We love to support all black owned businesses here at Fxshnjunke . I had a chance to talk with Niekkia, owner of online fashion boutique Bella B Rose about how she started her business and what obstacles she had to face . The fabulous Birmingham , AL 37 year old is a college graduate , entrepreneur , and mother of a sweet 16 month old baby girl that discovered that every since giving birth she had the courage to do whatever she wants .  Check out our interview below !

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 * in my Beyonce voice* I’M A GROWN WOMAN!


Dasia : When did you know you wanted to own a store?

Niekkia: I’ve always had a special love for fashion and flirted with the idea of owning a brick and mortar store about six years ago. However, life happens and takes you into directions you hadn’t planned on going. However, I knew I wanted to provide a shopping haven where women of all ages and body types could shop and find pieces that were unique.

Dasia : What/who inspired you to own a business?
Niekkia: My daughter inspires me! I want her to know that she can do anything she wants with hard work and dedication. She can make her own money based on her talents and ideas, she doesn’t have to look to a large corporation to define her success.

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Dasia : How did you come up with the name Bella B Rose for your boutique?

Niekkia:  I’m sure many have wondered how the name Bella B. Rose was created and never asked…so thanks for asking! I have a tight-knit family and they assisted me with creating my boutique’s name and still remain very active with some of the decisions when it comes to the boutique.
Bella – describes a woman that is beautiful and intelligent. We believe all women are just that; beautiful and intelligent.


B – stands for Betty, the first letter of our late grandmother’s name. She was phenomenal and a very important person to our family. We always carry her spirit with us and it was only right to make her a part of this endeavor as well.


Rose – symbolizes the bold, ravishing style that every woman embodies.


As a result, Bella B. Rose Boutique was born!


Dasia : What does Bella B Rose have to offer to its customers?

Niekkia: Bella B. Rose does not only provide fashion pieces and accessories. I have a weekly blog, Bella B. Rose Styles and Trends that provide customers with wonderful information regarding the fashion industry and style tips. My goal is to assist you to continue to Be Beautiful. Bold. Ravishing not only in fashion but as a lifestyle.


Dasia : What type of items do you sell in your boutique?

Niekkia : I sell fashion pieces for women of ALL sizes, small – 3XL; dresses, pants, tops, skirts, bodysuits, waist cinchers, and accessories. The winter line will also include women’s shoes.
Dasia : Do you have any background in fashion?

Niekkia: Nope, unless you count the last 30+ years that I have been dressing myself, lol. I do not have a background in fashion. However, I’ve always studied and researched the high fashion designers all over the world and the industry itself.

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Dasia : What obstacles have u faced since opening your store? How long has it been since Bella B Rose opened for business?

Niekkia: Bella B. Rose launched in November 2015. The online boutique market is saturated and there are some boutiques that do not provide good customer service and poor quality fashion pieces. Since the launch date, the obstacles that I have faced is building trust with the masses that Bella B. Rose is not just another online boutique. I provide impeccable customer service and my fashion pieces and accessories are great quality.


Dasia : What are two fun facts about you?


Niekkia: I love playing board games with family and friends. I have a competitive nature and board games allow everyone playing to interact without using social media.

I’m a mermaid LOL I love spending time at the beach or pool. So if you’re ever looking for me you can usually find me at one of those places.


Dasia : What is the hardest part about being an entrepreneur?

Niekkia: Balancing all aspects of life. Your business can consume you and you have to find that work-life balance so that this doesn’t happen. It’s very important that while taking care of your family and the business that you take care of yourself. I treat myself on a weekly basis and partake in some “Niekkia Time”. I disconnect from my cell phone/lap top and enjoy myself and do what I want.

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Dasia : What are some key tips for any entrepreneur should know before starting / opening a business?

Niekkia: Look forward to the bad days. They are the most rewarding because these days strengthen you. Also, read, research and become an SME (subject matter expert), especially in your market.


Dasia : What are your current favorite summer trends?
Niekkia: Duh…Sunhats and Sunnies of course! Lol I spend so much time outside playing with my daughter and at the pool or beach, it’s very important that you protect yourself from the harm of the sun so it’s important that I look stylish while doing it.


Dasia : How would you describe your style?
Niekkia: I have not defined my personal style. It’s anything and everything; I break the “standard” fashion rules a lot because I enjoying wearing things that look good and that I’m comfortable in. My daughter is a year old so right now, I’m running around in flats instead of my wonderful and sexy stilettos.



Dasia: Where do you yourself in the next 5 years?

Niekkia: Owning a mobile boutique and traveling around the Southeast region meeting wonderful women that have a penchant for fashion and satisfying their fashion needs.


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Make sure to shop Bella B Rose Boutique at and keep up withe the latest arrivals on their IG @bellab.roseboutique



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Word has it that these are the new fur slides by Rihanna ‘s Fenty line . These are schedule to release on August 5th .

Aside from that , the new orange combo color way creepers will release on July 28 .

Which one will you buy ?
Be ready to shop these at

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Models Inc is celebrating 10 years of their fabulous entertainment with Runway Fusion ! . The fashion show is this Saturday July 23,2016 at Joes Movement in Mount Rainer , MD . Showtime is at 7:30pm , tickets are $30 for general admission and $40 for VIP . Featuring Choreography by CEO of Models INC Iron Bang Paylor ( @Bang500) , Aaron Handy (@aaronhandy) , Miss Independence Sierra Leone 2016 and Miss Tanzania USA 2015-2016 . More info on flyer !

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The Diddy of DC , Antoine Anderson (@antoineanderson) , owner of DMV based modeling company Models Envied and Mini Me Models is back at it again with another Fashion Rocks ! The show will be held on Sunday July 24,2016 at the Civic Center in Silver Spring , MD at 7pm and will be hosted by GSPOTDC and Famous Dave . Tickets are $30 for general admission and $50 for Front row VIP . More info on flyer !

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Makeup is usually not a topic we talk about here on Fxshnjunke, but when I came across how fleeky 23 year old beauty blogger , Peter Pratts makeup looked in his pictures I had to find out more ! I had the opportunity to talk with the Brentwood, NY native about his favorite makeup products, how he started his Youtube channel and more ! Read more below.

FullSizeRender (9)

Dasia: So glad I’m interviewing you ! Idek how I came across your page but what stood out to me was how much pink you have lol ! That has got to be your favorite color right ?
Peter: Lol yes, I love anything that’s pink and bright!!
Dasia: I’m obsessed with your pictures and they are so bomb ! What camera(s) do you use ?
Peter: I use the Sony a5100.
 Dasia: How did you become interested in doing makeup ? How long have you been doing it ?
Peter: I became interested years ago in makeup because of Nicki Minaj I was absolutely obsessed with her pretty style and makeup just everything about her. That’s how I discovered my fave artist TymeTheInfamous and would legit watch her for hours lol. I’d say I’ve been doing makeup about 3 years now.
Dasia: What is your favorite thing to do when you do your makeup and why ?
Peter: My favorite thing would have to be contour and highlight. Face makeup is my favorite, I love having defined features with dramatic shimmery cheeks lol.
Dasia: What are your three favorite makeup brands ?
Peter: Mac, Too Faced, & Tarte.
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Dasia: I love how your theme also resembles Barbie especially with the fonts you use . What actually inspired you to become a makeup artist ?
Peter: I don’t consider myself a makeup artist. I love doing makeup on myself a couple times a week and if a friend asks I’m more than happy to do it on them but I really think I do it just more for fun lol. And I’d deff say Nicki Minaj in her all pink days is where it all began.
Dasia: Have you ever collaborated with any makeup gurus ? If so , who and how was that experience . If not , who would you want to collab with ?
Peter: I’ve collaborated with a couple, all my actual friends though. Alva Jay, Jasmine Brown and Thania’s beauty. Um, it was fun lol? Just nice to come up with an idea and see how each other execute it.
Dasia: So let’s talk about how you started YouTube . What made you want to start making videos ? How long have you been doing YouTube ?
Peter : I started because of all the people on my Instagram asking me to plus I loved watching YouTube tutorials myself! I started about a year ago!


Dasia: What advice should beginner Youtubers know before starting their channel ? How can they grow their channel ?
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Peter: I’d say don’t force yourself to do anything and don’t pay attention to annoying comments, if you like something do exactly that. Self promotion is the best way to grow your channel. Utilize all social media to get your name out there.
Dasia: I’m pretty sure you knew about the recent crisis that happened in your state when the mass shooting in the gay nightclub occurred . What were your thoughts when you first heard about that ?
Peter : I actually live here in Orlando and have been to that club a couple times. When I first heard about it I was #1 thankful I wasn’t there. And secondly just annoyed with how stupid some people in the world are. I obviously feel for the people and their families but I’m left more angered than anything with the amount of ignorance we have in this world.
Dasia: You attended BeautyCon Dallas earlier this year . Was that your first time attending BeautyCon ? If so , how was your experience being there ?
Peter: Yes it was my first time. It was so much fun to be invited out to Dallas. The amount of people that knew me really surprised me especially since I went going just thinking it would be a nice fun thing to do. It really motivated me more than anything and made me realize people actually are paying attention to what I do and love it just as much as I do.

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Dasia: When is comes to fashion , how would you describe your style ?
Peter:  Hmm that’s a hard one lol, I think my style is pretty casual. Very bright. Always above the knee shorts (I live in Florida), lol a cute pink shirt and LV bag. I love bracelets and bags!
Dasia: What are some of your must have essentials to have for the summer ?
Peter: I’d deff say waterproof brow products such as Benefit KaBrow. And deff a good setting spray. I don’t really know how to answer because where I live it’s literally summer all year round and it all seems normal to me LOL.
Dasia: You also have some tshirts coming out and I definitely have to get me one their so cute ! How did you come up with the name Yummy for your tshirt line and what can we expect to see ?

Peter: I’ve already launched but the name Yummy was just so random, I was thinking of what sounded cute and catchy, it just came to mind. I plan on expanding into makeup but as of right now just cute shirts with fly designs and a lot of pink.

Check out the YummybyPeterPratts lookbook below !



 Shop Yummy here

Dasia: Where do you see yourself in the next five years ?

Peter: Maybe my own makeup line? Hopefully stable and very happy with my career. Probably living back in New York! I don’t really have a plan, but I do keep very positive with goals I set.

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Make sure you follow Peter @PeterPratts and subscribe to his Youtube channel here
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Singer , Pharrell has teamed up with adidas to release a brand a NMD Primeknit shoe called “Human Race” which has a yellow base along with black and white.  The words human race on both shoes . Assumingly the show is a dedication to the recent police shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile and also a salute to #BlackLivesMatter . It is set to release on July 23rd

Will you cop these on the 23rd ?
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With the 12th season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians already on air, Kim Kardashian West is casting for an upcoming reality competition show specifically for beauty blogger/vloggers. According to Pop Sugar, a major cable network company that produced  The Real Housewives of New York are looking for beauty bloggers to compete in a many of assignments. The winner gets to become a Beauty Director to help create content for all of the Kardashian apps  Yes ! That’s Kim, Kourtney and Khloe. No word on the title of the show yet, but it is set to start filming in late October for 4-5 weeks. Check out details on the flyer below  !

Will you enter the contest ?

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Hey JUNKS ! So I’ve been doing some serious online shopping on one of my favorite websites and I’m looking for swimsuits in particular but everywhere I go they are either sold out or dont have my size 😦 . But when I looked on Romwe , I couldn’t believe how many swimsuits and bikinis they had . I mean their swimwear collection is everythangggggg . you hear me ? and you can never just have one swimsuit . So I decided to share some of the items I put in my shopping list and give you guys the links to them just in case you might like them and want to shop these items too and of course I’m not gonna buy all of these but  with Romwe’s affordable prices I think imma need at least 5 or 7 of em lol .So let’s get right into it !  ( Ps: If you haven’t seen already , I created an HUGE list on the Top Places To Shop Online for Summer 2016 . Click here to check it out ) .

Tropical Bikini Two Piece Sets


Macrame Halter Neck Multicolor Bikini $19.99

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Multicolor Flower Bikini  $11.99


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Abstract Strappy Bikini $12.99

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Geometric Print Two Print Set $18.99

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Black Cage Halter One Piece $14.99

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Black Stripe Cage Two Piece $15.99

Shop here

Black Mesh High Waist Bikini $6.77

Shop here

Black One Shoulder Cutout Monokini $11.99

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Tribal Print Deep V Cut Onepiece $11.99

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Orange Cutout Monokini $11.99

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Tropical Print Backless Onepiece $16.99

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Tribal Cutout Lace Up Onepiece $15.99

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Basic Pink Cutout Onepiece $19.99

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Leaf Print Cutout Onepiece $18.99

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White Lace Open Back Onepiece $15.99

Shop here

Colorblock Onepiece $13.99- (comes in 3 colors)

Shop here

Which one is your favorite ? Comment below !

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Hey #FXSHNJUNKES ! I put together some of the top contemporary online fashion websites that are a MAJOR KEY ( in @djkhaled ‘ s voice ) to shop at in 2016. Also featuring some of the founders, owners and creative directors for these fashionable ecommerce sites . Enjoy !
1. LillysKloset

An online destination of your favorite fashion forward pieces . Absolutely a great place to shop for a chic and classy look .

Creative Director ,  @thefashionwhore of Lilly’s Kloset .

Shop now at

2. Go Jane

This fashionable store has been around for quite some time and is definitely still a favorite . Cute and trendy pieces for clothing , accessories and shoes ! They also have some of the best sales almost every week . A must shop !!

Shop now at

3. Babes and Felines

An online outlet that embraces a women’s curves with figure hugging staple pieces that provides dresses , tops , and more in stretchy material from sizes S – 2X .

 Founder of Babes and Felines , Ciera Rogers @cierarogers

Shop now

4. Hot Miami Styles

If you looking for great quality and sexy, cute and trendy clothes then Hot Miami Styles is your go to. You can find your favorite fashionistas such as Amrezy, Micah Gianneli, Makeup Shayla and more wearing their clothes.

Shop now at

5.  Karma Couture Boutique

Some people like to shop by season and when you shop at Karma Couture you can easily find trendy sweaters, dresses, and bottoms for the fall and your shorts, skirts and short sleeve tops for the spring and summer.

Shop now at


6. Fashion Nova

One of the most popular Los Angeles based retailers that provides the lastest trends for affordable prices to meet your fashion needs . Definitely a favorite !

Shop now at


7. Kloset Envy

On of the host test stores in the fashion industry that brings you the fiercest trends to make a fashion statement. Truly recommendable if you want to stay on top of the latest styles, be different and step outside your comfort zone with these cute and great quality pieces .


Shop now at

Creative Director for Kloset Envy , Jai Nice @jai_nice .

8. Kosmios

If your style is chic and classy this your place to go. They have everything from top to bottom that are fashion forward and pieces that can contribute to making your statement.

Shop now at

9.Fly Jane

Fashion statements are A MUST ! Fly Jane has trendy pieces that are so cute and not too pricey. A must place to shop !

Shop now at

10. If you are looking or a more cheaper route and these next online stores are similar stores that are the best places to shop online for affordable fashion . You can get items for as low as $5.00 with up to 90% off its original price. Highly recommend!!

Shop now at

Shop now at

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Shop now st

Shop now at

11. Shop Chriss Zoe

Serves comfortably cute pieces with stretchy material to accent a woman’s curves for any occasion .

Founder & Ceo of Shop Chriss Zoe , Christina Rogers aka Chriss Zoe . @chrisszoe

Shop now at .

FUN FACT: Ciera Rogers of Babes and Felines and Chriss Zoe are real biological sisters originally from Houston , TX .

She also models for her store ShopChrissZoe

Throwback photo of Ciera , Chriss and their mom @zoefashionplate . 

FUN  FACT : Kim Kardashian-West was seen wearing both Babes and Felines & Shop Chriss Zoe

12. Cupcake Mafia

For anyone who have been looking for a womens streetwear brand. Cupcake Mafia is just that. This is one of the hottest female streetwear brands out right now with cute and relatable clothes, accessories and shoes.

Cupcake Mafia Founder, Mary aka ” MzSkittelz” @mzskittlez

Shop now at

13. Posh By V

Looking for something sexy to make eyes turn at a party ? This Kingston , Jamaica based store is your place. They have the sexiest pieces for any occasion to make you look bomb !

Shop now at

14.  Boohoo

Boohoo is a global online retailer that stays on top of the latest trends for men and women . They always have an amazing sale which is to die for and their quality is A1. I truly recommend shopping with this company they have everything to meet your needs !


Shop now at

15. Naked Wardrobe

If your looking for more staple and edgy pieces then this is the pace to shop . This store has very trendy and fashion forward clothing .

Shop now at

 16. Naya Vista

Cute/trendy boutique that features alot of fashionable vintage inspired pieces that you can play around with to dress up and down. Naya Vista is a place to shop and to look out for in 2016 because you may see something really cute and you don’t want to miss out on it

Shop now at

Founder of Naya Vista, wardrobe stylist, Anaya Roderick ( read Anaya’s exlcusive interview with FXSHNJUNKE here )

17. Dash Dor J

This Washington DC based store sells great quality custom designed pieces that are high fashion inspired to give your outfit a statement.



Shop now at

19. Sorella
LA based boutique to shop for cute, fresh and trendy pieces from dresses, top, bottoms and accessories. Definitely a favorite !



Shop now at

Sorella’s Founders, Heather Sanders and Britteny Turner

20. Missguided

If you don’t know about Missguided then you are CRAZY girl ! This store is known globally and has some of the cutest chic outfits pieces you can find . It’s major key that you shop here !

Shop now at
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Here are the answers to some questions I got this past week ! Enjoy !

Q: What inspired you to start a blog ?

A: Fashion inspired me , I orginally knew I wanted to do something in fashion and be my own boss while doing it so I was trying my hand on what exactly I wanted to do . I initially created my blog to become wardrobe stylist so I can train myself on the latest trends and style but that turned into passion for blogging and it’s been that way for the past two years !

Q: Is it difficult running a fashion blog ?

A: Running a blog has its ups and downs just like any thing you set your mind too . You have to put the time in for it . You may have other things going on in your life but it’s up to you if you want to be persistent and consistent to make your blog the way you want to make it .

Q: What research did you conduct to launch Fxshnjunke ?

A: Google is the plug !

Q: How did you set up your website ?

A: Research , Video tutorials ,Time , Patience,  Excute !

Q: What are good places/stores/boutiques to find pumps on the style So Kate Loubs ?

A: Plenty places !!! Here are my go to places :
S/o to miamiamia__ & 5sensesofstyle for the dope questions !
Want to know more ? Stay tuned for Fxshnjunke Q+A Pt2
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Let’s talk perspex heels ! These  have been surfacing all over social media for quite some time now thanks to fashion icon Kim Kardashian making a trend and supporting her husband’s fashion line Yeezy Season.

Now the question is… ” How can I find shoes like these that are still cute and have the same style,  but not for $900 ?” Well fashionista, you don’t have to wonder anymore , FXSHNJUNKE gotchu boo ! I put together some of the hottest places you can find perspex heels for your affordability and for you to compare prices .So lets get started !


Ego Shoes is a UK online fashion shoe store with some of the best affordable heels, sandals, flats and more. They even have their own page dedicated to the Perspex Heels because they are sooooo popular right now. Prices retail between $30-60. Here are a few of them I put together below !



Shop EGO now at

Lamoda, also a UK based online store which provides the latest fashionable shoes , accessories and more. You can find some bomb non-expensive perspex heels here for prices between $35-59. Check out some favorites below !


Shop LAMODA at

Last but not least, another online favorite, Simmi Shoes is the ultimate go to for any kind of trendy unique shoe whether its perspex, gladiators, heels you name it, Simmi got it ! Let’s just make this a United Kingdom dedicated blog post lol because Simmi is reigning from the fashion country as well. ( S/o to all of my UK Fxshnjunke supporters ! ) . Prices retail between $40-60


Shop SIMMI here at

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