Let’s take a look at the very dope Baltimore, MD based unisex streetwear brand , DAFT! Clothing created by Ben Danklin, Bink Backwood, and El Plaga. Founded in 2010, DAFT! Clothing provides creative and appealing designs to consumers, so they can enjoy their creative and adventurous experiences through fashion.  All the designs of DAFT! Clothing are based on the lives of the of DAFT! Team. The team that assembles each design and project are like no other, the connection to their customers is something you cannot find in any store. With great creativity and individuality DAFT! Clothing easily stands apart from other brands.

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“We create Clothing items (T-shirts, Customizable Jerseys for various sports, Hoodies, Sweatpants, Shorts, Cut & Sewn pieces, and more.), Accessories (Buttons, Stickers, Lighters, Prints, Patches, and more.), We have curated and hosted art shows in the local DMV area, Produced short films and other creative visuals, and most recently our stylist El Plaga has ventured into Music.” – Daft Team

Check out our convo below !

Q: What inspired you guys to start this brand?

DAFT: Our desire to create and express ourselves through our style as well as the lack of individuality we’ve seen. We’ve always been the early adapters when it comes to trends around us. We decided to take our love for fashion and setting trends to a new level and wanted to brand it.

Q: What do you guys love about fashion ?

DAFT:  We love everyones creativity and self-portrait that they paint

Q: What types of places do you shop at?

DAFT: Local boutiques that have the super rare gems, we mainly enjoy creating our own pieces.

Self-influenced by our own ambition and drive to become successful in not only our venture, but in our lives as well.

Q: How would you describe the style of DAFT ?

DAFT: Our style is DAFT! Its Dangerous, Adventurous, Fly, & we’re Trendsetters

Q: What are some of your favorite spring trends ?:

DAFT: Longsleeves, Hoodies, Windbreakers, Jerseys, Shorts

Q: What big things do you have planned for 2016 for DAFT  ?

DAFT: We have an art exhibit, a few events, another short film or two, and a mini tour for El Plaga



Fore more on DAFT and their clothing visit them at daftclothing.co and make sure to follow them @daftclothing

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Written by @dasiatheceo