We had the opportunity to talk fashion with owner Quiana Milam of Clarksville, TN ,34,  of the online lifestyle brand KreamINC , which is a shopping platform for men and women to shop trendy clothes , backpacks and other great items . Quiana gives us the tea behind of the scenes  of how Kream started and how hard it is being a business owner . Check out our convo below !  

Q: What exactly do you love about fashion? 

Quiana : It’s forever evolving and repeating itself. It’s beautiful that you can reinvent yourself everyday that you step out of your closet.

Q: So tell us about how your online store Kream started and primarily what it’s about ? 

Quiana : [ My husband and I ] We opened our store officially in July, 2015. We originally were going to sell women’s shoes and men’s hats because those items had a quick turn around rate and quick turnover time. But about a month after launching, we started realizing that our website was getting hits and the key searches were women looking for tops, sunglasses, etc. 


That was the deciding factor in us expanding our product lines. We provide an online shopping platform for men and women. We sell pieces that we love. We are stockists for Sprayground backpacks and duffles which is so exciting since we are the only official carrier in Tennessee.

Q: Where are your favorite places to shop ? 

Quiana : KreamInc.com of course. I am huge thrift shopper and my husband is the guy that buys Js every Saturday. 

Q: What are your favorite trends ? 

Quiana : Mixed prints. Mismatching but coordinating colors. Monochromatic. Gawty accessories!


Q: How did you guys come up with the name Kream ?

Quiana : The name Kream originally began with friends, family, and associates referring to my husband and I as the “Hustle Couple”. We USUALLY know where to get whatever you are looking for, who has it, or we can get it for you. In addition, we are ALWAYS looking for ways to invest our money and make it grow. 

Q: What are your favorite fashion pieces? 

Quiana : Skinny jeans, pencil skirts, HEELS! HEELS! and more HEELS! clutches


Q:What/Who inspires you ?

Quiana :  Shaniqua J., Kyrzayda, Anaya Ivy, Iris Apfel

Q: How would you describe your style for KreamINC  ? 

Quiana : Fun. Bright. Unapologetic.

Q: How difficult is it being a business owner ? 

Quiana : Being a business owner is hard and rewarding at the same damn time!!! It’s nice to to be in control of your schedule for the most part, being able to decide how much money you are going to make, and most importantly building relationships with so many unique individuals in business and personally. 


The downside is having clients who you will never please no matter what you do or offer, SHIPPING no matter the courier, and being self funded so I can’t wear or have EVERYTHING that we sell! I’m a clothes whore!

Q: Do you have any exciting things coming up in the future for Kream ?

Quiana : Increase brand awareness. Become more accessible to our clients. Open a brick and mortar in the fall. We will be setting up at a lot of events this summer and we are setting up our first pop-up shop next month . 
For more on Kream and Quiana,  make sure you shop now at www.kreaminc.com and visit follow all of its social networks below ! 




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Written by @dasiatheceo