We love to support all black owned businesses here at Fxshnjunke . I had a chance to talk with Niekkia, owner of online fashion boutique Bella B Rose about how she started her business and what obstacles she had to face . The fabulous Birmingham , AL 37 year old is a college graduate , entrepreneur , and mother of a sweet 16 month old baby girl that discovered that every since giving birth she had the courage to do whatever she wants .  Check out our interview below !

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 * in my Beyonce voice* I’M A GROWN WOMAN!


Dasia : When did you know you wanted to own a store?

Niekkia: I’ve always had a special love for fashion and flirted with the idea of owning a brick and mortar store about six years ago. However, life happens and takes you into directions you hadn’t planned on going. However, I knew I wanted to provide a shopping haven where women of all ages and body types could shop and find pieces that were unique.

Dasia : What/who inspired you to own a business?
Niekkia: My daughter inspires me! I want her to know that she can do anything she wants with hard work and dedication. She can make her own money based on her talents and ideas, she doesn’t have to look to a large corporation to define her success.

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Dasia : How did you come up with the name Bella B Rose for your boutique?

Niekkia:  I’m sure many have wondered how the name Bella B. Rose was created and never asked…so thanks for asking! I have a tight-knit family and they assisted me with creating my boutique’s name and still remain very active with some of the decisions when it comes to the boutique.
Bella – describes a woman that is beautiful and intelligent. We believe all women are just that; beautiful and intelligent.


B – stands for Betty, the first letter of our late grandmother’s name. She was phenomenal and a very important person to our family. We always carry her spirit with us and it was only right to make her a part of this endeavor as well.


Rose – symbolizes the bold, ravishing style that every woman embodies.


As a result, Bella B. Rose Boutique was born!


Dasia : What does Bella B Rose have to offer to its customers?

Niekkia: Bella B. Rose does not only provide fashion pieces and accessories. I have a weekly blog, Bella B. Rose Styles and Trends that provide customers with wonderful information regarding the fashion industry and style tips. My goal is to assist you to continue to Be Beautiful. Bold. Ravishing not only in fashion but as a lifestyle.


Dasia : What type of items do you sell in your boutique?

Niekkia : I sell fashion pieces for women of ALL sizes, small – 3XL; dresses, pants, tops, skirts, bodysuits, waist cinchers, and accessories. The winter line will also include women’s shoes.
Dasia : Do you have any background in fashion?

Niekkia: Nope, unless you count the last 30+ years that I have been dressing myself, lol. I do not have a background in fashion. However, I’ve always studied and researched the high fashion designers all over the world and the industry itself.

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Dasia : What obstacles have u faced since opening your store? How long has it been since Bella B Rose opened for business?

Niekkia: Bella B. Rose launched in November 2015. The online boutique market is saturated and there are some boutiques that do not provide good customer service and poor quality fashion pieces. Since the launch date, the obstacles that I have faced is building trust with the masses that Bella B. Rose is not just another online boutique. I provide impeccable customer service and my fashion pieces and accessories are great quality.


Dasia : What are two fun facts about you?


Niekkia: I love playing board games with family and friends. I have a competitive nature and board games allow everyone playing to interact without using social media.

I’m a mermaid LOL I love spending time at the beach or pool. So if you’re ever looking for me you can usually find me at one of those places.


Dasia : What is the hardest part about being an entrepreneur?

Niekkia: Balancing all aspects of life. Your business can consume you and you have to find that work-life balance so that this doesn’t happen. It’s very important that while taking care of your family and the business that you take care of yourself. I treat myself on a weekly basis and partake in some “Niekkia Time”. I disconnect from my cell phone/lap top and enjoy myself and do what I want.

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Dasia : What are some key tips for any entrepreneur should know before starting / opening a business?

Niekkia: Look forward to the bad days. They are the most rewarding because these days strengthen you. Also, read, research and become an SME (subject matter expert), especially in your market.


Dasia : What are your current favorite summer trends?
Niekkia: Duh…Sunhats and Sunnies of course! Lol I spend so much time outside playing with my daughter and at the pool or beach, it’s very important that you protect yourself from the harm of the sun so it’s important that I look stylish while doing it.


Dasia : How would you describe your style?
Niekkia: I have not defined my personal style. It’s anything and everything; I break the “standard” fashion rules a lot because I enjoying wearing things that look good and that I’m comfortable in. My daughter is a year old so right now, I’m running around in flats instead of my wonderful and sexy stilettos.



Dasia: Where do you yourself in the next 5 years?

Niekkia: Owning a mobile boutique and traveling around the Southeast region meeting wonderful women that have a penchant for fashion and satisfying their fashion needs.


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Make sure to shop Bella B Rose Boutique at  www.bellabroseboutique.com and keep up withe the latest arrivals on their IG @bellab.roseboutique



Written by @dasiatheceo