Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight features Chi- town native , Georgia residing aspiring entrepreneur Brandi Brown . Brandi has a degree in Marketing and plans to use it for her fashion blog called Branstylebar . Read her story below !

FJ : Tell us something about yourself

Brandi : I’m a recent college graduate from Albany State University with a bachelors degree in marketing. I was originally a fashion merchandise major but I moved to a different state my sophomore year and my new school didn’t have that as an option, so I choose marketing to learn how to market myself in the fashion industry.

FJ: Tell us about the business/brand that you have. ( Tell us any and everything )

Brandi : I created my own online fashion blog as an outlet to help me remain creative. Branstylebar is me expressing my love for clothing. Being stylish should be fun and it’s second nature for me to put ideas, patterns and different pieces together. Why not share with others who may need style inspiration!

FJ: What do you like about fashion ?

Brandi : It’s always evolving and it’s totally up to you what you feel good in.
FJ: Favorite places to shop ?

Brandi : I love thrifting more than anything! But platos, forever 21, h&m, topshop, target, etc.

FJ: Favorite current trends ?

Brandi : Stripes, yellow is great color for the summer& you can never go wrong with khaki!

FJ : How did you hear about Fxshnjunke ?

Brandi :I followed the instagram page from the following section

FJ: What are some of your goals for 2017?

Brandi : Push my blog by networking more, being more consistent and new content. Traveling more. Creating a second stream of residual income and finding an opportunity post graduation that I will enjoy

FJ: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years ?:

Brandi : I am branding myself to become an entrepreneur. In the next five years, I hope to have launched me next two business ideas and creates content that is purposeful. I enjoy making others feel good with their appearance. I hope that my gift and passion will fuel my ideas for success. I want to create my own role in this world. Whether that’s being a stylist, publicist, brand manager, boutique. Branstylebar excels in style!

Follow Brandi @iam.brandibrown and make sure to visit her website :

edited by @dasiatheceo