Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight features 23 year old wardrobe stylist and  Southeast Washington,DC native Roxanne ( Roxy) for short . Her unique style caught our eye and we loved how dope her looks are so we of course wanted to get the tea on what inspires her looks ! Read more below !
Dasia: Tell me something about yourself?
Roxy: I’m a pretty reserved person so fashion is my way of speaking. If I walk into a room I don’t have to say much because my outfit and demeanor speaks for me.
Dasia : What inspired you to become a wardrobe stylist?
Roxy: Not to toot my own horn but I slay everyday ,without having to think much about it. I think it’s a talent many people don’t have .So it made sense to help others dress well by becoming a wardrobe stylist .
Dasia: How long have you been styling?
Roxy: For only 3 months .
Dasia : Who have you styled for in the past?
Roxy: I’m currently working on styling Brynesha from the show Bad Girls Club (season 16) for a NYE club event . I’ve also styled a few models in the DMV area.
Dasia: Yaassss okay , congrats ! What do you like most about fashion ?
Roxy: I love that fashion is universal. No matter where you go in the world people can connect through fashion without even speaking the same language or being from the same ethnic background.
Dasia: I love how dope your style is  ! How would you describe your style ?
Roxy: Thank you ! I would describe my style as urban street wear meets high fashion.
Dasia: Favorite places to shop ?
Roxy: The thrift store!!!! 70% of my clothes are thrifted. I love wearing something knowing that the average person doesn’t have it.
Dasia: Current favorite fall trends?
Roxy: Furrrr! It’s a staple piece whether it’s fur boots, hat, or a purse. Every girl and guy needs some type of fur in their closet if they want to slay.
Dasia: If you could style for three celebrities who would they be ?
Roxy: Lil Wayne , hip hop is a major influence in the fashion industry and since the 2000’s trend is poppin I would like to dress him in some pieces he made iconic.
Zendaya, I love her brand and she will probably slay anything I put her in.
Cardi B, she is making her presence known in the fashion industry with her daring yet urban style.
Dasia: Have you ever heard of Fxshnjunke before ? If not, what are your thoughts about it ?
Roxy: I never heard of it but I’m so glad I discovered your page. I love the diversity of your page. I mentioned earlier that style is universal and your page represents just that. The people on your page are from all cultures with very unique and different styles. Being on your page gives me all types of outfit inspo, I love it .
Dasia: What are some of your goals for 2017 ?
Roxy: Start a personal website to build to my brand , have a clothing drive for the homeless, make a 3.8 gpa , style more models, artist and celebrities.
Dasia: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years
Roxy : In the next 5 years I see myself at a London University getting my M.B.A . This will prepare me to start my online clothing store. I also see myself styling more high profile clients like Rihanna or Zendaya.
Make sure to follow Roxy @drugcalledroxy  for more of her looks and bookings for styling services
Written by @dasiatheceo