Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight features an online brand called Pink Moon Loungewear aka Shopaholik that was created by 29 year old Maryland native Saicia Turner and her sister as they put both of their talents together to create a bomb sleepwear company . In this interview I talk with Saicia about the how Pink Moon started , tips on starting a clothing brand , and more !

Ladies this brand will make your booty look on FLEEK 😻

Dasia :Tell me something about yourself?

Saicia : I am a graduate of the Art Institute of Philadelphia. I earned two degrees, a Bachelor’s in Graphic Design and an Associate’s in Fashion Design. I became interested in fashion at a young age. I started sewing and illustrating clothing in middle school and developed my skills throughout high school. I come from a family of 3 generations of artists so my creative niche comes naturally.

Dasia : I actually came across your brand on Twitter one day just scrolling and someone tagged you in a thread that said something like “What are some good places to shop at” and then when I visited your IG and seen your products I was like yassss these are bomb ! So how did you guys start Pink Moon Lounge Wear?

Saicia : Thank you! My sister Cara proposed the idea of us creating a sleepwear line. At the time we did not know of any smaller loungewear companies, so we decided to give it a try. We sketched the designs, sourced our fabrics, and made our first collection. My sister already had quite a large social media following from her AMAZING illustrations, so we introduced Pink Moon to her audience and everyone loved it!

Dasia : How long have you been in business?

Saicia : We started Shopaholik in 2012 as a trendy t-shirt company. We had a two-year hiatus and re emerged in the summer of 2015. In June, we started off making handmade strappy crop tops, which eventually led to us creating Pink Moon Loungewear.

Dasia : How did you come up with the name Pink Moon Lounge Wear?

Saicia: It was random. I wrote 2 lists. My first list was words that reminded me of the nighttime and the other list consisted of girly adjectives. I then matched them up and Pink Moon had the best ring to it. So, my sister and I decided to go with Pink Moon Loungewear.

Dasia: What motivates you everyday to keep your business going?

Saicia: I am passionate about designing. When you are passionate about something, you will not stop until you achieve your goals. I want Pink Moon Loungewear to become a household name.  

Dasia: I love how sexy and comfy the products look, is everything hand made?

Saicia: Originally, everything was hand crafted by us, but as our business began to expand we had to outsource production in order to meet the demand of our clothing.

Dasia: What is your top selling item that your customers seem to love?

Saicia: Thus far, our crushed velvet velour shorts have been our top seller. People all over the world have purchased them. Our customers loveee them!

Dasia: How big do the sizes run?

Saicia: Our clothing normally runs true to size. If there is a design with a petite fit, it will be indicated on our website.

Dasia: What inspires the designs?

Saicia: Everything inspires us. We do a lot of research. In the new year we hope to create some vintage inspired designs.

Dasia: If you could design for any celebrity who would it be and why?

Saicia: I would design for Rihanna. She is a fashion icon. She rocks everything she wears with so much confidence and style.

Dasia: What are some tips for any aspiring designer who wants to start their own brand?


  • Create a strong logo/ brand identity.
  • Create a budget. Building a brand can be very expensive.
  • Stay very organized.
  • You will have to make many sacrifices. (sleep, time, money, etc.)
  • Unfortunately, you will make mistakes. Learn from them and keep moving forward. Never give up.


Dasia: What is the message you want your customers to know about Pink Moon?

Saicia: We want our customers to know that we are a company of integrity. We are dedicated to providing quality products that make women feel comfortable, cute, and sexy. Also, we strive to create designs that are unique and fresh.  

Dasia: Have you heard of Fxshnjunke before, if so how did you hear or find out about us, if not what do you think about it?

Saicia: No, at first I did not know about Fxshnjunke. After visiting the blog I can say that it is an awesome source for staying current on all of the latest fashion trends. I also like how you all feature everyday fashionable people, not just celebrities.

Dasia: What can customers expect from Pink Moon in 2017?

Saicia: In 2017 we plan to continue with our simple and cute signature designs. We also plan on experimenting with different prints and textures.

Want some of these cute and comfy pieces ? Shop now at and follow them @shopaholikllc

Written by @dasiatheceo