Let’s take an inside look at a cute and affordable Toronto based online store ” Baditude The Label” . We caught up with 24 year old owner Kristen Jessica on how she started her own business and where she sees Badtitude in the future.

Dasia: Tell me a little bit more about yourself?

Kristen: Well my name is Kristen Jessica and I’m a Fashion Design Graduate. I’ve always had an interest for creating my own clothes and accessories ever since the second grade. I started to take it more seriously after high school and received my Diploma in Fashion Design in 2013. Since then I’ve been involved in many fashion shows and featured in Flare Magazine.

Dasia: What inspired you to start your own business?

Kristen: In addition to my fashion background, I’ve always wanted to gain more knowledge on the business side of fashion. So throughout years I’ve created a small business venture such as Baditude to gain hands on experience.

Dasia: How long has it been since launching?

Kristen: I launched Baditude in March of 2016 so it’s been almost year since we’ve been in business.

Dasia: How did you come up with the name Baditude The Label?

Kristen: I’ve always had a thing for combining words and creating meanings for them. Baditude was formed by combining “Baddie” and “Attitude” together. Hence our slogan: “It’s always a good day to be a Baddie with an Attitude”.

Dasia: For new customers that are shopping, what kind of products can they expect to see?

Kristen: As any designer who wants to run a successful business, many of my product ideas are derived from my target customers interest. If you follow me on social media, you’ll see that I run many polls on clothing and accessories. I ask my followers which item they would prefer which gives me insight of what products I should create and stock for my store.

( Above: Customers in Baditude products, @vicmram, @sleeepyzee, @gemmabarrettmua @poeticdrugs )

Dasia: What/who are some of your inspirations?

Kristen: Most of my inspiration comes from businesses who are similar to me and are very successful. It helps a lot to make connections with them and ask them for their advice on running a business.

Dasia: What are some of the obstacles that you’ve faced when starting your business?

Kristen: Everyday is a learning experience. I come across many situations that I never thought I would have to deal with but I always come up a solution that not only satisfies my customer but also protect my business. The most common obstacle I face always involves shipping issues. Many customers expect for you to have the same shipping standards of bigger companies. However, small businesses are usually only operated by the business owner and/or a small team. When you receive an influx of orders after a huge sale or around the holiday season, it can be difficult to keep up. I find that as long as I communicate regularly with my customers, for the most part they’ll be understanding.

Dasia: What is the message Baditude wants their customers to know?

Kristen: When you purchase from a small business, you’re not only receiving an amazing product but you’re helping to bring someone’s vision and dream to life. Although Baditude has been very successful, I intend on using the funds I gained from this business venture to create a larger fashion empire.

Dasia: What can customers expect from Baditude this year?

Kristen: To be honest, I didn’t think Baditude would last this long because when I started it was more of a small project to sell trendy dad hats. I quickly realized that it could be so much more. Many of my customers are between the age of 16-23 and are looking for accessories that they can afford on a budget. So I plan to keep providing trendy accessories at an affordable price.

Dasia: Have you ever heard of Fxshjunke before ? If not what are your thoughts?

Kristen: Yes, in fact one of my friends, Jalen Nelson/Lick My Fashion, was featured before. So I was extremely honored when you reached out to have my business featured 🙂

Dasia: Yess I love Jalen ! ( Check out Jalen’s interview here ). Aside from that ,. What are some of your own personal goals for this year?

Kristen: As I mentioned earlier, I started Baditude The Label as a learning venture. So I plan to use my experience as a stepping stone towards having a bigger brand and platform in the fashion industry.

Dasia: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Kristen: I usually don’t plan that far ahead as a lot can change in that time but I do hope to see myself fully self-employed and designing for a larger clientele.


Make sure to shop Baditude at baditudethelabel.com and Follow them on Instagram @baditudethelabel and on Twitter @baditudelabel


Written by @dasiatheceo