Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight features 23 year old Belarus and Moscow fashion blogger , Antony aka Delta Mars who is a lover of street , style aspiring designer and creator. In this interview we talk how he started his own clothing line, some of his favorite places in Moscow and more.



Dasia: How did you get into fashion?

Antony: I always liked to look good and during high school times I became interested in a variety of clothing brands, try to find some of them here… [Moscow] but when you’re schoolboy from Belarus you can’t afford to buy full collection of Givenchy under Riccardo Tisci, which at that time was my biggest passion. Over time I increase the range of exciting brands for myself and became to my own sense of style and fashion.

Dasia: Your style is so dope, how would you describe your style?

Antony: Thank you again. It’s fully street style only, I don’t get into all this traditionally men clothing with suits and short, in my opinion, t-shirts, don’t hate it, but it isn’t for me. I like a lot of luxury brands, but look at their new collection now, all of them are inspired by street style.

Dasia: I’m such an advocate for layering, what are some key tips for anyone who wants to portray that look?

Antony: I absolutely love layering! The most important thing is: have basic long tank tops as the lowermost layer. As basic I mean black, white, grey, burgundy and another 2 or 3 of colors that you wear. Also important for layering is a flannels, in warm times it’ll be your top layer. I have too much in my collection and do it in F.G.L. line too.

Dasia: Your also a designer and creator of your own clothing line which is called FGL. What inspired you to become a designer?

Antony: At first I want to mention that I do it with my very good close friend Dima Bychick. As I mentioned above, I started to get involved in good clothes in high school. Since that time I was looking for the perfect form of clothing for myself. I have tried many types of clothing,  it was wide jeans as Fat Joe would wear and super skinny as Lil Wayne. I have understood that clothes always need to change for yourself & after it I thought “why can’t I  just do  everything by myself”. So..this is it.

Dasia: What does FGL stand for? What kind of clothing do you design?

Antony: It’s clothing where we are feeling our self. This is mantra, most important thing: to do what you like for yourself , what you would wear for yourself. It makes absolutely no sense to do something without passion and love. All divided seasonal, but main thing is shirts with perfect color and tailoring on our opinion, flannels & ripped denim.

Dasia: If someone wants to start their own clothing brand, what are some good manufacturers that can help?

Antony: Ohhh…the very first step is to define creativity, can you make t-shirts or denim, paint or create new forms. After should talk with experienced local brand owners. Here [in Moscow], everything is completely different in the industrial sector from all over the world, so it’s hard to say really. But everywhere there is a college where they teach seamstresses, there really can always help with the start of production.

Dasia: I want to visit Moscow someday! ,and I love the Russian fashion culture, What are some of your favorite Russian brands?

Antony: Sounds good! So…you obligatorily need to check Volchok Clothing ( & Actual Negative (, these two brands of clothing are made by one person. First is a very famous and the second not popular here, but you need to check it out. Local hyped graphic t-shirts by Sever Clothing ( and Dobrota ( Very good winter jackets by Grunge John Orchestra & for fashion Outlaw Moscow, Daniil Landar, crazy talented Tigran Avetisyan, Sorry I’m Not, NAIDAL and Alexandre Plokhov.

Dasia: This is bomb, I definitely have to check it out. Where are some of your favorite places to shop?

Antony: Internet..really much easier to find something on the internet and simply order. Vintage shops can be good too. Love Tsvetnoy. For basic it’s H&M & Zara, Adidas & Vans for good shoes.
Dasia : For anyone who wants to visit Moscow, where are some places to visit, shop, eat ,etc?

Antony: Visit: Red Square, MMOMA, design center ARTPLAY, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, RusImp Museum, Triumph Gallery, Multimedia Art Museum and Tretyakov Gallery.
Shop: Tsvetnoy Central Market, they got everything; SVMoscow – they get exclusive collaboration with Vetements and Kim K. rock it; KM20  – they collab with FourTwoFour on Fairfax; Flacon; GUM; TSUM.
Eat: Fruits&Veges (at ARTPLAY), Haineken bar, 45th Parallel (at Tsvetnoy) but best to try street food because it’s always unique.
Dasia: You also do some modeling for different brands in the Moscow area, what brands have you worked with. ?

Antony: Always with Volchok includes events, lookbook and runaway. Also BRVSKI, Sever, Dobrota, Artgo, Tvoi Vrag and Alex Pierre.
Dasia: How did you bear about Fxshnjunke? What do you think about it ?

Antony: Instagram. I think you do great work, this interviews, own since of style, streetwear shoots, personal content all look good.
Dasia: What are some of your goals for 2017?

Antony: I wanna make some secret poison collabs, do more of flannels and denims. Make a lot of clothes and get out of the country is fashion sense.
Dasia: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Antony: Hopefully start a big fashion line and work on it at the very least. I wanna visit a row of cities to this time, so I don’t correctly know at this time. But I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I want be on top…everybody wanna be on top.

Make sure to follow Antony @deltamars for more of his dope outfits.
Written by @dasiatheceo