Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight goes to 18 year old Kolby Chandler aka Koko Clinton from Dallas, Texas. He is one of our faithful Fxshnjunke supporters who is into every angle of fashion such as modeling,styling, and being a fashion inspiration to others.With his very unique and edgy style that most people don’t have , he loves to try to set trends. Check out more below !

Q: How did you become interested in fashion ? What do you like about it ?:

Koko Clinton : I’ve always been interested in fashion when I was young. I would always play games online having to do with clothes because it caught my attention. I love that in fashion you can be creative by the clothes that you wear from day to day.

Q : How would you describe your style ?:

Koko Clinton: My style is a piece of every Trend that is now goin on. I go off how I’m feeling the day I get dressed. Because one day I might feel like being real comfortable with sweats but when I wear my sweats or anything of that I will still slay it .
Q:Where are your favorite places to shop ?:

Koko Clinton: My favorite places to shop would be online because it’s very hard to find things that’s nice in store for men’s fashion. So I love to shop on online stores such as Asos, Zara, and urban outfitters .

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I believe that I can be a mogul and be well known around the world. I have a lot of personality.

Q : What do you like about what you do ? How long have you been doing it ?

Koko Clinton: I like about what I do is that I can be me and do what I love which is to dress up. I really tapped into my style this year because I was able to get a job and have money and put my image together

Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years ?:What are your plans for 2016 ?:

Koko Clinton: In 5 years I see myself in L.A. Working with Rihanna, Beyonce, or Nicki Minaj and other celebs in the industry. I also see myself getting a name for myself working with those celebs and start to do collabs with clothing lines and selling my products.  My plans for 2016 would be to first go to college and stack up my money and then make boss moves.

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Written by @dasiatheceo