Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight features one of our favorite fashion killers ! 23 year old Germany native, Vanessa Kaymaz aka Vay xx talks with us about studying fashion , her style and more !

Dasia: I loooveee your outfits . How would you describe your style ?

Vayxx: How I describe my style? Fashion has always been a big deal in my life.For me it’s not just about combining an outfit, it’s about expressing yourself, making a statement wherever you go. I don’t believe in rules when it comes to fashion. I love to try new things and to discover new fashion trends.

Dasia: Where are some of your favorite places to shop ?

Vayxx: My favorite place to shop was NEW YORK

Dasia: What do you think most people follow you for ?

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Vayxx: I think most people follow me for see my fashion and lifestyle? I don’t care? i am just being me

Dasia: What are some of your favorite trends right now ?

Vayxx: My fav trends at the moment? Hmmm I think the color ORANGE!!! and used vintage looks.

Dasia: I love seeing you and @rachelrebxll together, how did you guys meet ?

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Vayxx: Rachel & I met one year ago only to talk and drink a coffee, now she is a really good friend and I love her and her work a lot! definitely most people ask Rachel and me : are you sisters?

Dasia: Your pictures are bomb ! What camera do you use ?

Vayxx: For my pictures i use my iPhone 7 plus or Canon D700

Dasia:  What are two fun facts about you that nobody knows.

Vayxx: Two facts about me that nobody know? I hate feet and love oreos

Dasia: LMAO feet tho ? lol , I see you love traveling, where are some of your favorites places you’ve been too so far ?

Vayxx: My favorite place was NEW YORK and Cyprus.. I hope next time LA

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Dasia: What are some of your favorite fashion brands ?
Vayxx: My favorite fashion brand is FEAR OF GOD – but it’s soooo expensive.

Dasia: I love posting you on Fxshnjunke and you’ve always been a true supporter ! When did you first notice Fxshnjunke ?

Vayxx: I notice Fxshnjunke a long time ago, I like to see some inspirations

Dasia: What are some of your goals for 2017?

Vayxx: My Goals for 2017 – BE HAPPY AND SUCCESSFUL!

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Written by @dasiatheceo