Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight features a girl boss who loves God and self-development . 21 year old Philly native Ms.Britney M  is a Youtuber, blogger and entrepreneur who is  an example of having her hands in so many things such as her  group “Sister In Christ” , sunglass line “Skyline Frames” and new hair business “My Hair Dealer” along while still maintaining a regular 9-5 job . Dasia had the opportunity to link up with Britney to hear her story about moving from Philly to Atlanta and starting her businesses.

Dasia: Your so inspirational to a lot of young woman including myself. I think I noticed one of your videos when you were at 6K subbies and to see how much you’ve grown to almost 20K is BOMB! ! So let’s go back for minute, Moving all the way from Philly to ATL ,How did you feel about moving down south ?

Britney: I found out I was moving down south a week before I graduated high school and I hated the thought of it. I was so angry at my parents I felt like they were being selfish. I thought I had my life all planned out and obviously God just had different plans for me and my family. The transition was extremely hard, I cried a lot. I tried to figure out ways to stay back home but honestly moving down South has been the best thing that ever happened to me. I’m happy that we did move, I’m able to see a different way of living. I can explore the world , I can say that I’ve lived up north and I’ve lived down south so my network has grown. I’ve met so many different cultures and people.

Dasia: Once you got to ATL is pretty much when you started your Youtube Channel and blog Ms.BritneyM , Talk to me about that , What inspired you to start a Youtube channel  and your blog ?

Britney:  Once I moved down south in the beginning I didn’t have any friends or a job I was literally starting over and so my blog and my YouTube channel was just a way to stay busy. It was too late for me to start school so I had to sit out a semester so during that time that’s when I started my YouTube channel that’s when I started blogging and then I actually found my pastor’s wife’s blog Heather Lindsay and so I just started to research different bloggers and different YouTubers I spent a lot of my time online when I first move down south and so that’s what started my own blog and YouTube channel.

Dasia: What do you think keeps you motivated everyday ?

Britney: The one thing that keeps me motivated everyday is my list of goals and so I live by this quote that Life is about a list of goals you check off daily”. So I have accomplishments in my head that I definitely want to check off of my list of goals for my own life so that keeps me motivated each and every day always focusing on the bigger picture.

Dasia: You started a sunglass business called Skyline Frames , talk to me about how you started Skyline Frames . What inspired you to become a entrepreneur?

Britney: I’m a marketing & advertising major, Skyline frames was actually a marketing plan that I did for a final project. At the time I was working at Nordstrom for about a year and one day we had this huge party at my job and the CEO of Nordstrom came and he explained to us that the store was closing down. Some of us would be able to get transferred and then the rest of us will kind of just have to figure it out and so I just decided to use my very last check to start Skyline frames and I just use my marketing plan template for my business and it’s been striving ever since.

Dasia: Wow that’s crazy !  You’ve started so many businesses on your own which were gonna talk about , especially because you mentioned in some of your vlogs that some of these are completely out of your field, what advice can you give to anyone who wants to starts so many businesses but are afraid because its not their specialty ?

Britney: Sometimes you just have to bank on yourself I learned most of what I know reading books and studying other entrepreneurs so in order to run a successful business you have to study other successful businesses.  Also always remember that if you can’t do something you can always hire someone else to do what you can’t do.

Dasia: I love how open you are when you talk about alot of your personal experiences regarding things such as relationships, financial advice, friendships and more. Me also being 21 and an aspiring entrepreneur its not easy, What obstacles have you faced other than you losing your employment at Nordstorm ?

Britney: Starting your own business is hard and I feel like social media makes everything seem so easy my very first customer I messed up her order and I sent her the wrong product. I’m always dealing with new customers who want you to go above and beyond. Mistakes happen and me running my own business shipping out products running my own customer service it’s a lot. So making sure your business is legal and it’s registered it’s a lot to keep up. Making sure you’re still taking care of customer service and then being in charge of the marketing then making sure you have enough product saving as much money as possible on your product it’s a lot learning the cheapest way to ship out inventory I mean it’s just a lot to study and it’s a lot to master but it’s not impossible. The hardest obstacle was keeping up with the legal things its more than an online store I want my businesses to pay taxes and make my kids money one day.

Dasia: You are also the creator of Sisters of Christ , and you just released the official app for it, Congrats ! For anyone who doesn’t know what Sister of Christ, What made you create this movement ?

Britney: In the beginning I didn’t really have a group of girls close to my age or even a group of males close to my age with the same type of relationship or as passion about their religion around me. So I really wanted to create some type of group where young Christians could all gather and connect and motivate each other and keep each other accountable and talk about things like religion, being saved while young or even having to compromise. At first I really wanted to make a blog but I decided to create an app that way we can have a group chat where you can talk to young Christians all over the world and you guys can connect together and just vent to each other and so I decided to make it just for girls because I notice as a female being young being saved and then also being a millennial it’s extremely hard and so it’s hard to have that balance sometimes you feel like you have to compromise when it comes to your life so I just wanted a group of girls to be able to connect and I understand about that compromise in life that we sometimes feel like we have to meet.

Dasia: Now lets talk about My Hair Dealer which is your hairline company , what kind of hair do you sell ?

Britney : My hair company kind of just fell into my lap so I got this opportunity to run my own business and be the face of my own hair company without having to worry about shipping and inventory so I thought it was such a great idea and I jumped on it so we sell Brazilian and Malaysian hair we also sell frontals and closures that I’m absolutely obsessed with that I’m able to share on my YouTube channel

Dasia: What was your thoughts about even starting a hair company ?

Britney: At first I didn’t really want to start the company because I’m in Atlanta everyone has their own hair company but at the same time I have my own brand and so I’m personally extremely cheap I’m really big on budgeting and saving money so I figured why not offer a product that I know girls will love girls would use most importantly and they will save money so it just made sense for me.


Dasia: Let’s talk about how your couple Youtube channel with your boyfriend Bry, is growing so rapidly. How did Bry feel about starting a Youtube channel at first ?

Britney: Honestly Brian has been wanting to start a YouTube channel since I met him he started to look at other YouTube couples and he always felt like we were funnier or we were more entertaining and I was completely against it since I already had my own YouTube channel and so I started to include him in my videos on my channel and I noticed that every time he’s in a video we get higher views. So I finally gave in and decided to start a YouTube channel with him and we have hit over 20,000 subscribers in 4 weeks we’ve made a lot of money so far and the love has been incredible we’ve officially passed the numbers on my own YouTube channel sometimes it’s bittersweet but I’m just so excited to be able to have a business with a person I plan on building a future with and it’s just important that we stick to the love and build other streams of income aside from our career.

Dasia: What can we expect from all of your businesses in 2017 ?

Britney: In 2017 I’m just focused on producing good content that’s all I want to do for the new year I don’t really want any new businesses I just want to keep growing and bettering the businesses I’m already trying to manage now so stay tuned for more Sisters in Christ more Skyline frames sales, more YouTube videos and more sales on my

Dasia: Have you heard of Fxshnjunke before ? If not, what are your thoughts ?

Britney: I have heard of the blog before and I actually really like how many young Millennials are featured on the blog that’s my favorite part I spend a lot of my time looking at interviews and reading interviews just learning from different entrepreneurs so the blog is a great resource for the type of contents that I’m interested in love the blog

Dasia: Thanks so much love ! Last question before we go , Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years ?

Britney: In 5 years I will be 26 I just see myself financially free, with my college degree still managing multiple businesses having different streams of income, married with a huge house happy and closer to God than I’ve ever been honestly.

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