Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight goes to Old Dominion University senior Brandi Long-Frank . Originally from Omaha , Nebraska , Brandi moved to VA when she was just about 16 years old and became utterly obsessed with DMV  ( DC , Maryland, Virginia )  fashion culture due to many individuals she would see . Currently  majoring in fashion merchandising “I’ve always made it a mission of mine to express myself through my clothing. I think I’ve done a good job thus far.” .

Check out our convo about her blog The Mood Ring Series , her thoughts , and more !



Each week I sit down and think about my life, what I’m going through and my current emotions. – Brandi

Q: You have a blog called The Mood Series , talk to us more about that .
Brandi : Yes! I actually just launched a new website for my blog called The Mood Ring Series. I’m a writer and have always been so this series allows my readers to get to know “Brandi” I feel that I have a lot of stories to share about self love, relationships, time and healing. Each emotion or time in my life is represented through a color which is one reason behind the name of the series. On the site you’ll find my writings under poetry and fashion styles through pictures under muse. I wanted to do something different with my blog and I feel as if I’ve done just that.


Q: What inspired you to start this blog ?

Brandi : As an artist, it is important for you to constantly express you thoughts, views, creations…etc. This blog was a way for me to do just that in a way I feel comfortable.

Q: How long have you been writing ? What are your favorite things to write about ?
Brandi : I’ve been writing as long as I can remember honestly. I started writing poetry when I was 16, poetry quickly changed from an outlet into a passion of mine. My favorite things to write about are love and healing. My writing has helped me grow for the better I’d say.
Q: Everyone is use to seeing mood rings and wearing them . What does each color represent ? How does it relate to your blog or the stories you tell ?

Brandi : Just as mood rings…change in our life…emotion…environment and everything else in between is inevitable. I used to be scared of change and now I’m learning to embrace it while still enjoying the current moment I’m in. My blog also is a way for me to express myself of course but more importantly to anyone around the world who may need help with the changes going on in their own lives. Each week I sit down and think about my life, what I’m going through and my current emotions. My photographer Lydia Mitchell and I will pick locations that cater to the specific color and clothing for the week. I think I have the most fun when it’s time to pick outfits for the shoot.

I’m a certified thrift store junkie so about 75% of my clothing will come from there. The last step is creating the poem for the color of the week, my writing techniques can vary but my writing is best when I feel inspired by something…anything. The poems have grown into much more than just color overtime…my poems began to find healing, honor creativity and a voice to someone who was once voiceless.
Q: What do you love about poetry ?
Brandi : So many things to love about poetry! However, what I love most is that there’s no rules…with poetry you can come as you are. Poetry, amongst many other things took me on this journey of self love and loving others.

Q: What do you love about fashion ?:
Brandi : I love the aspect of time in fashion. Much like history clothing finds a way to repeat itself. I think this allows individuals to bask in that time era.

Q: Where are your favorite places to shop ?:
Brandi : Some of my favorite places to shop would be thrift stores, H&M and Zara


Q: Why did you choose to major in Fashion Merchandising ? What career would you like to pursue in the next 5 years ?


Brandi : Crazy story of how this major happened actually. I was on the first floor of the library at Old Dominion University, it was around the time of finals and I just like any other college student was stressed. Currently a Psychology major I knew it wasn’t the program for me. I secretly wanted to switch my major to fashion merchandising but I was so scared for some reason. It was right in the center of the library that I confessed to my sorority sister in tears of my desires.


She encouraged me…motivated me…bought me a fashion dictionary and from then on…I never looked back. In five years I would love to be a fashion editor for a magazine…maybe start my own newspaper. I love fashion and writing so any career that would allow me to do both would be lovely.

I used to be scared of change and now I’m learning to embrace it while still enjoying the current moment I’m in. – Brandi

Q: How would you describe your style ?:

Brandi : I would consider my style trendy… I love to try the hottest trends and make them into my own.


Q: What are some of your favorite spring trends ?:

Brandi : Currently one of my favorite spring trends is the colors of course! My favorite spring color would be the sky blue. I love how bright yet subtle the color is which is perfect for people who don’t usually experiment with pastels or bright colors.
Q: What big things do you have planned for 2016 ?:
Brandi : The big things planned for me this year will be attending LIM College in New York City and further expanding my blog!

To keep updated with Brandi’s writings of poetry and more make sure to visit her blog and follow her @_BadieB 


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Written by @dasiatheceo