Having an eye for fashion makes a difference with everything you see in a retail store. Some of our #Junks wanted to know how 23 year old visual merchandiser,  Jaleesa Dee sees fashion and style in her perspective. Originally from Rhode Island now residing in New York , Jaleesa has an eye for literally everything : clothing, interior and the future. Check out our convo below !

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Dasia: Alot of our Fxshnjunke Supporters have been requesting for me to interview you because they admire your style and the aesthetic of your page and I’m so happy to be interviewing you ! How do you feeling having over 11k people supporting you ?

Jaleesa: Ahhh OMG thank you so much! That’s so exciting to hear! Having people who support you is always awesome and my followers encourage me to always keep pushing!

Dasia: What are two fun facts your followers dont know about you ?

Jaleesa: I’m the youngest out of 8, & I’m the crazy one (: LOL

Dasia: LOL ! I absolutely love the way you style your outfits. What inspires your style ? How would you describe it?

Jaleesa: I have so much spunk and personality to my style.  I love to switch it up always, from being girly to tomboy then from tomboy to urban. My outfit of the day is based on my mood and how I feel, especially the weather. I have a visual of what I want to wear and how I want to look like. I can wear one outfit and style it 3 different ways. I love being inspired by others.

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Dasia: I’m obsessed love your pictures !! What camera do you use?

Jaleesa: SONY a6000! It’s everything !

Dasia: Where are your favorite go to places to shop ?

Jaleesa: THRIFT is my number one, then Zara, H&M & F21. I also do ALOT of online shopping.

Dasia: What are some of your favorite fashion pieces for the spring ?

Jaleesa: I love flared pants, with over the shoulder tops! Anything neutral or olive, which are very trendy now also Perspex ankle boots.

Dasia:  You also have a youtube channel , What made you to start a channel ? What exactly do you do on your channel?

Jaleesa: My YouTube channel which is “JaleesaDee” is based on outfit of the days and makeup looks. I’ve gotten so many request and messages from people asking when am I going to make a channel, so I went right ahead and made one! With my crazy schedule and traveling all the time it’s hard to keep up with it at the moment 😦 But I’ll be recording soon again!

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I have a visual of what I want to wear and how I want to look like. I can wear one outfit and style it 3 different ways.

Dasia:  Who are some your favorite Youtubers ?

Jaleesa: Sonjdra Deluxe  is my holy grail! She’s the reason why I started doing makeup, that’s Mom ❤

Dasia: OMG ! Yasssss! She is everything ! I love her too and speaking of makeup, you are also a lover of makeup and yours always looks gorge !  who are your favorite brands ?

Jaleesa: There’s to many to choose from 😦 My top three are Anastasia Beverly Hills, NYX Cosmetics & Morphe Brushes.

Dasia: What advice can you give someone who wants to start and grow a YouTube channel ?

Jaleesa: I would say don’t rush, spend time practicing and saving up for the tools you think you would need to start a channel because gurrrrrl trust me it is not cheap!

Dasia: If you could meet 5 celebrities who would they be?

Jaleesa: Frank ocean <3,  Kylie Jenner, Kanye, Rihanna, Cara Delevingne.

Dasia: What are your goals for 2016 ? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Jaleesa: Setting my goals and growing better as a person.I want to start blogging. Mostly a fashion blog that is also based on my outfit of the day. Also making spring clothing pieces, which is soon to come shhhh!
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For more on Jaleesa’s upcoming projects and fabulous style, make sure to follow her @jaleesadee
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Written by @dasiatheceo