You may know him for styling the first male winner of America’s Next Top Model Keith Carlos or being Jacob Latimore’s stylist, but he’s just a little bit more then that. Social media is great place to network and make connections with people from all over the world and that’s exactly how I met my new friend and celebrity stylist Quinton Shotwell aka SuperDopeClosetQ. 

The twenty-four year old  Milwaukee , WI native has been traveling around the world styling countless celebrities to modeling in fashion shows to working with numerous fashion companies to being a creative director and of course making name for himself in the fashion industry. I had the opportunity to chop it up with Q about what it’s like being a stylist, having a business, and more ! Check out our convo below !

Dasia: So when did you actually become interested in fashion ?

Q: I became interested in fashion in middle school, where I signed for all local talent shows and I would gather my friends to get together cut up designers, hot glue, hand sew, make jewelry everything was hand made in college , I had a group of girls called the Dolls ( Dollface’s) they would host parties sell products and do community things, I’m thinking bout bringing them back ! The guys would always call me hue Hefner lol 
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Dasia : What are some of best places to shop and what are some must have trends for the spring ?
Q: Zara USA is a good one, urban brands like Joy Rich, Supreme , V Ritchie and more. Spring trends: extended tees for those hot days, white, stripes, dad hats and jerseys.

Dasia : I’m pretty sure by looking at most of your pictures everyone knows your style is DOPE ! And speaking of dope which is apart of your name , how did you come up with the name “SuperDopeClosetQ” ? 


Q:  Well I came up with the name SuperDopeCloset and it’s like a closet where you find different super dope items it can be anything clothes , accessories or fashion facts … added the Q , I’m SuperDopeQ… like Bill the science guy lol 


Dasia: You’ve been making your mark in the fashion industry as a celebrity stylist for years now , visually creating outfits for numerous people especially celebrities . What made you become a stylist ?  What was your first gig ? How did you get the job to style for Jacob Latimore ? 


Q: Styling is something that makes me complete , I can express my feelings through fabrics without explaining anything to anyone. I started off styling friends for local shoots and I feel I know fashion like the back of my hand. Like getting dressed is a piece of cake for me. My first gig was Keith Carlos of Americas Next Top Model who was the first male winner.


 (Americas Next Top Model winner Keith Carlos , styled by Q ) 

   ( Q with singer Jacob Latimore )

Well Jacob Latimore is my little cousin so there for I’m truly blessed on how it all lined up while Jacob being the star of the family for years since he was 9 , I was still in school and I was located in school in Texas and as I got into fashion more I reached out to his parents Tish and Jacob Senior , so after Texas I relocated to Atlanta and come to find out Jacob relocated there as well and we did our first magazine cover together and every since then we have been making history together he told me lets take over ! And I have been down with Jacob ever since then,  very grateful for him !


Dasia : So you also have unisex clothing store called ” ShopO2G” down in Atlanta , what’s the background story of the store ? What does O2G mean ? 

Q: Well here’s the thing, I was the creative director for the project along with two other individuals , things have changed and now I’m brand ambassador for the company . O2G is Outfits 2 Go ! So , ShopO2G lol . I didn’t come up with the name but the whole creative direction I built ! It’s something I’m very proud of , it’s like watching a bird fly from its nest . But on another note I have a huge announcement coming soon !
Fashion is a way to keep the peace in our younger growing community – Q


Q celebrated the grand opening of ShopO2G in February with family,friends and supporters. Check out a recap of the event below ! 

Dasia: Oh snap ! Cant wait to hear the news lol . What made you wanted to start a business ? What are some tips for anyone who wants to become a business owner and a stylist?
Q: Well someone informed me on a idea and I always was a business man I used to hustle hard and because being independent these days are very important.  I also wanted to be stable,  I had it rough after I moved from home where I lost everything in my life at a point three years ago. * TIPS* Well work hard, invest in your brand, never take the answer no, HAVE PAPER WORK ! That’s where I fucked up at.

( Left: Laz Alonzo , Right: Khadiya of LHHATL ; styled by Q)

( Q w/ celebrity friends, French Montana, Mimi Faust, & Kevin McCall )

Dasia : What is it like traveling to state to state styling for different celebrities ?

Q: It’s a fun learning experience , you have to be careful , get rest , eat properly, travel on a budget , it’s not all cookies and cream . 
Dasia: You are also a personal shopper, What exactly is a personal shoppers job ? What are some of the stores you get to shop ? What kind of people do you shop for ?

QYes I’m a personal shopper as well , a personal shopper is someone who can shop for you on your budget, and with out you having to go through the head ache of shopping ,lines, irritation and more ! Wow wish I had a personal shopper lol . [Places I shop at ] Saks fifth ace , Joy Rich , Ron Thompson . I shop for athletes from NFL players to soccer players.

Dasia : What type of impact do you want to make being a style influencer for the male fashion community.?

 Q: I want the fashion world to combine on more great fashion activities bring fashion to do community events, fashion is a way to keep the peace in our younger growing community . That’s who matters and who runs the world , our new generation! The new generation is taking the world by storm. I want to show troubled kids that you can change your life around , I want to show fashion is not just for gay fashion, or women fashion. Fashion is bigger than what people think !
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Dasia: Modeling is also another hustle you got going on too !Congrats on modeling in LA Fashion Week !  What made you want to start modeling ?
Q: Modeling is one of my hustles that I have been honored and blessed with these past 3 years it has been getting me further and in a further direction that I never knew I would go so hard at ! What me want to model , I grew up doing it always did fashion shows.  I would model as well but after helping Keith Carlos and watching his journey with the whole thing I gave it a chance and after I really got accepted and made the audition to LAFW ( LA Fashion Week) I was ecstatic about it and thought maybe I can really do this !
Dasia: You also style for women as well, what other people or things have you styled for so far ?
Q: Well I have styled models of Americas Next Top Model, editorial spreads for magazine publications a few reality ladies. and now working my way to the top !
Dasia:  Where are some of the best places to expand your career in the fashion industry and why ?
Q: Your social media because that’s a easy place for people world wide to connect with you or see what’s going on ! Use your free markets like your social media.
 ( Left : Willie Taylor and his wife Shanda, Top: Alix Lapri, Bottom: Kevin Mccall ; styled by Q)
I want to show troubled kids that you can change your life around- Q
Dasia: What more can we expect from you this year ?
Q: Hmmmmmm, I have a huge collab coming as well, dropping my line this year . makeup for the ladies.
Dasia: Oooopppp ! You heard it hear first you guys ! Make sure you stay tuned lol !
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