In today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight we’re getting the inside scoop on 19 year old DMV native Christian who is also the owner of street-wear brand GNOB apparel. Christian envision’s herself as a hardworking , young entrepreneur who is intensive and prideful in everything she does. I had a chance to learn about how she started her brand and more , read more below !

Striving for success and nothing less! – Christian

Dasia : Why did you want to create a brand ?

Christian: I wanted to create a brand I can expressively use as my creative platform. While some people express their feelings and emotions through either music or singing,I do so through what I wear.

Dasia: What do GNOB mean ? What motivated you to start your own clothing company ?

Christian: “GNO B” is an acronym for Generation Brainwashed. Being able to be my own boss motivated me to start my own clothing company. I now have a business that I can call my own.

Dasia: What are your current favorite trends ?

Christian: I’m not one to dress according to the latest trends, so I don’t have a favorite, although I tend to stay up to date with them. I will say I’m a big fan of graphic tees and sneakers. You’ll catch me in a chill fit 90% of the time.

Dasia: Who designs your products ?

Christian: All of the designs that are on my tees and hoodies are hand drawn by me.

Dasia: Who are your favorite stylish celebrities?

Chistian: My favorite stylish celebrities are M.I.A and Chris Brown. I really love M.I.A’s confidence and how she embraces her style at the age of 41! I also love the edginess Chris brings to fashion; definitely love a man that can dress.

Dasia: What are your plans for GNOB in the next 5 years ?

Christian: My plans for “GNO B” in the next 5 years is to simply continue to thrive on originality. I hope by then I am able to bring out the creativity and uniqueness in each individual who wears Generation Brainwashed.

Dasia: What/who inspires you?

Christian: I am inspired by people who know themselves and aren’t afraid to be just that. I embrace individuality and I’m all for knowing your truth.

Dasia: What do you want your company to bring to the table ?

Christian: I would like for my business to bring uniqueness and pure originality to the table. It can’t get any more real than that

Dasia: Where can people purchase GNOB items ?

Christian: You can purchase GNO B on . Fall products coming soon

Make sure to follow Christian on twitter : @khrisssssssss (9s’s) and visit GNO B’s website :

Written by @dasiatheceo