Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight features a girl boss in the making from Miami, FL . 20 year old , Imani Murphy is making her way into the fashion industry as an aspiring blogger and YouTuber while still studying Journalism . Read more about her story below ! 

Fxshnjunke : Tell us something about yourself :

Imani : I’m a 20 year old journalism major. I’ve always had a passion to help, inform, or entertain others through my writing. One big achievement was one of my writing pieces about self love was featured on Khloe Kardashians app alongside a full feature including some of my pictures from instagram. My love for beauty and fashion inspired me to create my own YouTube channel which I’m happy is steadily growing and my subscribers love my videos. I enjoy taking quality pictures for my Instagram whether it’s of my outfits, makeup, interests, etc. to see the overall aesthetic of my Instagram theme, following accounts that inspire me creatively, and interacting with every follower who takes their time to comment or like. I’m all about positivity and inspiring through my creativity throughout every outlet.

Fxshnjunke : Tell us about the business/brand that you have. ( Tell us any and everything ) :

 Imani : I currently have a YouTube Channel (imanirechelle) that consist of beauty, fashion, reviews, other interests, etc. As I create content I notice the amount of love I get underneath my videos and reply back to everyone. I’ve been contacted by some business to review their products or merchandise on my Channel. I soon plan to start my own website to sort of merge my Instagram and YouTube channel content and of course add extra aspects to it. 

Fxshnjunke : What do you like about fashion ?

Imani : Fashion isn’t definant, you can’t define it. Everyone has their own style and look. I love how you can put together clothing pieces to make various different looks and outfits that just turn out really dope. 

Fxshnjunke : Favorite places to shop ?:

Imani : Depop (app for thrifting), Fashion Nova, Urbanog, boohoo, garage, Steve Madden, Forever 21, Khols 

Fxshnjunke : Favorite current trends ?:

Imani : I love oversized vintage long sleeve baggy shirts and cut them into crop tops with the sleeves still extra baggy with a pair of high waisted jeans. I also love Oversized hoop earrings, I see them all the time mixed with different looks and it just works.

Fxshnjunke : How did you hear about Fxshnjunke ?:

Imani : Instagtam 

Fxshnjunke : What are some of your goals for 2017?

Imani : To do great in my upcoming college classes, and on my free time dedicate to my craft of writing, Youtube, and blogging. Along the while put myself out there for potential opportunities and weigh the ones that just naturally come to me through serendipity

Fxshnjunke : Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years ?: 

Imani : In five years I see myself Graduated with my Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications Journalism and working at a fashion magazine. I also want to open my own clothing boutique, continue to do Youtube and blogging.

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edited by @dasiatheceo