Makeup is usually not a topic we talk about here on Fxshnjunke, but when I came across how fleeky 23 year old beauty blogger , Peter Pratts makeup looked in his pictures I had to find out more ! I had the opportunity to talk with the Brentwood, NY native about his favorite makeup products, how he started his Youtube channel and more ! Read more below.

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Dasia: So glad I’m interviewing you ! Idek how I came across your page but what stood out to me was how much pink you have lol ! That has got to be your favorite color right ?
Peter: Lol yes, I love anything that’s pink and bright!!
Dasia: I’m obsessed with your pictures and they are so bomb ! What camera(s) do you use ?
Peter: I use the Sony a5100.
 Dasia: How did you become interested in doing makeup ? How long have you been doing it ?
Peter: I became interested years ago in makeup because of Nicki Minaj I was absolutely obsessed with her pretty style and makeup just everything about her. That’s how I discovered my fave artist TymeTheInfamous and would legit watch her for hours lol. I’d say I’ve been doing makeup about 3 years now.
Dasia: What is your favorite thing to do when you do your makeup and why ?
Peter: My favorite thing would have to be contour and highlight. Face makeup is my favorite, I love having defined features with dramatic shimmery cheeks lol.
Dasia: What are your three favorite makeup brands ?
Peter: Mac, Too Faced, & Tarte.
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Dasia: I love how your theme also resembles Barbie especially with the fonts you use . What actually inspired you to become a makeup artist ?
Peter: I don’t consider myself a makeup artist. I love doing makeup on myself a couple times a week and if a friend asks I’m more than happy to do it on them but I really think I do it just more for fun lol. And I’d deff say Nicki Minaj in her all pink days is where it all began.
Dasia: Have you ever collaborated with any makeup gurus ? If so , who and how was that experience . If not , who would you want to collab with ?
Peter: I’ve collaborated with a couple, all my actual friends though. Alva Jay, Jasmine Brown and Thania’s beauty. Um, it was fun lol? Just nice to come up with an idea and see how each other execute it.
Dasia: So let’s talk about how you started YouTube . What made you want to start making videos ? How long have you been doing YouTube ?
Peter : I started because of all the people on my Instagram asking me to plus I loved watching YouTube tutorials myself! I started about a year ago!


Dasia: What advice should beginner Youtubers know before starting their channel ? How can they grow their channel ?
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Peter: I’d say don’t force yourself to do anything and don’t pay attention to annoying comments, if you like something do exactly that. Self promotion is the best way to grow your channel. Utilize all social media to get your name out there.
Dasia: I’m pretty sure you knew about the recent crisis that happened in your state when the mass shooting in the gay nightclub occurred . What were your thoughts when you first heard about that ?
Peter : I actually live here in Orlando and have been to that club a couple times. When I first heard about it I was #1 thankful I wasn’t there. And secondly just annoyed with how stupid some people in the world are. I obviously feel for the people and their families but I’m left more angered than anything with the amount of ignorance we have in this world.
Dasia: You attended BeautyCon Dallas earlier this year . Was that your first time attending BeautyCon ? If so , how was your experience being there ?
Peter: Yes it was my first time. It was so much fun to be invited out to Dallas. The amount of people that knew me really surprised me especially since I went going just thinking it would be a nice fun thing to do. It really motivated me more than anything and made me realize people actually are paying attention to what I do and love it just as much as I do.

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Dasia: When is comes to fashion , how would you describe your style ?
Peter:  Hmm that’s a hard one lol, I think my style is pretty casual. Very bright. Always above the knee shorts (I live in Florida), lol a cute pink shirt and LV bag. I love bracelets and bags!
Dasia: What are some of your must have essentials to have for the summer ?
Peter: I’d deff say waterproof brow products such as Benefit KaBrow. And deff a good setting spray. I don’t really know how to answer because where I live it’s literally summer all year round and it all seems normal to me LOL.
Dasia: You also have some tshirts coming out and I definitely have to get me one their so cute ! How did you come up with the name Yummy for your tshirt line and what can we expect to see ?

Peter: I’ve already launched but the name Yummy was just so random, I was thinking of what sounded cute and catchy, it just came to mind. I plan on expanding into makeup but as of right now just cute shirts with fly designs and a lot of pink.

Check out the YummybyPeterPratts lookbook below !



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Dasia: Where do you see yourself in the next five years ?

Peter: Maybe my own makeup line? Hopefully stable and very happy with my career. Probably living back in New York! I don’t really have a plan, but I do keep very positive with goals I set.

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