Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight gets an inside look at a dope brand by the name of “Sweats By Stew” . We had a chance to link up with the 27 year old owner,  Chi – town native Brittany Stewart aka”STEW” on how she started her clothing line from the ground up.  In this interview Stew gives us her story on how she went from quitting her job in Houston to moving back home and becoming a full time entrepreneur.
Dasia: I noticed your brand via Twitter and I seen how many retweets you get from not only your customers wearing your brand but the inspirational FACTS you tweet and I loooove it lol . Walk me through your journey on how Sweats by Stew came along .
Brittany: Sweats By Stew came along roughly two and a half years ago but it’s been a thought since I was in college. (When I knew I wanted to create a clothing line) At the time I was working at F21 as a Visual Manager in the galleria Of Houston, I loved my job but I just knew I was worth way more. I took a random trip to Chicago to visit my family cause of course that’s where I from. I basically quit my job and didn’t go back to Houston. I stayed in Chicago for a few months and I started to come up with a plan. A plan to start this clothing line, I didn’t have a name YET or knew where to start. I begin to sketch every day, sweats suits. They were original and different then other clothing lines. So finally I came up with SWEATS BY STEW, I probably had a good $200 to my name. I ended up getting my logo done for free. With the rest of the money I got chains and started selling them for extra money. In the midst of this I went back to Houston and I found a seamstress. The seamstress would sew my first sweat suits. I had deleted my Instagram for about a year or so. My first post on my new Instagram was my logo and the date I would debut “Sweats By Stew” it’s still there and sometimes when I wanna give up I scroll all the way down my IG to see how far I’ve come!
Dasia: How has it been since starting Sweats By Stew? What do you think keeps you motivated everyday ?
Brittany: Its been a roller coaster since starting sweats by stew. Overall I wouldn’t trade the sacrifices for nothing in the world! Failure keeps me motivated every day, I’m so

scared to lose or be forgotten about so I work overtime to stay relevant!

Dasia: What was your reaction seeing people wearing your brand for the first time ?
Brittany: I wasn’t surprised seeing people wear my brand. I’m not trying to be cocky but I knew people would like it cause its relatable and different. But the more people started supporting me, the more passionate I became! It’s like it gives you a rush!
Dasia: What inspires your designs ?
Brittany: Everything inspires my designs, holidays, other fashion designers, I may be passing by something and randomly get an idea, I then put it in my notes and bring it to life
Dasia: What is the best selling product that your customers seem to like the most ?
Brittany : My best selling product is my classic “Zero Fucks Given” tee in men and women
I work extremely hard to maintain my business, I quit a full time great paying job to live out my dreams and passion, I haven’t looked back since! – Brittany
Dasia: What is some advice you can give anyone who wants to start their own clothing brand ?
Brittany: Some advice I would give someone who wants to start their own clothing line is to do more and talk less. Be original and persistent! Never do it for
the money, if you want to make money get a job but if you truly love fashion start a brand!
Dasia: Name 3 celebrities you want to see in your brand?
Brittany: 3 celebs will be Teyana Taylor, Young Thug & Cassie
Dasia: What are some of your favorite trends for winter 2017 ?
Brittany: Fav trends net tights, fur shaw, trousers, velour and over sized anything
Dasia: Favorite brand/ places to shop for both shoes and clothes.
Brittany: My fav places to shop are Zara, the Gap, Urban Outfitters and Saks for shoes lol
Dasia: Have you heard of Fxshnjunke before? If not , what are your thoughts.
Brittany: I haven’t heard of it before but I went and did my research and I think it’s really cool and a great way to enlighten people on small brands on the come up
Dasia: What can your customers expect from you and your brand in 2017 ?
Brittany: My customers can expect nonstop releases and originality in 2017. More men’s clothes are coming and I’ll be bringing sweats back
Dasia: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years ?
Brittany: In 5 years I see myself with a store, degree and Sweats By Stew will carry babies, kids, women’s and men’s ! A host of accessories and I want to design a handbag/luggage!



Be sure to shop Sweats by Stew at  and follow Brittany on IG and Twitter @sweatsbystew

Written by @dasiatheceo