Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight features a 24 year old Boston, Masssachusetts native, Andrea Booker. Currently studying Fashion Merchandising at Bay State College along with being a business owner ,  Andrea talks with us about how she started designing and how she maintains school while building a brand.


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Dasia: What inspired you to start a business ?

Andrea: I love fashion and I’ve always dreamt of having my own boutique one day.  I’m also a choker lover who eventually got tired of purchasing the same styles for a high price in retail stores. So, I decided to create my own affordable choker line that would offer a variety of different styles to fit all types of females.

Dasia: How long have you been designing ?

Andrea: I have been designing my own clothing and bags since 2008, on and off. I fell in love with fashion during my freshmen year of high school, when I decided to take a sewing class as an elective. From there, I was obsessed with designing my own style and products. That same year, my mom bought me a sewing machine for Christmas and I just started creating little things for myself. I eventually realized I wanted to do jewelry design rather than apparel design.

Dasia: How long has it been since you been in business ?

Andrea: Drea Designs was established in October 2016. I have been in business for six months now!

Dasia: What are the some of the products that you sell ?

Andrea: As of right now, I sell affordable and stylish handmade chokers for all types of females to slay in. I eventually plan to expand to a variety of different accessories.

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Dasia: How long does it take you to design an item ?

Andrea: One choker takes me anywhere between 5-10 minutes to make. It’s honestly pretty simple once you get the hang of it!

Dasia: What is your top selling item that your customers seem to love much?

Andrea: I would have to say the Rhinestone choker collection, especially the silver rhinestone because you can wear it with almost anything.

Dasia :Aside from having a business, there is always things that go on behind the scenes, what are some of the obstacles you faced since having your business ?

Andrea: Let me just start off by saying this…starting your own business is NOT EASY but it’s SO WORTH IT, especially if you create a successful business. I created my entire business by myself and that right there was a challenge. Also, I think finding a way to juggle being a full time student, working, and having my own business was the toughest obstacle this year. But, I was very determined and stuck with my ideas, that’s how I get it done!

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Dasia: What are some of your favorite places to shop ?

Andrea: I don’t really have a favorite shopping place, I just love to shop everywhere. But one of my favorite online boutique’s right now is Fashion Nova. They have so many different styles, great prices and they always have new arrivals.

Dasia: What are your current favorite trends ?

Andrea: Hmmm, well for jewelry I definitely would say chokers is my favorite trend. I don’t think chokers could ever go out of style, lol! But I also love the mule shoes, the corsets and the lingerie dressing looks.

Dasia: What is the fashion community like in Boston ?

Andrea: Boston has never really been big on fashion in the way that NYC and LA have been. When it comes to fashion, it’s very rare to find someone in Boston who’s really standing out from the crowd. Everyone’s fashion is pretty dull here, it’s definitely different then the fashion in NYC. Don’t get me wrong, I know some very talented fashion driven people who are working hard just like me, to put Boston on the map when it comes to the fashion industry.

Dasia: You mentioned that you also travel back and forth to Cali, where are your favorite places to go out there ?

Andrea: I love to go fabric shopping in California and NYC because they have the best trim stores, of course! I’m actually receiving my associate degree in Fashion Merchandising this upcoming May. I’m hoping to take my talents to FIDM in Los Angeles.

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Dasia: How did you notice Fxshnjunke ?

Andrea: I first noticed Fxshnjunke when I started seeing mutual friends and fashion driven individuals being interviewed by Fxshnjunke. I’m so glad I found this fashion page because I love what the website is doing. There isn’t many people out there who will listen or even give you an opportunity to speak about your start up! I appreciate it!

Dasia: What are some of your goals for 2017?

Andrea: My two main goals for the year of 2017 is to graduate college and to continue working on the expansion for my business.

Dasia: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years ?

Andrea: In 5 years, I see myself as a college graduate, opening up my fashion boutique and living wealthy in a house I call my own!

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Be sure to follow Andrea at @drea.designs. Shop her online store at

Written by @dasiatheceo