Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight goes to 24 year old DMV native DomoRay aka Yamo who young Painter/Designer thats into fashion and is trying to take advantage of his gifts & talents to pave the way for others.Orginally born in Seat Pleasant, MD and currently in Woodbridge, VA , Domo talks with us about how he started his own clothing line, gives us some tips and more.

Dasia: So lets go back to the beginning, what inspired you to create your own clothing line ?

Domo: What inspired me? Honestly…MY PEERS. In high school I was that small little shy kid that was always fashionable. Everybody always said I should of started a line , but I brushed it off then.

Dasia: What does FFNR clothing stand for ? How long has it been since you started it ?

Domo: FFNR(fin-nar) Forever Fly Never Regular. I officially released it back in March 2015.

Dasia: What was the process like of you getting your brand out there in the DMV fashion community ?

Domo: A whole lot of networking. People reposting my brand via Instagram etc. The first year was dope.

Dasia: Your designs are really dope! Do you design everything from the tops, hats, jackets etc ?

Domo: Thank you. Yes the designs ideas & everything comes from me until I build a team.
Dasia: When did people start to notice your brand ?

Domo: My first year honestly. I was selling out on every release. I just have to do more shows/pop up shops this year to stay notice.

Dasia: What school did/do you attend?

Domo: NOVA ( Northern Virgina Community College ) , dropped out back in 2011. Either I wasn’t prepared or it wasn’t for me. I salute everyone that’s in school & graduating.

Dasia: How do you react when you see people wearing your brand ?

Domo: Like a fat kid loves cake, its heartwarming! Seriously its a great feeling, especially from someone you dont know. I appreciate my fanbase!

Dasia: How can anyone buy some of these dope items from FFNR Clothing ?

Domo: Go online:
Instagram/Twitter: @FFNR_clothing

Dasia: For anyone who wants to start their own clothing brand, what are some tips and advice you would give them?

Domo: Surprisingly I get asked this from people all the time & try to help. Because I tried to ask when I wanted to start but got hit with the cold shoulder. But I would say make something unique that has a true meaning behind it that catches the eye. However you brand yourself is what crowd you’re gonna bring. & keep networking do shows & pop up shops.

Dasia: Name some celebrities you want to see wearing your brand ?

Domo: Shy Glizzy, Wale, Fabulous & others

Dasia: How did you hear about Fxshnjunke? What do you think about it ?

Domo: I think I ran across the page off the discover page a year and followed ever since. ITS DOPE! You stay up to date on the fashion & builds a platform for others of the fashion world. KEEP IT UP! Im with it

Dasia: Thanks so much ! What are some of your goals for 2017?

Domo: I’m not a big goal planner, I keep it simple. I got 2 for you:

1. Be productive every month of 2017(interviews,shows,pop-up,releases)so i should be busy every month.

2. Maybe have my 1st show of any sort. From a fashion show to a art show.

Dasia: Where do you see yourself and FFNR in the next 5 years ?

Domo: A Store. Im not rushing anything though.

Be sure to follow Domo at @yamotharipp and shop FFNR Clothing at

Written by @dasiatheceo