Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight features a born artist who considers himself the “Jack of all Trades”. If its one thing he can’t do, he’ll teach himself by any means necessary .  The British Virgin Islands native, and now Atlanta,GA residing 22 year old Travis Walters, aka Travie Rozae talks with us about his upbringing music career that ended but soon turned his passion into fashion and is known for alot of things such as creative directing, photography, styling and more. In this interview he takes us on his journey that can be inspiring to anyone who wants to create a future for themselves. Read more below !

Dasia: Tell me something about yourself?
Travie: I am originally from the British Virgin Islands, a small island in the Caribbean. That seems to be the most interesting fact about myself that gets people going. I’m currently 22 years old and a senior at Georgia State University double-majoring in Marketing and Finance (I’m so ready to graduate!). Most people see me and assume that I’m very superficial and stuck up, but in reality I’m sort of a nerd. I currently maintain a GPA of 3.98 – despite all the turning up, drinking and partying I do! Lol. School has always been one of my strong points – having graduated Valedictorian from both elementary and high school. However, as I grew older I realized that although education is key, it is not EVERYTHING. Now, don’t get me wrong, it is important for us as black people and the human race as a whole, to be educated but I know now that there is more to life. While in high school I dabbled in anything that sparked my creativity. At one point I was an artist – doing music, performing, traveling. I even got offered a production deal (which initially brought me to Atlanta). Here’s a link:
But, when it’s just not your passion, it doesn’t last. With that being said, that eventually ended.
Pursuing music really helped build my popularity in the Virgin Islands, and in all honestly, me becoming an artist started because I was known for the way I dressed. Eventually, that lead me to get more involved with fashion – creative directing, photography, videography, blogging and modeling.
I like to consider myself a jack of all trades. If there is something I don’t know how to do, I teach myself! I currently act as a photographer, videographer, brand ambassador, creative director and model when need be. Those are things that people often reach out to me for and most importantly, things I love doing! Here’s some of my material:
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 (photos above were taken and creative directed by Travie)
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(photos above are Travie acting as a model)
Dasia: Thank you so much for always supporting Fxshnjunke ! I love posting your outfits because their so dope ! Let’s start off with how you got into fashion?

Travie: Thank you so much for noticing my page! I really appreciate your posts! Fashion has always been something that interested me. In the Virgin Islands, there is no real fashion industry so I always tended to stand out due to my fashion choices – which I realize now where horrible! I just honestly love expressing my creativity through dressing up and taking pictures.

Dasia: What do you like most about fashion ?

Travie: The fact that you can put your own twist on almost anything and make it your own. The fact that you can make something extremely cheap look expensive as hell. I’m not a brand whore and I don’t keep up with trends. I’m more of a firm believer of expressing whatever feels right to you. Confidence is the most important thing about being fashionable – not what you wear.

Dasia: Do you think making it in the fashion industry as a male model or blogger is difficult ?

Travie: I think making it in the fashion industry period is difficult. There is just so much to look out for and the wave changes everyday – that’s why it is important to stick to what feels right to you and ride that wave. Eventually people will catch on. I don’t give it to much thought. I’m just doing what I love.

Dasia: What keeps you motivated ?

Travie: My friends are the root of my motivation. I’ve had the same circle for about 5 – 6 years now. We all are talented, driven and each do something different which work hand in hand. For example, one of my friends, Monea (@monea.r), is an artist. I often use her as my muse for styling, creative directing and photography. Another one is K’Deja (@mckennareign), an amazing dancer who I often use to create any creative instinct I have with videography. Razor (@razorempress), which people may know her as RazorEmpress is often times my photographer but she’s more than that – she’s a beauty guru and natural hair connoisseur. She initially introduced me to social media and the power it has to make your dreams a reality. Lastly, Marisa is an entrepreneur who has her own clothing line which I often times model.

Anyone that follows me, stays active, comments, like or compliments me in person is always a motivating force to keep going. They remind me everyday that I have something special – an IT factor that cannot be taught!

Dasia: How do you react when you see not just me but when any page re posts your photos ?

Travie: I’m honestly in awe every time someone re posts my photos. I always think to myself “out of all the pictures on this app you re posted mine? WOW. ICONIC!” I can only be appreciative for people enjoying my posts and understanding my vision. I’m very simple, street and to the point with my fashion. I honestly don’t try too hard or do too  much – I just be myself and do whatever the f*ck I want, LOL.
Dasia: Where are your favorite places to shop ? 

Travie: Urban Outfitters
Top Shop
All Saints
Thrift Stores

Dasia: I believe your located in Atlanta , how is the fashion community out there as far as networking and collaborating with other people ?

Travie: Believe it or not, Atlanta is really small. I see the same fashionable people very often and it is very easy to network. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the opportunity to really collaborate with many other fashion bloggers, photographers or videographers as I would like to. I attribute that to me wanting to always do everything myself – which isn’t bad but collaborations are definitely essential to growth within a market/industry. That is something I will definitely work on in 2017!

Dasia: If anyone wants to visit Atlanta where are the best places to Shop? Turnup? and Eat?

Travie: I’m a really chill person so for turning up, bar hopping and house parties are definitely the moves. You gotta create your own vibe – dinners, hookah lounges, etc. Edgewood and Buckhead is good for drinks. I love Mexican food and margaritas so La Parilla or Red Pepper Taqueria are my favorites. I also love seafood so if you come to ATL, you have got to do Pappadeaux!
Other than that, with my busy schedule, Zaxby’s Chic-fil-A, and Popeyes are my go-tos. LOL.
Dasia: How did you hear about or see Fxshnjunke? What are your thoughts ?
Travie: I stumbled across Fxshnjunke by scrolling on IG. I remember when the page had a minimum amount of followers but now having 12.9K is amazing. I love the page because I find dope new people everyday – from all around the world. I also get inspiration from the page, which is a plus! Seeing that you are a young black woman, I will always support your hustle!

Dasia: Thank you soooo much Travie, I truly appreciate that ! What are some of your goals for 2017?

Travie: I want to launch my website and possibly an app. Like I said earlier, I most definitely want to connect with more creatives and just CREATE dope shit!

Dasia: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years ?
Travie: I would love to creative direct under a record label for new up-and-coming artists as well as ones that are already known. I most definitely want to make an lasting imprint in the fashion industry for my style, attitude and creativity. Most importantly, I see myself doing what I love and remaining comfortable in all aspects because of it.

Make sure to follow Travie for more of his dope looks and other creative work.
Written by @dasiatheceo