Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight goes to 24 year old personal stylist and fashion consultant Carla from Orlando ,FL. Carla provides styling services to help potential clients turn their hate of shopping for an outfit to absolutely loving it by proving them with her secrets of getting dressed ! Read our convo below !



 My goal is to help people where they are and go through the journey with them to where they want to be. Something as simple as style can totally affect and influence a person’s day.


Q: How long have you been styling? What do you like about it?
Carla: I’ve been styling for as long as I can remember but of course that was for family & friends even going back to high school. I recently made it a professional venture. I love the amount of creativity I’m allowed to have and the ways in which I can effect someones life especially through personal styling. I’ve heard such great testimonies!

Q: What do you love about fashion ? Where are your favorite places to shop ?:

Carla: Self-Expression is everything!, Zara, Nordstrom rack, consignment shops

Q: How would you describe your style ?: What are some of your favorite spring trends ?:

Carla: Polished chic with city edge, lace up heels



Q: Tell us about your blog . What inspired you to start your blog/brand/website ?:
Carla : , this is my official website which also features my personal fashion blog. I’ve loved fashion & creating looks for a while I like that my clients can get to know me before even booking a service with me.


Q: How did you come up with your blog name : ACreativeCliche
Carla: I came up with this name because I have always been that “artsy” or creative person. I dabble in many other arts such as spoken word, singing, songwriting, etc so I thought of the cliche that exists within the creative community: the fact that usually artists can succeed in more than one art form.


Q: What are the secrets to getting dressed ?


Carla : 1. Always keep your eye out for inspiration whether from magazines, real street style or social media. This new inspiration helps you to consistently look at your wardrobe in a creative way.

2. Don’t be afraid of outfit prep, at least once a month I do this and try to create at least ten unique looks and photograph them for days when I want to look great but don’t have much time to think about it.

3. Learn your body type!



Q: Can clients books you through your website ?


Carla: Yes, anyone who is interested in a fashion consultation can book through my website, more specifically


Q: What big things do you have planned for 2016 ?: Where do you see yourself in 5 years ?

Carla : More clients!  In five years I see myself as the ultimate mom and personal stylist, celebrity stylist & fashion expert in Orlando and the surrounding areas. I also may collaborate to start a creative agency.



For more on Carla’s secrets , fashion advice and styling services make sure to follow her  @acreativecliche and book your style apt at


Written by @dasiatheceo