I had the opportunity to chat with 26 year old Australian based model and fashion blogger, Hannah Akinyemi . Originally from Lagos, Nigeria , Hannah is the Daughter of Lion of The Tribe of Judah and a pre-med graduate. Her style is very inspiring and I wanted to learn more about this gorge fashionista ! In this interview we talk blogging, Aussie culture, and of course FASHION ! Check out our convo below ! 

Dasia: When did you start blogging ? Do you blog 24/7 ?

Hannah: I started blogging in 2013 but only invested more time and effort to it in 2015. No I don’t blog 24/7. I do have another day job.

Dasia : S/o to your camera person because your photos are amazing ! What kind of camera do you use ?

Hannah: I use Canon 6D and Panasonic lx-100

Dasia: You style is very inspiring to not only me but of course to your 34K supporters who loves the way your dress. How does it feel to have a big following like that?

Hannah: It is simply amazing all the glory to God

Dasia: How has since being in Australia influenced your style ? How would you describe yours or has anyone/anything inspired your style ? Because you SLAY !!! lol

Hannah: The “who” would be other fashion bloggers and super models. Because I live in such a diverse and multicultural country, having a personal style is paramount but the multiculturalism of Australia also enables me to incorporate the vibrancy of Adelaide into my style. I would say my style is simply, classy and very effortless and it also dependent on occasion/season.

Dasia: As seen on your IG, your shoes play a very very very big role on your blog . What are some shoes that you just cannot live without ?

Hannah: The shoes I cant live without currently would have to be my ankle boots for comfort and my Christian Louboutins for style and class ( special occasions)

Dasia: What are your current trends for the spring ?

Hannah: We are ( Australian climate)  currently in autumn going into the winter season and my favourite fashion pieces would be my usual culprit the trench coats, over the knee boots and good denim.

Dasia: You are also a model, What inspired you to start modeling ?

Hannah: I have always loved taking photos and been in front of the camera and having my height/body shape is just an added bonus which qualifies me to be a model. Lets just say I was born to be a model.

Dasia: Have you been to any Australian fashion shows ? If so what were they like ?

Hannah: Yes , I attended the Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival 2015, it was my first Aussie  fashion show and it was so much better than I expected because up until that moment I really didn’t know much about Australian  fashion and their designers but that show was a real eye opener to Aussie fashion , talent and their sheer brilliance. 

Dasia: Have you worked with any big fashion companies? If so who were they ? If not who would you want to work with ?


Hannah: Not really, aside from a few collaborations with some companies , the fashion company I would not only want to work with but walk their runway is Victoria Secret .

Dasia: That will be really really cool ! Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What can your followers expect from you in 2016?

Hannah:  Married with kids , walked the Victoria Secret runway , grace covers of the world best magazines and be an inspiration to people to follow the dream and do what God put in their hearts. [They can expect] More of everything really , lots of collaboration with fashion houses and hopefully include more travel/on the road style ideas.

Well Hannah, You’re most definitely an inspiration to women from all over the world !
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Written by @dasiatheceo