It gives me great pleasure to say that I’ve acheived my goal for 2016 !!!! I have reached my 10 thousand milestone for my blog that I created from the ground up 2 years ago . I really came a long way . I just want to say thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for all of the support . Thank you for following, reading and liking any and everything that I put out on FXSHNJUNKE’S IG and the website . I couldn’t have done this without my supporters aka my #JUNKS ! You guys are nothing but the best . I have sooo much things in store for you guys later on this year . You DON’T want to miss it .!!! I can’t say thank you enough . God is good 🙏🏾☺️😘 …. Oh and this is just the beginning . #LETSGO !!!!
Let’s take a look at an overview of my journey so far :
November 2014:

  • Fxshnjunke was born


Just starting out , didn’t know where I wanted this blog to go but kept pushing and being consistent everything single day ! 

Fun Fact : That was the first logo I created OMG lol You gotta start somewhere ! 

September 2015 :

  • Surpassed my 5K mark

Still was playing around with my logo trying to find the perfect one . Who remembers when Fxshnjunke had the Diamond shape 💎 ? 

November 2015 :

  • FXSHNJUNKE turns 1 !!! Read birthday story here

  • Created the official website for Fxshnjunke to celebrate its 1st birhday :

February 2016 :

  • Celebrated 10k views on with it being launched for only 3 months and has been seen in over 80 countries . Read 10k views story here

April 2016 :

  • Reaching 10K milestone on Instagram !!!

Thank you guys so much again for all the love and support . I couldn’t have done anything without you . Stay tuned for what I have in store for FXSHNJUNKE’S 2nd birthday later in this year 🙂 

Love , @dasiatheceo 😘