Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight features 22 year old Entrepreneur and Blogger Trishonna , who loves to create inspiring content for all of her supporters whether it’s through fashion , lifestyle , beauty and more. In this interview we talk how started her online store , some YouTube tips , and more !


Dasia: Tell me something about yourself ?

Trishonna: Hmmm something about myself , I’m literally goofy and annoying, I make myself laugh all day lol

Dasia: What do you like most about fashion ?

Trishonna: The most exciting thing about fashion is discovering the new trends ! I promise I see the trends way before they happen and once everyone catches on I’m on to the next.

Dasia: Favorite places to shop ?

Trishonna: My favorite places to shop other than Genrevaein…. hmm.. let me think… lol I dont really shop just to shop unless I see key pieces especially in stores I love finding a good boutique that carries statement pieces.

Dasia: How would you describe your style ?

Trishonna: My style is chic with an urban twist. I’m a silhouette girl… I don’t show too much skin but I do love a sexy chic silhouette & I live for a good t-shirt jacket and sexy pair of heels


Dasia: What/who inspires your style ?

Trishonna: I used to never like Rihanna but she is so current to me lately with her style. I’m also inspired by my environment anything really gets me inspired to style and create amazing looks.

Dasia: What are your favorite fall must haves ?

My favorite fall and winter must haves:
Trench coat or bomber
A good few grey T’s
Black jeans with holes in them
And black booties or heels
All day everyday & in that order lol

Dasia: How long have you been doing Youtube ?


Trishonna: I started my Youtube channel back in 2012 and didn’t start taking it serious until 2014.




Dasia: What kind of content do you like creating ?

 Trishonna: I enjoy making content that is more talking and uplifting.  I enjoy making fashion videos and lifestyle videos.
Dasia: What advice can you give to beginner Youtubers ?

Trishonna: I’m still so new to Youtube there is so many little secrets ans ways to grow as a youtuber but I would honestly say stay true to who you are and the content you create. Also quality over quantity ! A great video that will last you longer than 2 or 3 quick videos that no one will watch . Post 1 really really great video that people would love to 
share. Before I was all about posting a video right on schedule no matter how good or bad I thought it was. As long as it was up I felt accomplished. Boy was I wrong! Another thing you have to be a fan to get fans get out there and get in the Youtube community check out other new youtubers content!

Dasia: You are also a entrepreneur and owner of online clothing store Genrevaein , which i love ! What inspired you to start your online store ?

Trishonna: It’s crazy my online store started when I ran a jewelry boutique called Trishonnastrends . I would go door to door selling my custom pieces and it later took off and I re-branded and realized I wanted to sell clothes as well and sell fashion forward pieces to everyone which would allow them to shop their Genrevaein/style.

Dasia: How did you come with the name Genrevaein ? What does it mean ?

Trishonna: Genrevaen is different than your average online boutique. We want our customers to get inspired by collections and “genres” of culture and fashion.So we allow you to shop by style on the site (l.e. chic,urban, vintage) . That’s where the genre comes from in the name. Vein comes from fashion being in your blood/ in your veins and Vain meaning being vain about your appearance so played with those and put them together! That’s how we got vaein.

Dasia: What obstacles have you faced or are you currently facing with having a business?

Trishonna: There is so many obstacles trying to run myself, Trishonnastrends as a brand and blogger while getting Genrevaein off the ground… its a challenge itself but trusting the process and being patient I would say is the biggest obstacle sometimes we just want things to take off over night

Dasia: What are some things you learned from having a online store ?

Trishonna: Having an online store taught me to listen to people more and what they like I’m learning other people’s shopping habits as well as learning patience. Genrevaein is my baby.

Dasia: I love posting you on Fxshnjunke because of your cute style ! When you do notice Fxshnjunke ? What do you think about it ?

Trishonna : Well thank you so much for that 🙂 I’m obsessed with Fxshnjunke , you guys are more than just fashion inspiration you guys literally hook up other like minded people ! I have gained a countless amount of blog friends because of this amazing account and blog. So thank you Fxshnjunke

Dasia: Awee that is so bomb to know that ! Thank you so much! What are some of your goals for 2017?

Trishonna: I dont really look at 2017 how some people do . I look at it as another day. Of course I’m blessed to see another calendar year but I break my goals down day by day I’m planning my tomorrow everyday don’t wait for a “new year” take success day by day week by week month by month everyday is a day to start and succeed . Now that my rant is over I’m working on getting more apparel for GV. Collaborating more as a blogger. We just got our Genrevaein headquarters too so I plan on creating so much creative content.

Dasia: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years ?

Trishonna: In 5 years Genrevaein will be a household name. We will have at least 2-3 store fronts.Trishonnastrends on the other hand will be guest hosting on the big screen and front row at the main fashion shows. I also see myself helping other creative women like me to go after their creative dreams.
Make sure keep with Trishonna @trishonna and shop her online store Genrevaein at
Written by @dasiatheceo