We don’t just feature our ladies here on Fxshnjunke Spotlight , today we got our first male feature of 2017 , 20 year old blogger Remell Ragoo aka TooRealRemell from London , UK who has a huge passion for fashion , photography and dance . In this interview we talk about his dope style , his modeling career and more !



Dasia: Thank you so much again for interviewing with me, you are one of my first male interviews for 2017 and I’ve always loved how dope your style is so lets start from the beginning , how did you get into fashion ?

Remell: I went to a London college called hackney community college where I studied Art & Design Fashion/ Photography and Performing arts. After I graduated it was slow steps towards what I really wanted to do, for a while I was stuck and didn’t know where to start. But with a little help from a few friends that was already in the industry. I was to directed in the right path and started to get a clear view of where to start.

Dasia: You are also a blogger, what made you want to start a fashion blog ? How long have you been blogging?

Remell: In the past many people have said to me that I have great style even friends and family, I’ve also been approached by people on the street. For as long as I can remember I’ve always had a thing for being able to create/style my own outfits and back then many people have asked me if I will ever make one because it would be something that will suit me really well, so i eventually decided to make one.

Dasia: What does your blog consists of ?

Remell: My blog is consists of fashion outfits that I create and post weekly giving  viewers information on where to find my look and how to style an outfit similar to the one I have on.

Dasia: I love how crisp and precise all of your photos on your IG is , what are some tips you can give any aspiring male fashion blogger/ model for making their photos look as dope as yours ?

Remell: The best tip is to talk to as much people as you can, don’t be afraid to message photographers, bloggers or even stylists. It’s really important to take down notes and research things that you are looking for.

Dasia: How has being a male fashion blogger helped you ?

Remell: Being a blogger has helped me to connect with lots of different people and brands. Learning new things from the person or brand and being able to style their clothes in my own way is great.


 I love being able to experiment with clothes and styling myself with new things. – Remell

Dasia: How would you describe your style  ? What inspires it  ?

Remell: I would have to say my style is based on a twist of urban street style and luxury.

Dasia: You also model. How did you get into that ?

Remell: I started off on a few agencies so I get modelling jobs here and there, during then I started to talk to people on social media and over time I built it up from there, it took a while to get where I am now.


Dasia: Have you modeled in any fashion shows ? How was that experience ?

Remell: Yes I have! I was giving the opportunity of modelling for the clothing line @ Dixhuit Fashion Show. It was an amazing experience, being able to build a good relationship with the people and brand was great. Good vibes and good people.

Dasia: If you can model for any designer who would it be?

Remell: Yohji yamamoto His clothes have such a unique look and I feel that each piece of a design tells a story about him and who he is as a person and that is what I love.The Y-3 trainer designs are just outstanding.


Dasia: London is known to be the fashion country ! How can anybody that wants to be apart of the fashion industry benefit being located or attending some kind of fashion school in London?

Remell: I never went to any fashion schools but I do plan to in the future, There is one in London that is well known and it’s called London college of fashion – UAL

Dasia:  What are some places any tourist must shop at whether if its for male or female clothing ?

Remell: London is a big place and me myself have not even seen enough, I recommend visiting the tower bridge or London eye. There are others places such as Stratford Westfield, SOHO, Boxpark – Brick lane. There are lots of clothes shop all over these places.

Dasia: That sounds so dope ! Where are your favorite places to shop ?

Remell: My favourite places to shop are mostly online, I shop at Asos, Favla clothing, H&M, Zara, and Otheruk the list is never ending.

Dasia: Have you heard of Fxshnjunke before, If so, how and what are your thoughts ?  If not , what do you think about it ?

Remell: I have recently heard of it and I think it is really amazing to have a fashion blog that inspires and connects people with all the same interests, seeing people express themselves through their style says a lot about the person.

Dasia: What can your supporters expect from you in 2017 ?

Remell: I have new things coming during the new year. Dance videos, outfit videos/vlogs a combination of both and more.

Dasia: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years ?

Remell: Wow It’s really hard to say right now, I guess I’ll have to just wait and see.


Make sure to follow Remell @toorealremell and visit his blog at toorealremell.wordpress.com

Written by @dasiatheceo