I had the opportunity to talk with one of my favorite fashion blogger couple , Rosanna & Winston Javier aka GlamDapper about the pro’s and con’s on being married , taking care of their adorable daughter and working together as a couple while having a blog. Originally from the Dominican Republic now currently residing in NY,  Their blog is primarily about their aspect on fashion, beauty, travel , lifestyle and more . Check out our convo below !


Dasia: How did you all come up with the name GlamDapper ?

GlamDapper: Glam is short for glamorous and Rosanna has always emphasized for beauty and elegance. Dapper is for Winston due to his influence by a well-groomed and sharp gentleman. We wanted to choose to adjective the helps describe our individual styles.

Dasia:  How long have you guys been together ? What made you guys start a duo blog ?

GlamDapper : We been together for 11 years and married for 5 years. People always complimented us on our style so we thought it would be a good idea to start a platform where we can give back advice to others about fashion.

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Dasia: Has there been any controversy since you guys are a blogger couple  ? What obstacles do you faced ? 

GlamDapper: No it’s actually been very positive, there aren’t many Latino couple bloggers and people in general relate to us.The only “obstacle” the we have faced was when brands only want one of us because their campaign only wants a female or male, we still think is beneficial and do it because ultimately we want our followers/fans to received the best we can offer.

Dasia:  You have over 100K people following your journey, how did you react when you reached 100k ?

GlamDapper:  As we started to gain followers we got very excited because it was proof that our context was well received – this also fueled us further to continue and work even harder.

Dasia:  I love when both of you guys coordinate with your outfits , Who comes up with the outfit ideas/styling etc ?

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GlamDapper: We both work together on outfits but for the most part Rosanna establishes the overall look. Example Rosanna might pick my shirt, blazer pants and I would pick the accessories that I thing would give it the “pop”.

Dasia:  What are good cameras to take lifestyle/outfit photos ?

GlamDapper: We use the Sony A6000 or our iPhones 6s Plus for some of our photos but when we are shooting for brands/campaigns we get a photographer to provide top notch quality because these usually end up on their websites and by doing this it serves as a resume for later work and showcases our professionalism. (This is a tool to get more work)
Dasia: What inspires both of you guys style ?

GlamDapper: Winston style is inspired by the classics infuse with some current trends and colors for the modern times. Rosanna style is inspired by the ladylike sophisticated silhouettes. Don’t give us wrong we also like the urban/casual clothes (jeans, sneakers, joggers).

Dasia: Where are you guys go to places to shop at ?

GlamDapper: We shop at many places – our goal is to provide our audience the accessibility in case they want to purchase a similar they can find it easy. Stores: Zara, Express, H&M, Forever 21, ASOS, Uniqlo, Nordstrom, Suit Supply and outlets. We love high end brands such as Chanel and Tom Ford even if we can’t afford them, but we feel it’s MORE important to use brands that most of our audience can relate to. We prefer to be the style couple of the masses not high-end models.
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Dasia: What are you guys favorite trends?
GlamDapper: We don’t really follow “trends” we normally use our own style, mix it with some trends and in the process create a unique look.
Dasia: You guys are also parents, how do you deal with parenthood and blogging ?
GlamDapper: We have a 2 year old (Chanell) and a yorkie (Paris) we management out time by one parent babysitting while the other one works on writing, editing, researching etc.

 Dasia: Do you feel like since being in NY which is a fashion capital state there’s a better chance to make it as a blogger?

GlamDapper: Yes NY is better in terms of attending events and networking at those gatherings but thanks to technology (Internet) a couple in Montana could have a similar effect on the industry.

Dasia: Have you guys been to any fashion events in the city ? If so, where ?

GlamDapper: We’ve attended NYFW shows for the past 2 years – Michael Costello, Nicole Miller, Moniquel Huillier, Ohne Titel, Libertine, Rebecca Minkof, Bibhu Mohapatra and others can’t remember.
Dasia: That is so exciting ! Have you came across any celebrities being in NY ?


GlamDapper: Chiara Ferragni, Diddy, French Montana, Olsen Twins, Hillary Duff, Lucy Lue and many others that we can’t remember. Celebrities are not our priorities, we get more excited about creating content and engaging with our followers because we feel we can make a meaningful difference in their lives and ultimately this brings us happiness.
 Dasia: Who is pretty much in charge when it comes to editing, taking photos etc. or do you work together as a team?


GlamDapper : We generally work together although Rosanna focus more on the creative part (outfits, photo styling) Winston focus on the business side of the blog (design, emails, inquiries, contracts, ideas, editing) and for most of our photos we use a professional photographer (Andrew Morales from NYC)

Dasia : What is advice for anyone who wants to start a blog ? What can your followers expect from you this year ?

GlamDapper: Anyone that wants to voice their views on anything we say GO for it.They can expect more original content, unique partnerships with lifestyle brands and possibly the first GlamDapper “product” for consumers.



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Written by @dasiatheceo