Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight goes to 20 year old DFW ,Texas native and Trelyn Spencer. Trelyn came to us to express how much there isn’t a big fashion community in his area and  that he is an aspiring model and stylist. In our interview we talk fashion, views on his sexuality in the Dallas and more !


I’m such a Goofball I try to find the goodness and comedy in every aspect of my life.

Dasia: What do you like most about fashion ?

Trelyn: What I like about fashion is that it isn’t something that you are born with. You have to find your passion and your love for the craft. Fashion tells a lot about you without having to speak.
Dasia: What is your dream job ?

Trelyn: My Dream Job is to be a respected ,Creative Director for a fashion campaign and celeb stylist.

Dasia: What do you like to do in your spare time ?

Trelyn: In my spare time I loveee to read !!! I get lost in books so fast. It instantly transports me to an unseen world. I just love the mystery behind a good book. Also I love tennis it’s a real stress reliever and good exercise.

How would you describe your style ?

Trelyn: I describe my style as GQ man of the year meets edgy androgynous street punk lol. I’m so quirky in that way I could wake up dying to put on a pair of 6 inch pumps and get all Kim K sexy, but other times I find the pleasure of putting on nice slacks and oxfords for a very debonair look.

Dasia: You are an aspiring model , stylist and actor which one are you most passionate about ?

Trelyn: Acting has always been one of my passions ,but I’m most passionate about modeling and styling . To see someone wearing pieces I’ve put together or to see me expressing myself in a photo just make me so giddy and so excited because there was a point in my life were fashion was obsolete for me.


Dasia: You told me about how there isn’t any opportunity for gay males in Dallas , why do you feel that way ?

Trelyn: I honestly feel that the LGBT community in Dallas is very negative for the most part. People here support popularity not talent so there is a lot of meaningless competition and people not being genuinely happy for others. With that being said I feel that the fashion opportunities are minimal for someone like me who takes this really seriously
Dasia: What are some of your favorite trends ?

Trelyn: Some of my fav trends includes the corset I live for this trend because it screams the Victorian Renaissance era which I happen to love so much , another trend I die for is the fishnets trend, I just think it’s so edgy and so punk when done right. Of course I am here for anything Rihanna or Kim K , they are my spirit animals

Dasia: I’m obsessed with the fishnets trend too !! What are some of your favorite places to shop ?

Trelyn: I’m really weird on the places I shop I’m not really a brand whore, so If I see potential pieces that I love I’ll get it. I usually shop at H&M, Zara , Kash House Boutique, Forever 21, And a lot of Vintage Stores


Dasia: How did you hear about Fxshnjunke ?

Trelyn: I heard about Fxshhnjunke just scrolling through my TL. I clicked on your page and fell Inlove with your feed and your ability to bring a lot of fashion lovers together.

Dasia: Yassssssss ! Thats the goal lol ! speaking of goals, What are some of your goals for 2017 ?

Trelyn: Oh wow goals for 2017 is to go back off to school to study more fashion,  also I’m working on a new YouTube channel and Snapchat type of blog so please follow me on snap @ Roikingz

Dasia: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years ?

Trelyn: 5 years I see myself in New York , learning everything I need to know about the fashion and industry and slaying NYFW


Keep up with Trelyn’s dope outfits  @stylesbyhoward

Written by @dasiatheceo