 hairstylist , a film team that consist of 2 photographers and 1 videographer. We are the StillShotGirls! We stand on female empowerment , fashion and self ❤️ 

Every Wednesday we have a workshop/meeting. Every other Saturday we have pop-up shoot. At the end of each month we have a MAJOR SHOOT!! Each Wednesday they learn something about modeling ! Ex: finding your light, how to use your body, making your face speak, how to network/market yourself, what does your social media say about you. All of these things plus more! Each wed there will be a different person that has agreed to stand by us that will be teaching. Those workshops are for the models to learn and use in the pop-up shoot! They are in charge of the pop-up shoot! Which means their hair , their makeup, even Recording ! 

Those pop-up shoots they will need to show me that they took what they have learned and applied it ! Each major shoot and the end of the month , these shoots are NOT your typical shoots ! I’ve studied designers and agencies even magazine to the T !! These big shoots will NOT be easy! We are here to make a point and to make people notice us! We do not come to play lol We are Not divided ! Female empowerment is what we stand on and we will ALWAYS stand on! They will learn the fundamentals of modeling ! Their portfolio is going to kill anyone they go against !

FJ: What do you like most about fashion ?:

Kayla: It gives you the ability to completely be yourself 

FJ: Favorite places to shop ?:

Kayla: H&M, Pacsun, Saks Fifth, Supreme 

FJ: Favorite current trends ?:

Kayla: Dad hats 

Kayla: How did you hear about Fxshnjunke ?:

Kayla: I’ve been following for quite some time now 

FJ: What are some of your goals for 2017?:

Kayla: To have an office in Richmond, Va and also to branch off to Atlanta and get an office out there as well

FJ: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years ?:

Kayla: Having offices in Atlanta , Virginia, LA, NY

Wanna be apart of Kayla’s orginazation ? Follow Still Shot Girls on IG @StillShotGirls

edited by @dasiatheceo