Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight features a 24 year old  Dallas , Texas native who is an entrepreneur and bomb hair braider, Latrease Jordan. We linked up with her to talk about how she started doing hair, what her future goals as an hairstylist is and more !
Dasia: How did you get into doing hair ?
Latrease: I’ve actually been braiding since the age of 10. I actually took my craft serious two years ago. One day I woke up literally and was like I refuse to work a 9 to 5 I rather be my own boss and every since that day I have been braiding. I actually quit my job at fedex to braid full time.
Dasia: What inspired you to actually want to pursue being a hairstylist ?
Latrease: I actually got inspired by one of my fellow instagramers @Idlelocs I always admired her work and not may people in my area offer goddess locs or faux locs , so I took advantage of that and offered a service that I knew is most popular.
Dasia: What is the most request style customers ask for ?
Latrease: Goddess locs are the most requested at the moment it has been one of the most popular styles that I offer.
Dasia: Do you do any other styles other than braiding ? If so, what kind ?
Latrease: At the moment I am only doing braids I don’t offer any other styles other than braids.
Dasia: Have you ever had a customer come from out of town just to get their hair done by you ?
Latrease: I actually have multiple clients that have come from out of town specially for me and I find it amazing I am very blessed to have them.
Dasia: If any new customers would like to book an appointment with you how can they do that ?
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Latrease: If you guys are interested in booking with @latrease.jordan @braidsbytrease please visit the link below .
Dasia: You have a cute style , what are some of your favorite places to shop ?
Latrease: Favorite places to shop would be number one FOREVER21! I swear I’m there every other day .Most of my clothes are from there I’m not into high end like that because it’s not that serious to me. I also shop at love culture as well and pac sun is another one of my favs.
I am very ambitious like if I want something I will go out and get it I don’t look for hand outs I have always been that way and I’m very independent.- Latrease 
Dasia: How would you describe your style ?
Latrease: I would describe my style tomboy/90s ish , really the way I dress depends on the type of mood I’m in or the type of place I’m going.
Dasia: Besides hair , what are some other things you like to do ?
Latrease: Outside of braiding when I have spare time I model , Before I put my braiding skills to work I was modeling , but now I feel I’m always at the shop so I hardly have time to do anything , once the weekend hits its a total different story because I most definitely T up! Haha
Dasia: Yesssss LOL !! What are your favorite type of shoes you like to wear ?
Latrease: My favorite shoes at the moment are vans , fenty creepers and reebok I have sooooo many so it’s hard to choose a favorite at the moment.
Dasia: What do you think most of your followers are following you for ?
Latrease: On the business side most of them follow me on my business page for business as far as my personal page the entertainment and because of my sense of style.
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Dasia: Have you ever heard of Fxshnjunke before ?
Latrease: I’ve actually heard of Fxshnjunke before from a fellow instagramer.
Dasia: Aweee. yasssss lol . What are some of your goals for 2017?
Latrease: A few goals that I have for 2017 business wise are to continue to expand my brand and my name and become a travel braider and get a few celebrities under my belt hair wise. Start looking for a building for my own beauty bar etc.
Dasia: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years ?
Latrease: In the next 5 years I see myself owning my own beauty bar , married with children and traveling the world living comfortably with a popular business that is BOOMING!
Be sure to follow Latrease on all of her social media accounts and book her for your next hair appt ! Instagram- @latrease.jordan Hair page: @braidsbytrease l Twitter- @latreasejayy l Facebook- @teeakjordan YouTube- @latreasejordan

Written by @dasiatheceo