Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight features male fashion influencer , Danielo Costa originating from Mallora Island, who describes himself as “dreamy, a fighter , creative and a perfectionist”. We linked up with him to talk fashion and his beginnings in the fashion world.

Dasia: When did you know that you wanted to be apart of the fashion industry ?

Danielo: I always liked dressing well. 2 years ago I began to take pictures with my style and to publish them in Instagram. That’s when it all started

Dasia: When did you start modeling ?

Danielo: Sincerely the first time that model was for a magazine in Germany when I was 10 years old. Maybe that made me like fashion in the future.

Dasia: What challenges have you faced since becoming a model  ?

Danielo: Day to day is a constant challenge, without this there is no fun

Dasia: What are some of your favorite fashion brands?

Danielo: All are favorites because they are all done with effort and illusion. But my favorite at the moment is Mike Amiri and it’s a dream to wear a look with yours pieces

Dasia: How would you describe your style ?

Danielo: At this moment we could say street rocker

Dasia: What are some of your favorite current trends ?

Danielo: Give a rocker touch in my outfits

Dasia: What are some brands that you have modeled for so far ?

Danielo: I am very happy with the confidence that brands have with me @alivedenim , @otheruk ,@orzhaus ,@projectxparis ,  @jaffarystudios , @danielpatrick_ , @aviorclothing , @favelaclothing . All those who are interested in knowing more, you just have to go through my instagram

Dasia: Have you modeled in runway shows ? If so, which ones ?

Danielo: I have not thought about that, but I would never say no.

Dasia: How long has it been since being in Spain ?

Danielo: We came here i was 9 years old. I guess it was the sun and the sea, haha

Dasia: What is the culture like in Spain?

Danielo: In Spain there is culture, but there is still to develop; New trends, new styles. Here we are working to develop all these innovations

Dasia: If someone was to visit Spain, what are some places you recommend for food, shopping, etc ?

Danielo: If you want to come to Spain I recommend Mallorca, it’s my island. There are beautiful beaches and landscapes. Mediterranean food is the healthiest. If you want to party there is a party. But please respect the island. Is listed as one of the 10 best places in the world

Dasia: Where are some of your favorite places to shop whether if it online or in store ?

Danielo: Favorite places to shop, New York and Los Angeles.

Dasia: What is some advice you can give an aspiring male model for wants to pursue modeling as a career ?

Danielo: here is nothing that is not possible to do. If you feel it, you dream it, you fight it. everything is possible. Above all, constancy is the most important

Dasia: Is it hard being in a fashion dominated industry ?

Danielo: If it was not difficult, it would be boring

Dasia: Where are some of your favorite places to travel to ?

Danielo: At the moment Los Angeles, California. I go every year to see the news.Traveling is one of the things I like the most, the whole world is beautiful.

Dasia : Have you ever heard of Fxshnjunke before ? If not, what are your thoughts ?

Danielo: I’ll test you, with this interview haha 🙂

Dasia: Ouuuuuu I love a challenge lol. Well, what are some of your goals for 2017 ?

Danielo: I have projects in mind, but I do not like to reveal anything until it’s a reality. I just know it will be a good year

Dasia: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years ?

Danielo: I’m not a fortune teller haha, I just want to be happy and live day to day. We will see what awaits us in 5 years. There is still much time

Be sure to follow Danielo @danielo_costa

Written by @dasiatheceo