Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight features 25 year old fashionista Sandy Gee from Boston , Massachusetts . Sandy is an all around blogger who showcases her style in so many ways that we just had to get to know more about her ! We love how bomb her looks are and in this interview she gives us a taste at how she started blogging , her style and more !
Dasia: Tell me something about yourself ?

Sandy: I really enjoy a good time surrounded by friends and family for good times with food and laughter, other than fashion that is what I am obsessed with. I love to laugh, when I start laughing I genuinely can’t stop and eating. I also don’t know how to stop eating. I thank God everyday for friends who became family and my family. 

Dasia: How would you define the word fashion ?
Sandy: Fashion to me is what the world is wearing or how they are styling looks, collectively as a whole. 

Dasia: What do you like most about being a blogger ?

Sandy: The whole creative process of creating blog content is my favorite because of the end result. I love the feeling of creating a post, after I’ve put a look together, taken pictures, edited and written up the blog post.  I love seeing the process come full circle and what I planned come to fruition and being proud of what I came up with is always rewarding and refreshing. It makes you want to keep going. 

Dasia: How long have you been blogging ?

Sandy: I started my first blog and Youtube channel when I was in high school around 2007/2008. I kept my blogging low key because I was too afraid (and not confident enough) for anyone to see anything I posted. After about a year or two I stopped. My current blog was launched on January 5th, 2015 and I have been blogging ever since. 

Dasia: How did you come up with the name Virtuess to be the name of your blog ?

Sandy: I wanted to choose a name not only represented and embodied who I was but that other young woman could also identify with, young women deeply rooted in their faith, who enjoyed fashion and style. It took a lot of brainstorming, praying and opinions from friends.  

Dasia: How would you describe your style ?
Sandy: I would describe my style as “simple yet extra versatile cool girl, who loves heels and occasionally likes to be a tomboy” as contradicting as that sounds. I love to change it up and try new things. I can be simple, but I like to focus on the small details, that can be considered extra.  

Dasia: Favorite places to shop ?

Sandy: My favorite places to shop at the moment have to be Zara, Asos and H&M. 

Dasia: What is your current favorite fall trends?
Sandy: My all time favorite fall trend is the big over sized fur/teddy bear-esque and puffer coats trend. I love the simple look paired with a dramatic coat, its so 90’s, the familiarity is comforting. Another trend I’m loving right now are the satin wide length pants, I like to call them Karreuche Pants, since she’s been rocking them lately, I love the look on her. Continuing with the 90’s trend, I am also loving the satin slip dress trend that has been happening since the end of summer. Really, everything that is 90s-like I love, it bring me back to my childhood. 

Dasia: Love posting you on Fxshnjunke! Love your style and the quality of your #ootd photos, what camera do you use ?

Sandy: Thaaank you ! For regular #ootd photos I use my iPhone 6, for my blog posts the photos are taken with a Canon 5D Mark II. 

Dasia: How did you hear or notice Fxshnjunke? What were your thoughts?

Sandy: Fxshnjunke popped up on my popular page and I loved (and still love) the #ootd photos that are posted so I had to follow.  

Dasia: What are some of your goals for 2017?

Sandy: I have various goals for 2017, but I am the kind of person who rather not share to much before things happen. However, my goals are surrounded by the growth of and everything encompassed around the success of the brand. 

Dasia: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years ?

Sandy: Without getting into too much detail, in the next 5 years I look forward in seeing the growth of the blog as a brand as it is expands into an empire with several different brands and businesses.
Be sure to follow Sandy @saandygee_ and visit her blog at
Written by @dasiatheceo