I love coming across other bloggers , artists,  youtubers etc that reside in my city because it makes me feel not alone as a person who grinds everyday towards their goals . I had a chance to talk fashion with 23 year old Maryland native and fashion youtuber Octavia “Glamazontay” Outlaw about she manages to remain consistent with get YouTube channel while attending a historically black college , plus the beginning stages of her fashion career and more !

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Dasia : How did you come up with the name Glamazontay ?

Glamazontay :  Actually my friends always called me glamour girl , amazon is a member of a legendary race of female warriors so i look at that as strength and tay is short for octavia so i just put them altogether

Dasia : What school are you attending and what are you majoring in ?

Glamazontay: University of Maryland Eastern Shore , Fashion Merchandising

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My clothing line is actually about a movie “Diamonds are a girls Best friend” with Marilyn Monroe . I tried to mix chic, old school and new school altogether in one.- Glamazontay

Dasia : What do you like most about attending  an HBCU ?

Glamazontay : I love being around culture and diversity .I also feel HBCU colleges are more family orientated and I feel that creates such a positive learning space.

Dasia: What is it like having roommates , staying on campus , going to classes , partying and still trying to maintain your grades ?

Glamazontay : Its intense I won’t lie but you make time for what you want to do . So with that being said I usually make time for studying , classes and partying. Far as roommates and staying on campus I actually have my own apartment off campus so Ilike that way better than being in a dorm ugh (HATED IT!!) my roommate is poppin though I love her .

Dasia: What/who inspired you to do YouTube videos ? How long have you been doing YouTube ?

Glamazontay : I was inspired by myself to do youtube . I would often look for someone wearing colorful hair and had multiple piercings with an edgy style. I couldn’t find anyone , well anyone that looked like myself. So I decided why not make a channel for those who are looking for the same.

Dasia : Who are some of your favorite Youtubers ?

Glamazontay : Aaliyah jay , Tymetheinfamous , Keesha Kaylee

Dasia: How do you manage to still have time to do your YouTube video and school ?

Glamazontay : Both are a passion of mines so I just make it happen I don’t know how I do because I’m literally always busy but I make the time and always tell myself everything will be worth it.

Dasia: What cameras / equipment do you recommend for beginner Youtubers ?

Glamazontay : I recommend your phone and I movie . Honestly I started with my iPad and after I realized this was something I wanted to take serious I began investing in more expensive equipment.

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I was inspired by myself to do youtube- Glamazontay

Dasia : What are some key tips beginner Youtubers who are also in school should know ?
Glamazontay : Stay consistent and relevant keep those in mind at all times and you will make it very far trust me!
Dasia : How did you become interested in fashion ?

Glamazontay : My grandmother actually got me interested in fashion , believe it or not I use to be a tomboy and she just said to me one day “you need to put some color in your life” and it was history from that day on .

Dasia : I’ve seen that you also design clothes as well , how long have you been designing ? What motivate you to want to become a designer ?

Glamazontay : Ive been designing since 16 I recently took it serious though with opening my own online website . I find my motivation from honestly just wanting out of the box stuff that you normally don’t see ever . I love prints , and bright colors.

Dasia : What is your clothing line about ? Can people purchase any of your items you have designed ? Is there a new collection coming out ?

Glamazontay : My clothing line is actually about a movie “Diamonds are a girls Best friend” with Marilyn Monroe . I tried to mix chic, old school and new school altogether in one. I will be having something new in fall 2016 so be on the look out . Also you can definitely purchase anytime on my website http://glamazontay.bigcartel.com 

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Dasia : If you could design for 3 celebrities who would they be ?

Glamazontay : Nicki Minaj , Miley Cyrus and Dej Loaf

Dasia : I love your fashion lookbooks ! Where are your favorite places to shop ?

Glamazontay : I love Fashion Nova and simmi shoes.They are BOMB DOT COM

Check out Glamazontay’s recent lookbook below !

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Dasia : How would you describe your style ?

Glamazontay : Edgy , Bold and Daring

Dasia : Give us to two fun facts about you that your subscribers don’t know .

Glamazontay : – Im scared of the Dark

– I use to want to be a Veternarian

Dasia : What motivates you to keep going everyday ?

Glamazontay : My future and I’m excited to see what god has in store for me .

Dasia : Congrats on reaching your 70K subscribers milestone ! What can we expect from Glamazontay for the rest of the year ?

Glamazontay :  A very big surprise coming soon!

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Stay consistent and relevant keep those in mind at all times and you will make it very far trust me! – Glamazontay

Dasia : Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years ?
Glamazontay : Living in Los Angeles ,California , Expanding my store as well as working as a traveling Fashion stylist .