Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight goes to 26 year old fashion blogger and personal shopper ,Cosmina Marina Banu aka Mbcoss ! . Cosmina talks with us about her blogging journey, fashion, and what it’s like being a personal shopper. Check out our mini interview below !
Q: When did you start your blogging journey ?
Cosmina: I started almost a year ago but I am passionate about fashion since I was a kid;I used to wear my mom’s heels and dresses all over the house.
Q: What or who inspired you to start a blog ?
Cosmina: There are many bloggers I could mention .
Q: What are some major key points to having a great blog ?
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Cosmina: Hard work and keep on going,the road to success is not easy.

Q: What are some good cameras for beginners ?
Cosmina: I can tell you I had a good start with a Canon 550 D IOS and did the job well,put a 50mm lens and you are ready to go.
Q: How would you describe your style ?
Cosmina: Pretty versatile,you can check yourself at @mbcoss
Q: What are your favorite fashion pieces for the spring?
Cosmina: I could tell you but there are so  many so I would just say anything in rose quarts.
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Q: Where are your favorite places to shop ?
Cosmina: Ahh,hard to tell.I am such a fan of many online boutiques ,but my favourite at this moment is Shein.

Q: When did you start personal shopping ?
Cosmina: Few months ago,as I said before,I love everything that has to do with fashion and I believe being a personal shopper is doing something I like without feeling like I am working.

Q: How does the whole idea of personal shopping work ?
Cosmina: It’s really easy,help others to dress well.

Q: What is the fashion industry like in Spain ?
Cosmina: More international than ever,thanks to Zara and Mango

Q: Do you see a difference in style from being in Spain vs the US ?
Cosmina: Not much,but I think that Europeans does it better.

Q: What are your goals for 2016 ?
Cosmina: Just hard work  because I know that pays off .

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To keep up with Cosmina , make sure to follow her @mbcoss and to visit her blog
Written by @dasaitheceo