Good morning Junks ! Happy fall ! It’s been a while since I blogged myself . I took some time off from myself to focus on working , posting on FXSHNJUNKE and FXSHNJUNKESTORE . I first wanted to say thank you to everyone who follows my blog and reads every single post I create . I also want to thank everyone who has shopped my online store . I truly appreciate all of the kind words and the love and support you guys send me . It’s been so hard out here lately trying to become a full time blogger but I know I still have some work to do before I can have the privilege of becoming that . Today before I go to church I decided to share with you all a little bit of what’s been going on with me and it can also get you a little more familiar of who the person behind FXSHNJUNKE is .

For those who do not know , I am an assistant manager for Wetseal which is a women’s/junior clothing store and I just been soooo busy working there while managing Fxshnjunke and my online store as well . I been through sooo much with this company and haven’t been happy there lately and I’m just so annoyed and want to move on . Being a entrepreneur is NOT easy and everyday I pray that God blesses me with becoming my own boss because I’m at a point where jobs are just not for me anymore . I left college about a year ago to pursue this career as a fashion blogger that I created for myself and I’m just ready to take on a career where I can be happy and comfortable doing . I get to make my own rules , make decisions for myself , create my own 9-5 and not help a company make thousands of dollars everyday where I can build my brand to become just that . I know everything is going to take some time but it will be worth it in the end .
I’ve been wanting to take a leap of faith and say screw all jobs and just quit but then I think about the consequences that will follow after that like : if I quit my job how will my phone bill get paid? , if my phone isn’t on how am I going to post on Fxshnjunke ? If I get an order from my online store , how am I going to pay for Internet to print my shipping labels ? These questions run through my mind every single day and it’s just crazy how society is set up . Im scared to quit because I still need to have some type of income coming in before I become a full time entrepreneur . So I did some researching , watching videos , and reading and I decided to start saving ( like forreal saving lol ) . I always tell myself every year to save but then things come up and ….. You guys get the point , but I figured that if I want something in life to happen I gotta help myself and do what I have to do to make it happen .
So in my research I found that you should save 6 months of your income / expenses before becoming an entrepreneur and that’s what I’m going to challenge myself to do and I encourage any aspiring blogger : entrepreneur to do the same if you want to transition into making it your full time career . With that being said , I’ve been getting a lot of messages about how you guys miss my interviews aka *Fxshnjunke Spotlight* and I truly appreciate everyone that reads every single one of them , so I will be back with fresh , new and dope content starting Jan 2017 , and I can’t wait !

Also I’m going to start traveling to meet and collaborate with some dope people . I also am going to be more active on my YouTube channel and you guys are going to see a lot of great videos on here to get you to learn more about me too so make sure you subscribe to : FXSHNJUNKEBLOGTV . Also I’m going to be stocking up on some cute items for Fxshnjunkestore , doing giveaways and more so stay tuned for that . I know this blog was hella long but it’s been while and I just needed to get a lot off my chest lol . Hope u guys start the week off right ! Don’t first to follow @fxshnjunke for daily style posts . Happy Sunday 💕