Instagram is the best app for photography and expressing yourself but when u have a specific aethetic or theme on your account , it makes it even more better . Twenty two year old finnish fashion student Milla Tawast orginally from Finland , currently living in France talks to us about having a perfect minimalist theme for her Instagram account and how she incorporates fashion and style . Read more below ! 


Q: When did you know you had a passion for fashion ? 

Milla : Ever since I can remember. When I was a little girl I loved dressing my barbies and my dolls and I used to even sew some clothes for them. I also liked to pick out my own clothes from the kids fashion catalogues.
Q: How does fashion inspire you ? 

Milla : Fashion inspires me a lot because I am a very visual person. I love how dressing a certain way can make you feel different. I also love how you can communicate through fashion and express things about yourself without saying a word. 

Q: What / Who inspires your style ? How would you describe yours ? 

Milla : So many people! I love browsing outfit pictures on Instagram, lookbook and fashion blogs or just looking at peoples’ outfits in the streets.This is a rough one. My style has varied a lot through the years but I think I’m starting to find the style that I feel most myself in. I like to keep it pretty simple and minimal with muted tones and basic pieces and to add a little bit of interest to the outfit with textures and shapes.
Q: What is is like being from Finland ? 

Milla : Cold mostly, haha. No even though the climate might not be the best for a sun lover like me , Finland is very dear to me of course because it is my homeland. And opposite to the cold and dark winters we have summers with lots of light, in the midsummer the sun never sets!


I am a student in the garment industry. My dearest hobbies are fashion, sewing, drawing and traveling. 

Q: Since moving to France , how does their culture inspire you fashion wise ?

Milla : I think French people are very stylish and dress really well so it inspires me to just look at the people in the streets. I especially like the color palette that is more earthy tones than I’m used to seeing in Finland.

Q: What are some tips to taking great outfit pictures ? 

Milla : In outfit pictures the background is almost as important as the outfit, a more simple  background lets the outfit shine through when a really busy background can drown the outfit in. Daylight is also pretty essential and of course the golden hour does miracles for the tones of the picture.



Q: What is they key to having a perfect Instagram aesthetic ?

Milla : Taking pictures of things with the same kind of style and color and editing all your pictures the same way to make the pictures blend in together. For example if you like the white theme you got to make sure to take bright and white pictures.

Q: Favorite places to shop ?

Milla : I love to shop at thrift shops because you can make cheap and unique finds there and with a student budget. I also like to alter the clothes a lot to either make them fit better or have a different style.

Q:  What are your fashion favorites for spring ?

Milla : I love ripped denim for the spring and summer, it’s also fun to do yourself to give a new style for a denim piece. I also can’t wait to take out my light trench coats and strappy sandals!

Q: What some of your goals for 2016 ?

Milla : My goal for 2016 is to get better at what I do, the full process of designing and manufacturing clothes. It is my biggest passion and something that I hope to make a long career out of.

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Written by @dasiatheceo