faWe all have been wanting to know the tea on how Teyana stays so fit especially after the world premiere of Kanye West’s music video Fade at the 2016 Video Music Awards which featured Teyana performing in replica of the 80’s movie Flashdance and that snapback she had from having baby Junie tho ? Yassss . Now she is gearing up to launch her first ever dance fitness program Fade 2 Fitness , which will include dance workouts , exclusive apparel and dates of her upcoming dance workout tour !


T posted via Instagram (@teyanataylor) some sneak peaks of the Fade 2 Fitness apparel and I cannot wait to see the full collection !



Fade 2 Fitness is due to launch on January 1, 2017 and you can now get exclusive access to all apparel and products when you sign up and pre-register 2 get fit !

Watch Fade2Fitness video trailer below !


What do you guys think about T’s dance program ?  Do you wanna know her secret ? Comment below !

Written by @dasiatheceo