Being young, in school and running a business can be tough but this 17 year old Hyattsville, MD native is managing well. Yalissa Kargobo, who is the only girl and middle child of West African parents Sierra Leone.  I came across these cute Barbie inspired fluffy heels on Twitter and had to get the tea ! Read more below !



I am a enthusiastic, creative and passionate individual. 

Q: Talk to us about your brand. What message does it bring to your customers ?

Yalissa: The name of my brand is YalissaK. I chose this because I wanted a name that reflected on me in the best manner and I’ve always called myself YalissaK. So the name was to me and these are styles that I formulated into my own way and want others to love as well. I want for my brand to speak to potential customers. I want them to see these customs and fall head over heels for them, tell their friends and then the cycle repeats again! I really just want all my customers to feel like they can channel their inner Rihanna’s or whomever they idolize concerning fashion.

Q: What inspired you to start making custom heels ?


Yalissa : I developed the idea of creating heels through the inspiration of one of the world’s most influential artist of our generation, Rihanna. Her style is known for being uniquely exotic and showstopping. Her attention grabbing trends are must haves that I knew, I wanted to recreate.  

Q: How long has it been since you started ?

Yalissa: I have been creating these unique style of shoes since February of 2016.

Q: How many shoes have you sold so far since being in business?

Yalissa: So far I have sold over ten shoes, which is only because these are selected people that requested to be first even without the website launched yet and I’ve sold several of my Barbie Fluffy Chokers and Arm Candies.


Q: What is your reaction seeing your customers wear your items ?

Yalissa: When I see people wearing my items I really get butterflies. It’s like I become a kid in a candy store full of so much excitement! It’s really a blessing and no greater feeling to know that your work can be loved by others.

Q: What obstacles have you faced since being a entrepreneur ?

Yalissa: The obstacles I have faced as being an entrepreneur are not a lot as of the moment, because I would count criticism as an obstacle but if their are not criticizers then you are doing something really wrong. Maybe, my website not being up and so many people eager for my customs can be a bit frustrating. That would really be my only obstacle as of now.


Q: Where are your favorite places to shop ?

Yalissa: My favorite places to shop have to be Nordstrom, TopShop and Zara.

I am an individual with diverse dynamics that is ready to be showcased to the world, through my work.

 Q: What are your favorite trends for the spring ?

Yalissa: My favorite fashion trends for this spring have to ultimately be light long trench coats, nude color unitards everywhere I go and my Barbie Fluffy’s!

Q: How would you describe your style ?

Yalissa: I would describe my style as classy-chic but then again I have my really edgy days. It’s just a mixture of really how I’m feeling at the moment and how I decide to express myself that day.

Q: What quote do you live by ?

Yalissa: The quote I live by is “When you want to succeed as much as you want to breathe then you will be successful” (Eric Thomas). This definitely gives me the motivation to work even harder because it’s so accurate.  

Q: What advice would you give young entrepreneurs like yourself who wants to start a business ?

Yalissa: I would advise any young entrepreneur that would like to start their own business to remember three things…forget the haters, stay motivated and get your money! Always do what makes you happy and always create for yourself. Yes, we always want to keep our customers in mind but as a designer or creator you never want to sell yourself short, always do what you feel is right and  worthy enough to go under your name. At the end of the day, it is your brand…it represents you.


Q: How can people purchase your items?

Yalissa: My items will be able to be purchased by mid April when my website is complete. As of now, I’m doing local drop-offs in the DMV area personally to certain individuals to get one on one feedback and etc.  

Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Yalissa: In five years I see myself, with an extremely successful brand but I’ll still be a working CEO. Of course, I’ll still be as determined and hungry for even more success for my brand as I am in this present day.


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Written by @dasiatheceo