Let’s talk Nudity ! … Ooops we meant NUDTXY. We had the opportunity to chat with the one of its reps of the Baltimore, MD based brand , Mattie Madison, 25, about the origin of the brand, its message and more !
Q: What is the background story of Nudxty, how did you come up the name?
Mattie:  A while back my long time friend by the name of Zac Nicholas, told me stories of him starting a clothing brand. He told me about his hustle, stories, and a few of his ideas. He also told me reasons why could no longer continue with this brand. At the time I had a brand by the name of Mahtisyn. I was so intrigued by Zac’s ideas for this brand and pondered why he never continued just off the fact of the name and how many directions this name can go ! 

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A few months after telling me about his business venture, I decide to make it a collection for Mahtisyn with his approval. As I was working on this collection I began to catch myself in a creative rush. A ton of ideas came to mind in many ways just off the concept of this name alone. After getting ahead of myself, I’ve finally came to mind that this name cannot go to waste and also the concept I have applied. After while of ranting about these ideas of re-birthing the brand to Zac, I had his blessings. Now we have Nudxty as a outlet to let you see the creative concept and potential that I can bring to the table.
Q: Whats the message you want Nudxty to spread for its customers?
Mattie: Whats the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “Nudity” ?  Exactly ! It is what you make it, not how you take it because everything’s a choice. That’s what Nudity represents.Every single thing we do on this planet is a choice- even down to choosing our emotions. Just think : We all choose to “be” – whatever or however that turns out is up to you.

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Q: What kind of items are being sold?
Mattie: Right now we have a small selection from caps to t-shirts and long sleeves right now. Over a short period of time we will have more varieties and selections of items. Just bare with is for right now.

Q: How long have your been in business ?
 Mattie: I founded Nudxty in July of 2014 so it would be a year and a half now. A far as me doing clothes since I was 17.
Q: What obstacles have u faces so far since owning a business?
Mattie : One of the most difficult obstacles I’ve faces so far and time to time even till this day is the name and theme of the way getting in the way of certain opportunities.

Q: Is this company a unisex brand ?
Mattie : This brand is unisex in sizes but we will also release more female merchandise.

Q: Do people find it weird for your company to be called Nudity?
Mattie: Yes, all the time but it works in our favor because of the interest it attracts from others.
Q: What is the significance of the bunny and the boobs for your logos?
Mattie : Dxrty Hxiry ( The Bunny) is just to fit the theme of the brand from how its similar to the playboy bunny but altered with the brands look. The boobs are also designed to fit the theme since the brand is called nudity. 

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Q: What can we expect for this brand this year ?
Mattie : Expect more merchandise , giveaways, collaborations, video projects , contests and many others.

Make sure you guys check out Nuxdty at www.nudxty.com and follow them on IG/Twitter @nudxty
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Written by @dasiatheceo