Style comes from within through creativity and that’s exactly with friend to Fxshnjunke and Chicago born stylist Dutch Davis has. I had a chance to chop it up to get an inside scoop about the Chi-town native and his dope fashionable style. You guys may have seen him plenty of times , but who is he ?

I became interested in fashion at an early age but it didn’t go into a career option until I seen the movie the Devil Wears Prada in 2006.

Twenty-four year old Dutch Davis was born and raised on the south side of Chicago, IL. Growing up Dutch always knew he wanted to be in the fashion industry. After graduating high school, Dutch quit his job at the post office and flew out to New York to spend some time assisting stylists and creative directors, to build his portfolio and contacts in the industry. Over the years, Dutch had the pleasure of working with a host of celebrities, photographers, models, and a variety of brands. He continued to build his clientele with upcoming artists, modeling agencies, and clients from previous jobs. Today, Dutch is a signed wardrobe stylist represented by Factor Artist and visionary that continues to conquer the fashion world one look at a time. So let’s talk style !

Dasia: When did you know you wanted to become a stylist ? How long have your been styling ?

Dutch: Originally I wanted to be a designer but when it was time to look into colleges before graduating, I visited a few design schools and the prices was crazzzy!!! I still wanted to stay in the fashion industry so I thought styling was the next best thing. I’ve been styling professionally for about 4 years now.

Dasia: What inspires your unique style ? I love it !

Dutch: What inspires my style ? Being original in life and letting people adapt to you. 

Dasia: How did you become interested in fashion ?

Dutch: I became interested in fashion at an early age but it didn’t go into a career option until I seen the movie the Devil Wears Prada in 2006. Every since then I’ve been Fashion Fashion Fashion lol.

Dasia : Did you take any classes based on styling / fashion ?

Dutch: I actually stop going to college mid freshman year and moved to New York. I did not take any classes on fashion nor styling, just a lot of studying and researching.

Dasia: Your work was recently noticed in one of the biggest fashion magazines Elle, how did that happen ? How did you meet recording artist Tink and have the opportunity to style her ?

Dutch:  Yesssss ELLE!!! It was major, thank you. ELLE just happened honestly IDK, the photographer called me  , and I’m Like omg ELLE Mag just reached out saying they want to see some recent images of Tink to select for a write up. But they didn’t tell us when it’ll be published nor which picture they picked. I got the Opportunity to style Tink actually from the same photographer that shot the image for ELLE. He hit me one day back in 2014, like Tink want to shoot and she needs a stylist, are you available and whats your rate…… and its been history since.

A stylist is an artist one who has a clean eye for detail, risk seeker, knows their client as well as the garment.

Dasia: Where are your favorite go to places to shop ?

Dutch: My fav go to spots are Zara,BCBG,Top Shop, Barneys and Asos. I love to mix high-end and low-end together to get the perfect balance.

Dasia : What are you favorite trends for the spring ?

Dutch: I tend to stay away from trends lol, NO SHADE.But my favorites are still always classics are “denim on denim, suits and sneakers, forest green, and monochromatic”  


Dasia: What is it like styling for photo-shoot vs styling for fashion shows ?

Dutch: Well I only style photo/video shoots but its a lot of fun to see and know the behind the scenes scoop on what it takes to create an amazing piece of art (a photo). I stay away from Fashion Shows, they run over time, its chaos back stage and its to many clothes to keep count of.

Dasia: What were your favorite looks of the recent Met Ball Gala ? Who slayed ?

Dutch: WHO SLAYED??? *Zendaya *Beyonce & Solange *The Smiths Kids *Jennifer Hudson *Anna Wintour *Claire Danes *Ciara *Kendall (To name a few lol)

Dasia: Yassssss they did ! lol  How do you define what being a stylist is ?

Dutch:  Being a stylist…..ughhhh… I’ll give you my take personally a stylist is an artist one who has a clean eye for detail, risk seeker, knows their client as well as the garment. Someone that can speak to an audience with a look without saying a word. In so many word a wardrobe genius. 

Dasia: What are some key points an aspiring stylist must know when they are prepping to become an official stylist ?

Dutch:  Key points:

  • Have contracts upon any services you provide. 
  • Have a visual portfolio either print or digital.
  • Be and remain profession on set and with client.
  • Study fabric,textiles, cuts and fits.
  • Always stay ahead, research and take risk.

Dasia: MAJOR KEY ALERT ! Lol Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years ?

Dutch: Next 5 years, I see myself slaying 5 major celebrity clients, and being a creative director for a major fashion house. Just living my dream . Enjoying what I do best.
Dasia: So you already styled Tink, if you can style 4 other celebrities who would they be?

Dutch: Keke Palmer, Sia, Adele, Willow & Jaden Smith

 I had so much fun with this interview and I hope guys got to know more of how dope Dutch really is ! Want to see more of his work ? Make sure you following him @dutchtheomen and visit his website


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Written by @dasiatheceo